Google Voice reportedly may open up tomorrow

Ever since Google announced the return of GrandCentral as Google Voice back in March, we've been chomping at the bit waiting for the beta to open up.

But Buzz Out Loud's Natali Del Conte may have just spilled the beans. She apparently told a caller on the 999th episode of the CNet podcast that a Google rep told her that June 18 was the day the rest of us finally get to play. She says it was originally supposed to launch in late may, and that if tomorrow doesn't hold true, it should still be sometime soon.

If all this turns out to be true, it's turning into one heck of a month for smartphone owners, with the launch of the Palm Pre, iPhone 3.0 software and now Google Voice. Now if Microsoft were to put forth Windows Mobile 6.5 and the Marketplace ...

Buzz Out Loud [skip to 24:35] via BGR

Phil Nickinson

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