Groove Music adds dedicated music video area on artist pages

The latest update to Groove Music has added a relatively small, but handy change to artists pages. You'll now find an area dedicated to music videos for artists that have them available on the service, making it a little easier to track down and watch videos for a specific artist.

The section appears just above the Related artists portion of each artist page, appearing as a carousel with what are presumably the top videos. Clicking "Show all" across from the section header will take you to an expanded section with all available music videos on display. Prior to this, finding music videos was a little bit more of an onerous process, as you had to search for or stumble upon songs with videos manually.

This feature appears to be available for Groove for both Fast ring Insiders and non-Insiders. It appears Mobile users are currently left out of the fun, however, as we aren't seeing it there just yet. If you're on PC, however, you can update to the latest version (10.17062.14111 on Production) to check out the section for yourself. Keep in mind that Fast ring users will currently have to use the new "Skip ahead" feature to start getting inbox app updates (for apps such as Groove) once again.

Thanks to Luke Stitzinger for the tip!

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Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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