The Halo Channel makes its Windows 8.1 app debut today

Just a few days after the launch of The Halo Channel app for the Xbox One, Microsoft has now released a version of the app for Windows 8.1 PC owners, allowing them to go deep into the fictional sci-fi game universe that's the cornerstone of Microsoft's gaming division.

Users will be able to find out a ton about the Halo backstory, along with all the games in the series. It also contains acceess to live action features, including the new multi-part Halo: Nightfall. Here's a quick look at its features:

  • Live and Timely Content – Original programming and entertainment, timely Halo news and live events, eSports, and Twitch integration will keep content fresh and relevant.
  • Interactive and Sharable – Interact with a personalized viewing experience, social sharing, and a best-in-class video platform.
  • Rewarding – Unlock exclusive in-game content for upcoming Halo titles by watching original Halo programming and entertainment, participating in interactive polls or trying your hand at trivia.
  • Multiplatform Access - Sync Windows 8.1 devices to your Xbox One, and use it as a controller or a second screen. Begin your viewing experience on one screen and seamlessly continue it on another.

Halo Channel

The app is being launched as a companion of sorts to the new Xbox One game Halo: The Master Chief Collection. Let us know how you feel about both the game and the app in the comments.

John Callaham