The GOQii fitness app gets a nice refresh with a lot of bug fixes

Headquartered in Menlo Park, California, GOQii Life includes the GOQii Band, an advanced fitness tracker. The company also offers a GOQii Coach, a virtual yet human coach that guides you on daily exercises, nutrition, sleep, stress management, and lifestyle with a focus on sustained engagement and goal reinforcement. The service made its debut in India last year and has now expanded to other markets as well.

While GOQii has had a beautifully designed and intuitive app all this while, it was not without problems. It worked well for most parts, but there were random crashes and a jarring experience.

The latest update – version – introduces a whole new dashboard experience, which is intuitive and offers all the information you'd need at a glance without diving into different sections. The GOQii app now also allows using the Windows Phone Sensor Core functionality to record steps in the absence of a GOQii Band. It's a nice integration, and the app allows you to switch between the Band and the Windows Phone Sensor Core seamlessly.

The change log suggests that there are a few bug fixes as well, but I can attest that there are more than a 'few'. The last few updates have worked on quashing bugs, but some major ones persisted. The latest version feels like a more complete, well-rounded product – although the beta tag on the app splash screen stays. There's an occasional crash here and there, but nothing that's annoying or show stopping.

I've been using the GOQii band since last year, and quite like the ecosystem that they've created. The GOQii app is nicely done, and apart from a few quirks, works quite well after the latest update.


Abhishek Baxi