Gray Lumia 920

The grey variant of the Lumia 920 Windows Phone has been spotted on the Nokia Hong Kong Facebook account. Yes, it actually exists. The device has been expected to arrive in multiple markets since the Lumia 920 was announced last year, but we're yet to see the colour made available in numbers for consumers to get their paws on. Not only has it been published on Facebook, but to lower the mood even further, it's on sale in Hong Kong.

Should you reside in the country, you'll be able to pick the matte grey Windows Phone up for 5,598 HKD (approx. $720). The Lumia 920 is available in glossy and matte versions, with white, black and red proving to be fairly popular thus far - though this could well be down to limited availability. If you're into individuality and personalisation of gadgets, this will be the choice for you.

Source: Nokia Hong Kong (Facebook), via: WMPU