Goosync stops free service

Goosync has announced that it will discontinue its free service effective October 19, 2009. 

Goosync is an application that facilitates over-the-air synchronization between your Google calendar and contacts and your Windows phone.  Goosync offers a premium service for an annual fee that allowed for multiple calendar syncs, contact backups, and tasks.  The free version, which was basically limited to contacts and calendar sync, will be replaced with a lower cost service, Goosync Lite that will have the same functionality.  

Goosync Premium will run $32 annually, $48 for a two year commitment or $64 for a lifetime subscription.  Goosync Lit will run $10 annually and will have a seven day trial period.  No word if lifetime pricing will be available for Goosync Lite.

Via Justanothermobilemonday

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  • Why not use the Google Exchange server to sync your contacts and calendar?
  • Google Contacts is a nightmare. Since it includes every contact you've ever emailed, even once, your Outlook contacts become bloated with one-offs and dupes. I also needed access to Tasks, with the ability to filter them by category; and while Google Tasks does this, there's no sync option for outlook at this time. I've had to settle on decoupling my phone with Exchange at work and access my tasks and contacts through GooSync, and sync my personal laptop and desktop OTA with hosted Exchange. It sounds convoluted, but every alternative had flaws. OWA, for instance, only displays unfiltered Tasks. Straight-up Exchange won't sync 3 PCs unless they're on the same account. And the reg hack for syncing multiple EAS accounts doesn't appear to work on an Exchange 2007 server. So the most viable options were either Remember the Milk or GooSync, and I chose the latter.
  • When was the last time you used Google Contacts? I know mine only syncs the ones that I actually entered as a contact. Sure it remembers every contact I've ever sent or received but it never enters them into the syncable address book unless I explicitly put them there. That old problem was fixed a long time ago.
  • Last Sunday, actually. What settings are you using to filter out non-Outlook contacts?
  • I agree, I use google sync. BUT the contacts clutter up my Pocket Outlook. EVERY damn email address gets stuck on my phone. I just live with it since it just sticks them all as 'Unknown'. how can we not get that? To bad there is no way to sync up your task list off phone. O well, oneday maybe?