Groupon updated with shopping cart improvements and more, but not for your Lumia

Groupon for Windows Phone has finally been updated! The Windows Phone app hasn't received much love from the folks at Groupon, but today you're getting a nice updated. However, most of you won't be able to download the update. Why? Read on to find out.

In the Windows Phone Store there are two Groupon apps. One that's part of the Nokia Collection and only available to those with Lumia handsets. And another Groupon app for everyone with a non-Lumia device. So everybody rocking an HTC 8X or Samsung ATIV SE will be getting this new update today.


If that's you, you'll find version in the Windows Phone Store with the following changes:

  • Groupon now allows you to add goods to your cart and continue shopping!
  • You can search for deals from anywhere in our app!
  • Find nearby deals easily with the nearby tab!


Using a Windows Phone that isn't a Lumia? You're a minority within a minority, but you get the new Groupon today! Download it and let us know what you think. We'll keep you posted if the Nokia Collection version gets updated, though it hasn't seen any love since April 2013.

Via: @wpscoops

QR: Groupon

Sam Sabri
  • Well, that's new!
    No love for lumia
  • Nope. To much love for NL xxx. About other OEM get some love.
  • It probably happened because I literally just got my first Nokia Windows Phone. I've been using HTCs since the WinMo 6.5 Imagio and now I switch and this happens, haha.
  • LOL. I bet it was you. Dude, go buy a lottery ticket and give it away to me as a gift!
  • Windows Phone sux....
  • Forgot to add... /s
  • Groupon sucks... I've only had bad experiences with them do Lumia or not... I don't care! Posted via the WPC App for Android!
  • I can't even find the app in Nokia Collection... Is it just me?
  • No I cant find it either aside from autocomplete making a reference to it in marketplace search
  • It's a Microsoft mobile app. I just searched it and was able to find it.
  • It's not just you, because I can't find in the Nokia Collecttion either. Makes me wonder where it's at.
  • Unbelievable, in my mind.
  • Now this is funny.
  • Wow lol
  • Microsoft should just get rid of the Nokia one. Don't know why there was one to begin with. Groupon has always had love for WP8. I hope they open this one to all users soon.
  • Because Nokia was a separate company and they put their own money up to have these apps developed so that they could differentiate themselves from the competition. Really not a hard concept.
  • No they put up money that Microsoft have them and not the other WP OEMS. Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • Dude Groupon, whatsapp, the weather channel app and some others were already established apps before Nokia. So the question still stands as to why there is a Nokia version when there was no noticeable difference before this fragmented update.
  • Not all the apps in the Nokia collection were original apps. A lot of them existed already and were essentially the same app. I always thought it was a bit odd as it just made the list huge and harder to spot new actual exclusives.
  • Well, then we can just install the non Nokia collection to get the update. I think it's no longer exclusive, and the one that will get future update will be the one for all device
  • Huh?
  • Lo wut? Srsly, is there any logic in your comment?
  • Yes. It made perfect sense if you are used to reading internet English. It just isn't correc.
  • I'm curious, why can't a Lumia owner install the non-Lumia-specific version?
  • Well, guess they just want to keep track of how many non Lumia users vs Lumia users download their apps(in this case when there are 2 versions). But I'm more than sure there is such a statistic tool for developers. Other than that, I can't think of some other reason.
  • Even Samsung has that for chaton except even them users can download the non collection version
  • Exactly, I've never understood what the difference is between the two versions. Is there a reason why Lumia users can't download the non Lumia version of the Groupon app as well?
  • Just change your region to HTC and you'll be fine.
  • I didn't know HTC was a region!!?!
  • LOL!! But now you know :3 I'm moving to HTC region soon, to the little town named Titan, got a job there. All my friends want to move there too.
  • Lol the town is selling you a false dream. All they'll do is take your money and run. Remember a beautiful town named surround? It had so much promise but eventually it became a ghost town and we never saw another firmware update again. How many times has this happen with Nokia? No often at all...
  • Yeah.. Remember the beats county in the HTC region? It's probably gonna be in the apple region soon ;)
    And no, Nokia never did that to its people living in the neighborhood
  • This is because Groupon found out that Lumia will be rocking full Android soon :P
  • Right
  • Wow! About dang time!!
  • Someone want to explain why Lumias are blocked from downloading the non-Nokia Collection version? This isn't the case with other apps where Nokia had a special version
  • No one wants yo explain. Cause it's racist, lol
  • hah. Sure that r in racist wasn't a typo. I could dictate to help aleviate your multitasking.
  • Hello...please develop smc mobitrade for windows it's important for investor in stock market....develop it...other ios and Android platform they have..........
  • Since they read this post, right? If you want an app you need to contact the developer of that app, not those of us who can't write the app.
  • They'll get right on that now.
  • Lol, seems legit.
  • S l o w N E W S d a y.....cyan, help, where are you ?
  • Soooooo they no longer have the other one... This is so stupid of them!
  • Those divisions are plain stupid and do nothing but hurt Windows Phone itself.
  • I don't use Groupon but that's funny. Oh well, we get the love for everything else so...
  • Booooo
  • Bushleague
  • Wow that sucks! :-o
  • In other words, nothing changes on my Lumia. I didn't have it before, still don't have it.
  • Haha, true that
  • WTF?
  • Come on Microsoft Mobile. Get with the program!
  • Cant even install on my 920 when i download the xap manually. What in the actual fuck...
  • Guess i can enjoy this type of news.
  • Man! I used to have the non Nokia Groupon app but lost it switching to my 1520. I actually like Groupon and have been using the mobile site since the Nokia app is so horrible.
  • Ha! Some love for my HTC 8X... If only I cared to download this! :-P
  • Hi-Five
  • Good!!! Even the playing field. Now Lumia's know how it feel!
  • +8X
  • These headlines are cruel... BBM available but NOT for you... Now NOT FOR YOUR LUMIA, then it will be NOT FOR YOU USELESS OS USER
  • Life is cruel, Davestrada.
  • That's what she said
  • "Rosebud"
  • I can't even look at the Groupon issue like that. They make zero dollars if no one buys groupon. NOTHING. Most of us have Lumia and most of us have disposable income of which groupon gets none of it. And after this stunt, they won't ever get a dime from me.  But I will take issue with the post though. Why even make this a headline story? This wasn't worth telling us in a headline. Its not news, its something you normally hear from the Verge or CNet.
  • I'll bet you don't have a problem when there are articles about an update for one of the Nokia apps do you?
  • Do  you even own a  Windows Phone?
  • Ativ S Neo and before that an HTC Arrive. Anything else?
  • I never really got the purpose of Nokia Collection. Most of the apps are republished apps already available in the store. I used to think it was there only for Lumia exclusives.
  • I know what you mean wp7 had that kind of appeal some devs were paid to develop just for that wp manufacture
  • That's hilarious.
  • Not for India :-(
  • Wow, really. I would use Groupon but due to the lack of app capabilities, I was deleted. I was so upset when I tried using that app. Now its not available for Lumia devices. What type of news is that?
  • I want this and I want it now    
  • The fragmentation of the app store shouldn't be existent
  • Merg  
  • "Using a Windows Phone That Isn't a Lumia? You're a Minority Within a Minority"
    I feel special ... Very special (in a good way) ... Thanks Sam :D
  • Microsoft should make all apps available on every phone..
  • Calm down people. I'm sure there will be a resolution. People are so impatient and quick to jump to conclusions. Immature people.
  • No love for Lumia/128mbRAM/wp7.8
  • In my htc8x 8.1 It seems to work well enough. It's also pretty and more polished. The previous app was ok but not great
  • Damn
  • It shows this item is not currently available in the store on Lumia 520
  • Read the article
  • Haha! HTC 8X here. LOSERS
  • Hilarious.
  • Guys anyone know how to enter into Tester's List
  • İyi
  • Who even use Samesung??
  • I did 3 weeks ago but now not much since I got an icon
  • I will as soon as at&t gets a new ativ.
  • Samesung, that's so original. Did you come up with that all by yourself? To answer your question though, people using the new version of Groupon!!!!
  • WP is a mess
  • Looking into there is an error code display when you try to download guess they pulled it
  • I keep telling people, the Nokia collection is nothing to be jealous about.
  • Interesting
  • So 95% of the people with a Windows Phone won't get this update. Ok.
  • Right lol absolutely crazy..
  • Which Lumia ? Andriod or WP ? :D  
  • ATIV looks just nice on that picture :)
  • Microsoft one is total pants check out does not work images distorted
  • The Lumia one really sucks but at least it gets the job done. :/
  • error 805a0194 for the download link in India
  • Little lumia met LG G3 and said:"Some day I will grow up and become thoroughbred Android. From that day on I have all the apps available and no one will kick my head anymore. And our flagship will be latest technology just like you. And from that day on we even have fully support by Microsoft and get their latest updates." Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • Hard to admit, but it's true. They need to step up their game.. Specs must be up to date to the technology today.. All other big OEMS, OEMS, OEMS, they all have their own new hardware available now and Android is growing fast and same does their services, in a pretty beautiful way..
    What's up with Nokia flagships .. Coming out when every other OEM updates to newer processors and screens..
  • The 1520 and 930 was released at the same time with the same specs as any Android flagship.
  • Snapdragon 800 was relased more than a half-year ago and so do 1080p screens, all Android flagships relased before 930 are using 801
    + you can actually get those phones, unlike Lumia 930 haha :)
  • What a mess....this kind of stupidity is what is keeping people from bying a WP device.
  • Two separate apps? Genius
  • Why this happens if the system is the same???
  • Guys, you are blowing this incident out of proportion. Obviously there was a publishing issue due to the two different apps that were on the market. You can bet they will get it fixed soon. It's not like this was a planned giant middle finger to Lumia users.
  • You can install now for Lumia phone
  • Samsung = Htc = Shiet xd
  • Lumia app update today broke the app for update install. Uninstall and reinstall gets it to work. Now double wide tile and loss of using Nokia maps to name a few are missing. It appears the update was a fallback to a previous wp7 version.
  • Good news is that the Groupon, inc app is available for my Lumia 1020.
  • I got it for my Icon. I now how have both installed.