Goosync stops free service

Goosync has announced that it will discontinue its free service effective October 19, 2009. 

Goosync is an application that facilitates over-the-air synchronization between your Google calendar and contacts and your Windows phone.  Goosync offers a premium service for an annual fee that allowed for multiple calendar syncs, contact backups, and tasks.  The free version, which was basically limited to contacts and calendar sync, will be replaced with a lower cost service, Goosync Lite that will have the same functionality.  

Goosync Premium will run $32 annually, $48 for a two year commitment or $64 for a lifetime subscription.  Goosync Lit will run $10 annually and will have a seven day trial period.  No word if lifetime pricing will be available for Goosync Lite.

Via Justanothermobilemonday

Phil Nickinson

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