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Groove Music Universal App peeks out on the Xbox One

Following the launch of MSN Weather on the Xbox One, the next Universal App we get to see from Microsoft could well be the long-awaited update to Groove Music. We know it's coming, we know it's going to support background audio, but as yet we've not seen anything from it.

In the same way as MSN Weather and Netflix just recently appeared in "Ready to Install," right now preview members using the latest build will also see Groove Music added to that list.

You can go and view it in the Store but nothing else. It currently errors out when you try to install it, and there are no Xbox specific screenshots to look at. But it's confirmed to be the new app by the "Available on" section which shows the console alongside PC, phones and HoloLens.

Given the way MSN Weather appeared and then became officially available on the preview, perhaps Groove is next in line for an early test. We'll have to wait and see.

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  • MS cooking with gas now. Maybe waiting to release the next insider pc/mobile build that might contain the Groove UWA app before allowing download of X1 app. Maybe...just a hunch.
  • Said it too many times, but MS should offer an Xbox Live Groove membership option as an extra.
  • How do I join the Xbox preview program?
  • To join the preview program, you have to be "invited" by a user who is already testing beta software. Once you're invited, in 3-5 days you'll recieve an invite from the Xbox team on your console to join. Once you reigster your console, it takes another 3-5 business days for builds to start pushing to your machine. All in all, you're looking at a 2 week process. PM me your Gamertag and I'll "invite" you tonight.
  • Thanks! I will
  • I think they are depreciating that. After the Aug 2nd, IIRC, they are going to the same insider signup as PC/Mobile
  • We get groove whem we buy xbox live?
  • Naw, separate!
  • They have active promos right now u get 3 months free after u buy a month
  • Fingers crossed it allows streaming/access of music stored on pc's on the same network as the xbox like the win 10 apps do on desktop
  • Come on, local music support. Not as useful if I have to dedicate bandwidth and 50+ GB of OneDrive storage to a single app.
  • If it is even half as good as the PC and Mobile apps are now (seriously!), I'm very excited.
  • I hope they bring the new skype app to Xbox too, sick of the old one
  • I hope the app won't loose the music video feature, that is the only reason I use it on my XB1.
  • Same here. Otherwise it is probably just easier to do from my phone to my BT speaker.
  • You'll lose alot of sound quality like that
  • Possibly. But, I have a nice BT speaker, so, it works fine. I have nice headphones for when I am wanting to be an audiophile. When I have people over and hanging out, it's sometime just easier to control from my Band 2. The current app is nice because it plays the videos, which is neat when you have a group of people hanging out and having a good time.
  • Only for xbox nothing for wp. SASI :)
  • Windows 10 Mobile already has the Universal App for Groove? Not sure what you're complaining about?
  • lol, how do I have it installed then if it can't be installed? I tweeted at Rubino and @WC yesterday that it was installable through the "ready to install" list.  Just shows a coming soon screen when you launch it though that has a button to open the current Groove app.
  • Same thing happened to me too.
  • Same here.
  • I can't install it. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I dont know if im the only that hopes for an Office 365 on Xbox one...If that happen i jus buy a mouse/keyboard and forget about buying a desktop pc
  • I could actually install it but once launched it just tells me the new app is coming with the background music and in the mean time to use the current app. Theres a button in there to launch the curent one, got all excited when it worked xD
  • I'm not able to download the new Netflix app on xbox one. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android