Ever since Groove launched a few weeks ago, some users were not too fond of the new logo. Now, a new Store update may reveal what is coming next: a redesigned emblem for Microsoft's new (old) music service.

Users on Windows Central started noticing the new design within the last day or so, and we have been able to confirm. The new design, which does look much better, is a simple record with a universal play logo on it. It certainly evokes a music app much more clearly than the previous record + G design.

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The current Groove app still uses the old (new) logo as well as the apps on Android and iOS, which were recently rebranded. It is like that this new logo will appear with the next app update, so we'll have to wait and see.

For now, you can see what possibly awaits. Let us know if you like the new-new logo or prefer the old design. We clearly on team new-new logo!

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Thanks, everyone, for the tips!