Take control of your GoPro with Action Camera for Windows Phone 8

It was back at the beginning of January, CES to be exact, that we first saw the official GoPro app for Windows Phone. It was running on a cool blue Lumia 920 and looked fairly finished. At the time the company said to expect the app in mid-February. It came and went, we then saw it again at Mobile World Congress at a ‘partner app’ from Nokia. We then learn we’d expect it sometime ‘this spring’. That means anytime between March 20th and June 21st, since that’s how long spring is. If you’re impatient, here’s another third party app filling the gap - Action Camera.

Action Camera is a third party app that allows you to take advantage of the fancy features in your Wi-Fi enabled GoPro. Like you’d expect, it will do everything a potential official app would, things like:

  • Live video preview
  • Check the remaining battery life
  • Switch between video and photo modes
  • Start recording
  • Adjust the settings on your GoPro

Action Camera SC

The only difference between this and the future companion app from GoPro is that it’s not official and it is available today, for free. The look of the app is fairly barebones, but you’re using this app you probably only care that it works. They’ve also included a burst and timelapse mode. I’ve seen wedding photographers adding a stationary GoPro or two around to create some unique timelapse footage. It doesn’t take much imagination to see how handy it would be to control the settings of hard to reach cameras.

I’ve been meaning to get a newer GoPro. Anyone with one want to let us know how it works below?

If you find yourself with a Hero2 (with Wi-Fi add-on) or a Wi-Fi enabled Hero3 you’ll want to download this app. It’s only available for Windows Phone 8 devices. Grab it right here in the Windows Phone Store, use the QR code below, or swipe to the right in our app.

QR: Action Camera

Thanks for the tip WB!

Sam Sabri