Google Sync now pushes Gmail!

Early this year Google released Google Sync, which makes your calendar and apps work is if they were on an Exchange server. Missing from the app, of course, was push capability for Gmail.

That day has come, people.

Google just announced that Google Sync now supports push Gmail for Windows Mobile (5.0 and higher). The usual caveat applies, however: If you're already using an Exchange server for other e-mail, you're out of luck.

Get the full deets here.

Phil Nickinson

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  • Sweeeeeet! Any additional settings that need to be changed for this? Now if WM would just figure out a way to show multiple calendars in G Calendar the marriage of WM and Google would be perfect for my needs.
  • Looks like it's as simple as checking the "email" box if you're already syncing calendar and contacts, but how do you get around the checking schedule? No choice for automatic, push, etc. Just "manually" or time intervals. Won't this dictate how often mail syncs?
  • I'm particularly fond of the fine print that warns that "pushing" email can detrimentally affect battery life, and the solution is to have it only push email every 30 - 60 minutes. Doesn't that defeat pushing email? I have used IMAP with gmail and OggSync for calendars/contacts for almost a year now on my Tilt and it works great. Multiple Calendars, contact infor including pics is synced (I had to pay a yearly subscription to get pro, which allows contact sync, but it wasn't that much) and it runs on its own in the background. It also serves as my backup when I do hard resets on my phone.
  • I setup the exchange on my Sprint Treo Pro- contacts and calendar setup nicely- it pulled in all my old mail, wouldn't push any new stuff, wouldn't stop running sync in the background trying to sync to the mail server that it couldn't connect to- draining the battery before my very eyes- the only time I saw any notification, was upon sending a test email, after saying connecting, it would flash "error connecting to server"-
    I deleted the relationship with the server- went back to SEVEN-
    I'll try again in a few weeks to see if they've corrected the problems-
  • Since I use ActiveSync to sync my work calendar, contacts, tasks, notes, and favorites via Outlook I'll continue to use IMAP to pull my Gmail..(Oh well).
  • On the google windows mobile page for sync it says "Get calendar alerts. Using your Windows Mobile device's native calendar, you can now access multiple Google calendars, and be alerted for upcoming appointments with sound or vibration." I've got the sync set up and working fine but how do you 'access multiple Google calendars'? BTW, funny how the human test when registering for this site is a math problem...I'm pretty sure you weren't in charge of setting that up eh Phil? hehehehe
  • It doesn't work very well for me. The push is slow. It takes anywhere between 3 to 10 minutes before I see the mail on my device after I see it on my desktop PC. It also doesn't support attachments. It's a no-go for me at this moment.
  • I doesn't seem to be working properly for me either. It works quickly, but I'm only getting 10 messages, when I should be getting 70 or so. I have it set to get all messages, but they are not coming through for some reason.
  • To all of you having issues. Google's servers are probably inundated with requests right now. I set it up last night and was having issues too. It is working fine this morning. Give them a chance.
  • For those of you that it's working for - what are you setting the "Automatic Send/Receive" to?
  • Push Mail was flakey yesterday but has been on point today. Probably initial server issues.
  • And how to sync multiple calendars? I have my main google one but then link to 5 other ical sources.