GS Kids! Preschool Games – a simple, entertaining and educational Windows 10 game

GS Kids! Preschool Games is a beautiful educational app available in both the Windows 10 and Windows Phone Store. The game is a collection of learning challenges designed for children ages 3 to 6 years old.

The app is colorful and the animations are attractive, all of which will help GS Kids! Preschool Games keep a child's attention. The game cover the basic educational skills such as number and shape recognition, vocabulary and hand-eye coordination.

We took the Windows 10 version of GS Kids! Preschool Games out for a test drive and while it definitely has a target audience, it is an appealing game. If you are looking for a fun game for your kids to pass the time with that has some educational value, GS Kids! Preschool Games is worth checking out.

The layout of GS Kids! Preschool Games is very toddler-friendly. The uncomplicated design offers your children eight games to tackle with an additional ten games that can be unlocked through in-app purchase or by rating the game in the Windows 10 or Windows Phone Store.

GS Kids! Preschool Games

The primary menu for GS Kids! Preschool Games also includes your star count, access to the settings and a quiz time option that is a collection of challenges from all available gaming types. Settings are under the tab labeled "Parents" and will require you to solve a math problem to access. It is a nice touch and prevents curious youngsters from straying too far.

GS Kids! Preschool Games

The list of games included with the free version of GS Kids! Preschool Games are as follows.

  • Match the shadow: You are presented with a series of objects and have to tap/drag them to their matching shadow.
  • Count 123: Your child is presented with a picture and directed to tap on all of a certain object. For example, tap on all the ducklings in the picture.
  • Scratch to reveal: Here's a simple game where you child has to swipe at the screen to show a picture. The task isn't complete until all of the picture is revealed.

GS Kids! Preschool Games

  • Balloon Pop: A series of balloons will fly up the screen and your child will need to tap on the balloon identified in the directions.
  • Hungry Frog: Here you have a hungry frog sitting on a lily pad with a swarm of color bugs flying across the screen. You'll need to tap on the colored bug as directed by the directions.
  • Tricky maze: A maze of preschool difficulty stands between an animal and their treat. Tap and hold on the animal to guide them through the maze and to their treat.
  • Jigsaw puzzle: Tap and drag the puzzle pieces into place to complete the picture.
  • Odd one out: This game presents you with a series of objects. All you need to do is tap on the object that doesn't belong.

Prior to the start of each game, a narrator will read the directions of play (e.g. tap on the blue balloon). At any point during game play, if your child wants to skip a challenge they can tap on the red arrow that sits in the upper right corner of the screen.

GS Kids! Preschool Games

The quicker your child finds the correct answer in the fewest attempts will dictate their score. They will then be awarded one to three stars based on this score. The number of stars earned will dictate their experience level and as they move up the ladder, the game will transition to a progress screen that illustrated their advancement.

Additional games available through rating the game in the Store or via in-app purchase ($3.49).

  • Bingo fun (available by rating the game)
  • Same to same (available by rating the game)
  • Missing objects
  • Hopping frog
  • Fill the colors
  • Find odd items
  • Spot the difference
  • Match the numbers
  • Sort it out
  • Learn to trace

Overall Impression

GS Kids! Preschool Games is an excellent choice of games available from both the Windows 10 and Windows Phone Store for your toddler. The interface is simple enough the younger gamers will not get overwhelmed and the graphics/animations are strong enough to hook into their attention.

You may need to walk them through the first few games, but having an opportunity to interact and help teach your kids is never a bad thing.

GS Kids! Preschool Games

All in all, I can see GS Kids! Preschool Games being an attractive gaming option for anyone with young children. The graphics and animations shine on a tablet and the mobility of your Windows Phone allows the game to go just about anywhere. GS Kids! Preschool Games is rated at just over 4 Stars in the Stores and we can see the appeal. If you have given the game a try, let us know what you think of GS Kids! Preschool Games in the comments below.

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