Grounded guide: List of all weapons and tools

Grounded Hero
Grounded Hero (Image credit: Windows Central / Zackery Cuevas)

Grounded's suburban backyard can be a cruel and unforgiving place. If you don't want to become a spider's next meal, you'll want to prepare yourself with the best weapons and tools you can find. With that in mind, we've compiled a list of all of the weapons and tools you can find in the game so far.

Keep in mind that Grounded is still in Early Access and Game Preview, so tools and weapons may be subject to change. Obsidian plans on adding new content frequently, so be sure to check back as we continue to update our list with the latest information.

This following list will consist of all of the hammers, axes, spears, arrows, and tools you can craft in Grounded. We've grouped them into tiers, so the higher the tier, the better the weapon or tool. Most of these recipes will be unlocked automatically by collecting the appropriate material. Still, a few of them require you to analyze certain materials at Field Stations, the tiny computer labs hidden around the backyard.


Grounded Screenshot Combat Hedge

Source: Obsidian Entertainment (Image credit: Source: Obsidian Entertainment)

Getting caught without a weapon in the backyard could mean a quick end to your journey. A good weapon is essential for keeping the spiders, ants, and other creepy crawlies at bay. We'll cover the type, the description, and give you the materials you need to craft them all.

Weapons: Tier 1

Tier 1 weapons are simple to craft and do decent damage. These makeshift weapons will hold their own until you find something better.

Swipe to scroll horizontally
NameMaterials NeededDescription/ UnlockGameplay Image
Pebblet Spear○ 2 x Sprigs
○ 3 x Plant Fiber
○ 1 x Pebblet
○ A pointy object with decent range and damage.
○ Unlock by analyzing a pebblet.
Row 0 - Cell 3
Sprig Bow○ 3 x Sprigs
○ 4 x Gnat Fuzz
○ 2 x Woven Fiber
○ For players who like to keep their distance.
○ Unlock by collecting Gnat Fuzz.
Row 1 - Cell 3
Spiky Sprig○ 3 x Sprigs
○ 5 x Thistle Needles
○ 2 x Woven Fibers
○ Grounded's version of a baseball bat with nails.
○ Unlock by analyzing a Sprig.
Row 2 - Cell 3
Larva Blade○ 2 x Larva Spikes
○ 3 x Grub Hides
○ 1 x Acid Gland
○ Perfect for players like poisoning their enemies.
○ The only tier 1 weapon that requires a workbench to build.
○ Unlock by collecting an acid gland or larva spike.
Row 3 - Cell 3

Weapons: Tier 2

The following weapons are stronger and more durable than the previous ones. You'll need to craft them at a workbench, though.

Swipe to scroll horizontally
NameMaterials NeededDescription/UnlockGameplay Image
Insect Bow○ 2 x Spider Fangs
○ 2 x Spider Silks
○ 2 x Spider Chunks
○ The Insect Bow boast a much higher damage output than the Sprig bow.
○ Unlock by analyzing a Spider Fang.
Row 0 - Cell 3
Ant Club○ 4 x Ant Parts
○ 2 x Woven Fiber
○ 2 x Ant Mandibles
○ The Ant Club packs a wallop and increases stun chance.
○ Unlock by analyzing a Ant Part.
Row 1 - Cell 3
Spider Fang Dagger○ 1 x Spider Fang
○ 4 x Spider Venom
○ 3 Spider Silk
○ Features high attack speed and a poisonous tip.
○ Unlock by analyzing Spider Venom.
Row 2 - Cell 3


Grounded Screenshot Combat Haze

Source: Obsidian Entertainment (Image credit: Source: Obsidian Entertainment)

If you decide to craft a bow, you'll also need arrows to go along with it. You can use these arrows with any tier bow, which is excellent since they can get you out of a tight jam.

Swipe to scroll horizontally
NameMaterials NeededDescription/UnlockGameplay Image
Arrow○ 2 x Mite Fuzz
○ 5 x Thistle Needles
○ Unlock by picking up a Thistle Needle.Row 0 - Cell 3
Venom Arrow○ 5 x Arrows
○ 1 x Spider Venom
○ Like a normal arrow but poisonous.
○ Unlock by collecting Spider Venom.
Row 1 - Cell 3
Lure Arrow○ 5 x Arrows
○ 1 x Flower Petal
○ Set up a traps with the Lure Arrow.
○ Unlock by picking up a Flower Petal.
Row 2 - Cell 3
Gas Arrow○ 1x Arrow
○ 1 x Stinkbug Gas Sack
○ Dabble in chemical warfare with the Gas Arrow.
○ Unlock by collecting a Stinkbug Gas Sack.
Row 3 - Cell 3


Grounded Screenshot Emote

Source: Obsidian Entertainment (Image credit: Source: Obsidian Entertainment)

The right tool for the job means everything. Tools are used for harvesting materials, as well as repairing equipment, or just seeing in the dark. To make sure you have the right tools for the job, make sure you have the proper materials. Here's how to craft them.

Tools: Tier 1

Swipe to scroll horizontally
NameMaterials NeededDescription/UnlockGameplay Image
Acorn Shovel○ 2 x Sprigs
○ 1 x Woven Fiber
○ 1 x Acorn Shell
○ The Acorn Shovel is used to harvest clay as well as dig up grubs.
○ Unlock by finding an Acorn Shell
Row 0 - Cell 3
Armor Glue○ 3 x Mite Fuzz
○ 2 x Sap
○ 1 x Woven Fiber
○ Armor Glue will let you repair armor.
○ Unlock by analyzing Mite Fuzz.
Row 1 - Cell 3
Pebblet Hammer○ 2 x Sprigs
○ 4 x Pebblets
○ 1 x Woven Fiber
○ The Pebblet Hammer is required for farming quartzite.
○ Unlock by crafting Woven Fiber.
Row 2 - Cell 3
Repair Tool○ 2 x Sprigs
○ 1 x Quarzite
○ 3 x Woven Fiber
○ The Repair Tool is a worthless weapon, but required to repair structures.
○ Unlock this recipe by finding Quartzite.
Row 3 - Cell 3
Torch○ 2 x Sprigs
○ 1 x Sap
○ 2 x Woven Fiber
○ 3 x Dry Grass
○ The Torch lights up dark spaces.
○ It can be used with another one-handed tool or weapon.
○ Unlock by collecting Sap.
○ It can be upgraded by finding and returning the Ant Hill BURGL Chip.
Row 4 - Cell 3
Slime Mold Stalk○ 2 x Slime Mold Stalks
○ 2 x Plant Fiber
○ A alternative to the Torch that doesn't last as long.
○ Unlock by finding a Slime Mold Stalk.
Row 5 - Cell 3

Tools: Tier 2

These tools are more durable and work a lot faster than their tier 1 counterparts. You can also swing them at incoming baddies when you're in a pinch.

Swipe to scroll horizontally
NameMaterials NeededDescription/UnlockGameplay Image
Insect Hammer○ 4 x Stinkbug Parts
○ 4 x Berry Leather
○ 1 x Boiling Gland
○ The Insect Hammer is good at stunning enemies.
○ Unlock by analyzing a Stinkbug Part or collecting a Boiling Gland or Bombardier Part.
Row 0 - Cell 3
Insect Axe○ 1 x Ladybug Head
○ 3 x Bombadier Parts
○ 4 x Spider Silk
○ The Insect Axe chops grass and weeds faster.
○ Unlock by analyzing a Ladybug Head.
Row 1 - Cell 3
Super Armor Glue○ 1 x Berry Leather
○ 4 x Spider Silk.
○ Repairs higher quality armor.
○ Unlock by finding Berry Chunks.
Row 2 - Cell 3

Tools: Tier 3

The best tools in the game so far. Only one tool fits the bill, and it happens to be the best weapon in the game, too.

Swipe to scroll horizontally
NameMaterials NeededDescription/UnlockGameplay Image
Mint Mallet○ 5 x Mint Chunks
○ 9 x Spider Silk
○ 8 x Flower Petals
○ This two-handed tool is also the strongest weapon in the game.
○ Unlock by collecting Mint Chunks.
Row 0 - Cell 3

Conquer the backyard

Grounded Screenshot Spiral

Source: Obsidian Entertainment (Image credit: Source: Obsidian Entertainment)

It takes more than the right tools and weapons to tame the wild backyard of Grounded, and players will quickly learn that combat and crafting and base building are essential to staying one step ahead of spiders and other deadly insects that want you dead.

What's your favorite weapon or tool in Grounded? Do you like getting up close and personal with the Mint Mallet, or do you prefer keeping your distance with a bow and arrow? Let us know in the comments.

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