Halo 5's free Hammer Storm update is live with new map, Assault mode and more

Halo 5: Guardians has a new free update available for download. Players of the Xbox One sci-fi shooter can grab the update, Hammer Storm, which includes a number of new features.

One of them is a new space-based Arena map called Torque. It also includes Assault, a classic multiplayer mode that is finally making its Halo 5 debut:

"The objective of Assault is simple – Take the ball to the enemy's goal to score. It's important to take down enemies to gain control before rushing for the ball, located in a neutral position on the map. Remember, you'll be unable to shoot when holding the ball, but that doesn't mean you'll be completely defenseless. One melee is all that's required to take down your foes with the ball, and carriers are equipped with two thrust charges to close the distance fast! Take down enemies, secure the ball, and march into opponent's base to score points – this is Assault."

Another fan favorite mode, Grifball, is included in the Hammer Storm update, which was first inspired by one of the characters in the Halo-based machinima series Red vs Blue:

"Players spawn on opposite sides of an open court and must smash and slice their way through opponents to score the Grifball which spawns in the center. Grifball carriers turn the color orange to be spotted more easily and of course to resemble Red Vs Blue's most beloved loud-mouth, Grif!"

Two more classic Halo weapons are added in the update; the trustworthy pistol from the original Halo: Combat Evolved game and the Gravity Hammer that first appeared in Halo 2. In addition there are two new Storm Rifle variants, new weapons skins, new REQ drops, two new character stances and lots of other improvements and bug fixes.

Source: Microsoft

John Callaham