Google Unleashes Outlook Calendar Sync

Turns out Google has had their ear to the street when it comes to what the customer wants. Google now syncs with Outlook and (by extension) Windows Mobile. The new download features include 2-way sync so both your Google calendar and Outlook sync with each other. There

WC Staff
  • The contact sync thing really bugs me. They can't do it with Mac either -- Google has sort of dropped the ball lately with interoperating. Their IMAP support is still wonky for me too.
  • OK, two days... Just two days ago I set up outlook/google synchronization using the 'lite' version of a sync tool that costs money. That was shortly after nearly losing all my calendar data by trying to use RemoteCalendars. Now they have an official google tool... I'll have to check that out... but couldn't they have launched that two days ago?!?