Google releases official APIs for Windows Phone developers

Here’s some potential good news for a handful of ambitious developers. Google has released over 50 Google APIs for .NET. Google quietly made the announcement last week on their developer blog. The release of the Google APIs Client Library for .NET should hopefully produce some nice Windows Phone and Windows 8 apps that tie into Google’s services.

Some services you can look forward to in the API library include Ad Exchange, Blogger, Google Compute Engine, Drive, Google+, Tasks, Translator, YouTube and many more. Just head on over to the Google APIs Client Library for .NET to get the full list. You can find the library hosted on NuGet. It’ll be an open-source effort and allow desktop or Windows Phone applications to integrate with Google’s services.

We might not see any more official Google apps on Windows Phone in the near future, but at least some entrepreneuring developers can potentially build something useful with official APIs.

Any developers out there have a chance to look into the APIs? Any plans to integrate or build apps with them? Sound off below.

Source: Google Developers Blog, Via: Neowin

Sam Sabri