Google's changes result in MetroTube being hidden from Store

Here is a friendly public service announcement for all the Metrotube fans out there, the app has currently been hidden from the Store and will be back shortly.

LazyWorm Apps, the team behind Metrotube for Windows Phone and Tweetro for Windows 8 have always received high praise for their 3rd party YouTube app. They just never seem to catch a break from Google. The team has always had to use workarounds to get high quality streaming to work in the app. Well, Google recently made some back-end changes that broke all 3rd party YouTube apps, like Metrotube.

We've called Metrotube the best YouTube app available for Windows Phone so it's always a shame when things like this happen. Unfortunately, the game of cat and mouse will probably continue until Mountain View gets a little friendlier with 3rd party apps. The developers informed us of the situation and resolution this morning:

"We've pinpointed why it's happening and aim to have a fix out very soon."

If you're new to Windows Phone you'll want to save this link (or use the QR code below) for when it does come back. Until then sit back and relax.

Metrotube QR

Sam Sabri