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Halo 5 is getting the 4K treatment for Xbox One X

Halo developer 343 Industries has now teased its plans for Halo 5 on the upcoming Xbox One X, revealing that the game will indeed receive a 4K update. Due out later this year, the update will bring "true 4K" support to the game, though that's all we know for now.

Given the fact that Halo was, as 343 puts it, conspicuously absent from the list of 4K games after the Xbox One X reveal at E3, it's definitely good to see it hasn't been left out of the party. We'll have to wait to learn more about 343's plans, but the studio says it will indeed have more to share as the release approaches.

As if Halo 5 in 4K weren't enough, 343 has also announced that an onslaught of Halo games will be hitting Xbox backward compatibility soon. In all, Halo 3, Halo 3: ODST, Halo 4, and Halo: CE Anniversary will all be added later this year. On top of that, each Xbox 360 Halo add-on map pack in the Xbox Store will be available for free. Each title will support LAN play in addition to standard multiplayer.

A complete list of 'Xbox One X Enhanced' games

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  • Halo 4 one Xbox one. Hallelujah!!
    I've been missing swat on Complex.
  • Isn't Halo 4 on the Master Collection?
  • Yes, it is.
  • I want to be able to drop into Halo 4 swat and not have to bother with the possibility of ending up in a match on 2 or 3. To me that's the major downside of HMCC.
  • And that's me now sold on the Xbox One X, damn!
  • Yesss! Was hoping this was coming. Also glad to see the older titles coming to back compat, and with their original LAN support in tow. It's a shame the Master Chief Collection didn't allowing system linking.
  • Any word on the other HALO titles getting 4K native support?
  • I think the only other one that could get it is the Halo 2 remaster on the Master Chief Collection.  They could conceivably release it as a standalone with upgraded assets.   I wonder if they'll add anything to Halo 5 besides the assets.  They could even decide to add more Master Chief to the campaign mode.  That would be kind of nice - and split screen on the X1X.
  • I'm sure its not that simple to add but I really hope they include split screen play with the update. 60fps and 1080p 4 player split would make me very happy!
  • The problem there would be that it would need to work for the x1 too. Pretty sure part of the deal was no exclusive features, only cosmetic upgrades to games (res, particles, fps)
  • Excellent news.
  • Nice. So 4K definite. But 343 will reveal more towards One X release. I'll predict much better textures, lighting, effects etc etc in the announcement. I expect 343 to push Halo 5 right up. Expecting much much better visuals. This is fantastic news. Especially considering Bethesda are also making all their existing and future games 4K with ultra pc settings on One X as well. Can't wait to get One X. What an absolute beast. My mate just built a PC with a 1070GTX. He's pretty pissed off. Lol. He's also getting a One X now. Lol. He spent £1800 on his gaming PC. Water cooling and everything.
  • nothing wrong with having both. There's always things a PC will be better for, even if graphix isn't really one of those things anymore.
  • He built it because of visuals. That's his irony. He wishes he waited. It's use was purely for gaming. And he literally plays most of the same games that's on Xbox. I feel for him a little.
  • I call bs on that. Sorry but I can't take you seriously. You've lied and made up so many things in the past.... Your story just doesn't make sense.
    I mean your "friend" just paid more than £1800 (around $2300) for a PC with a 1070. Knowing that the 1070 is currently going for around 320-360 bucks.
    Also why would your "friend" regret not waiting when the news about scorpio was around for more than one year now...
    Also why should "he" be pissed? By the sound of things, "he" has a more powerful gaming machine than the XB1x and unlike you MS/XB fans, "he" doesn't have to wait to play in 4K. Oh and also with his machine after allegedly spending £1800 on a gaming machine why on earth would he spend another £450 or $500 for a weaker XB1x??? In the worst case "he" could get rid of his 1070 and just get a 1080 that is going cheaper than a XB1x and it's would totally outperform the console.
  • Not sure I've seen a more dickish or ignorant response than yours in a while. You don't know the guy, you don't know where everything came from so the cost is irrelevant to whether or not the story is valid. You're wrong about details existing about the Xbox for a while. They were only officially announced what games would have what visuals and what the price of the system would be. You're also foolishly comparing a GPU to an entire optimized system. Your scenario is the one that doesn't make much sense since you ignorantly assumed quite a bit.
  • I know the guy enough. He lied and made bs up way too many times here so I can't take him seriously. I guess that's what you get for constantly lying and making up stuff... His story isn't believable and doesn't make sense and I pointed out the reason why.
    I know you MS/XB fans will stick together, so I'm not surprised by your reaction, but NO I wasn't comparing a GPU to an entire system. I'm comparing a so-called $1800 machine with a 1070 or a 1080 to a $500 console. Using the word "optimized" doesn't magically makes your $500 hardware outperform recently bought £1800 hardware with better GPU. So far we have no idea of the benchmark and comparison between the XB1x and PCs and this so-called "mate" is getting all upset about spending that much and will still spend another £450 on more weaker hardware. Makes zero sense.
  • First off my reaction has nothing to do with being a "ms/xb fan" its due to me being a logical adult. I never said the PC would be outperformed, but just to back myself up, there are benchmark tests, right on this site, of an unoptimized version of gears 4 running at 4k, that does out perform a 1070, and barely falls behind a 1080 (by like an average of 6-7 fps I believe)
  • " there are benchmark tests, right on this site [...] of gears 4" Do you have a link to that?
  • There's the link to gears 4 at 4k unoptimized That should give you 4k with both the 1080 and 1070 on PC, though there's plenty of other sources for that.
  • LOL
    This is what you said:
    "there are benchmark tests, right on this site, of an unoptimized version of gears 4 running at 4k, that does out perform a 1070, and barely falls behind a 1080 (by like an average of 6-7 fps I believe)"
    Do you know the meaning of benchmark? Its a reference that is used to compare things. All you did is post the article where digital foundry talked about how a "port" of Gears 4 (assuming it's gears 4) performs on XB1x. The frame-rate at 4K with "console" setting is 38.5fps. 
    Next you're bringing up benchmark of Gears 4 on various graphic cards. But these runs on ultra settings. So yeah it's 36 or so. When we talk about benchmarks we compare hardware running similar software at similar settings. Your comparison is ridiculous to say the least.
    Now, we don't know what's exactly the equivalence of "console" settings vs PC settings, but for high settings gears 4 averages around 53.3fps on the 1070 according to The 1080 is at 69.6fps Now, if you actually have proper benchmarks for comparing a XB1x with a PC with a 1070 or a 1080 running similar software at equivalent settings, please post them, if you don't, then move along and stop wasting my time...
  • And 2 days goes by and still no reply. Looks like you were talking bs like your fellow MS/XB fan. See, that's the problem with you company fans. You are mostly out here to promote a company and it's product. In doing so, looks like you don't mind making up stuff and making bs up. 
    You guys get upset when someone is calling your or your fellow MS/XB fan's bs up and that's why you use stuff like "ignorant" and "foolishly"... See, I understand how you guys feel the need to defend and promote your beloved MS/XB but can you do it without the bs? This type of bs can be read by other people. They may be misled by it and buy something that they want/need. You guys may not care and probably even are doing it to mislead people because it looks like this certain company is your priority. But this nonsense is actually anti-consumer and it brings a very bad image to you guys, the said company and gaming as a whole... Anyway, I don't expect or want a reply from you company fans...
  • Meh Halo hasn't been Halo since #3 came out. 4 and 5 are garbage
  • Best Campaign in the series = Halo 4 Best Multiplayer in the series = Halo 5
  • The story in 4 was great! However, I really hate fighting the Prometheans. Huge halo fan here. I own every game and every book. Can't get enough of the halo universe!! So many great stories. Just really hate those dang prometheans 😁
  • I love the Promethians. They are ironically the life blood of the universes story as you probably know from the books etc.
  • I like the Prometheans in the universe and their story. I just don't enjoy fighting them, esp on legendary :)
  • I hear you. They are rock solid. Hahaha.
  • I actually prefer the new trilogy to the first one. However i loved halo 1-3 also.
  • Excellent! One more reason to get the X1X!!!!
  • Yessss!!
  • It's funny to see how for 4 years many of these people's priority wasn't resolution. It was all about gameplay.
    Now, it's all about higer resolution... lol
    They are willing to spend another 500 bucks for that. 
  • The resolution is nice. But for me I'm super happy that so many developers are upping the actual visuals massively. 343 have said they will announce more closer to the One X release. So I fully expect 4K textures, lighting, draw distance, effects etc etc to all be hugely bettered. Just like Bethesda have said they are 4King all there existing and future titles for One X as well as making the visuals ultra settings like the PC version. Titles like Ark Survival on One X having double the frame rate over Ps4 Pro and with Epic Settings on One X as opposed to medium settings on PS4 Pro. F1 2017 is confirmed 4K 60fps, but also has ultra pc settings on One X. One X gamers are getting so much more than a simple res upgrade. They are getting high end pc visuals to boot. Lots of announcements have been made from various developers in the last few weeks. Exciting times for console gamers.
  • LOL just admit it. Since its MS's console you and other MS/XB fans are hyping it up. If ultra setting, framerate and resolution was really the priority you guys would have been on PC. 
    And even if you bring the console argument, if you guys really cared that much on performance you would have all been mostly gaming on the more powerful console since 2013.  Like I said in the past. Most people in these comments excited and hyped about this are XB fans and mostly gamed on the weaker console. For me, it's about brand loyality more than anyting else. Just admit it... 
  • I'd like to see a full port for pc with Xbox play anywhere support.
    ...One can only hope though....