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Halo Infinite
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Halo has traditionally had very lackluster boss encounters, but with the Halo Infinite campaign that is no longer the case. The game's bosses are enjoyable to fight thanks to well-designed encounters, and like any good boss, each of Halo Infinite's offer up a healthy challenge for the Master Chief to overcome. Some of the bosses can be quite difficult to take down, even for experienced Halo players — especially on harder difficulties like Heroic and Legendary.

Warning: Spoilers for Halo Infinite's campaign follow, so proceed with caution!

Thankfully, we're here to help, whether you're struggling to get past a particular boss or just want to go into each fight prepared. Here's a guide to each Halo Infinite boss fight that includes an overview of each boss' attacks and behaviors, recommendations for weapons and equipment, and effective strategies.

Halo Infinite Boss Guide: Tremonius

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Tremonius is the first boss you encounter in Halo Infinite, but that doesn't mean he won't put up a good fight. In fact, it's very easy to die to Tremonius if you stay out in the open for too long, as his Hydra can do lots of damage very quickly. Therefore, try to weave in and out of cover while shooting him to stay relatively safe while whittling down his shields and health. Occasionally, Tremonius will pull out a Bulldog shotgun and attempt to rush you by jumping forward with his jetpack. If this happens, back off from Tremonius as quickly as possible (ideally by using the Grappleshot). If he's not able to stay close to you, he'll usually go back to using his Hydra from afar.

Note that Tremonius is accompanied by two Major Jackals in this fight. Take them out as soon as you can, as the chip damage they inflict will make Tremonius' attacks more effective. They don't usually stay near Tremonius, so they won't be too difficult to kill.

Unlike most normal Brutes, Tremonius has energy shields. Therefore, using a plasma weapon to break them quickly levels the playing field. Follow up with kinetic damage from weapons like the Assault Rifle to do good damage to his health. You can also use shock weapons to stun him, opening him up for further damage.

Halo Infinite Boss Guide: Chak 'Lok

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Chak 'Lok is Halo Infinite's second boss, and he's much tougher than Tremonius due to his ruthless aggression, high agility, and cloaking device. He attacks you by going invisible and then rushing you from a flank with his Energy Sword. His swings can be dodged by jumping, though if you jump too early or too late, he'll still hit you. Chak 'Lok will also occasionally shoot a Pulse Carbine at you, which will decimate your shields if you don't strafe to avoid his fire. Sometimes he will also throw Plasma Grenades.

There aren't many spare weapons in the arena you can use, but there's an overabundance of shock coils that you can throw at Chak 'Lok. It's the most effective takedown, as the coils will stun him and do good damage to his shields and health. Once his shields are down, use a kinetic weapon for maximum health damage if you have one.

Note that both the Grappleshot and the Threat Sensor are useful in this fight; the Grappleshot makes it easier to get out of the range of Chak 'Lok's Energy Sword, while the Threat Sensor can help you keep track of where he is while he's cloaked. Try and stick the Threat Sensor to Chak 'Lok himself, as it will continuously reveal his location.

Halo Infinite Boss Guide: Bassus

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Like Chak 'Lok, the Brute Chieftain Bassus proves extremely aggressive. Unlike Chak 'Lok, though, Bassus completely forgoes stealth and chooses to rush you down with his Gravity Hammer instead. If you see a strike from Bassus incoming, jump as he brings the hammer down to avoid most of the damage. Then, use the Grappleshot to constantly put more distance between you, whilst hitting him with plasma weapons to knock out his shield.

Once his shield is down, switch to a kinetic weapon for excellent health damage. You can also use shock weapons and Dynamo grenades during any part of this fight to stun Bassus, giving you several seconds to pump as much damage into him as possible. Since Bassus' movements are straightforward and easy to predict, sticking him with Plasma Grenades and Spike Grenades is also recommended as doing so is easy and inflicts significant amounts of damage.

Halo Infinite Boss Guide: Adjutant Resolution

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You'll fight this boss two times during the campaign, but the fight is largely the same both times. Unlike previous bosses that have been very aggressive, this Forerunner Monitor is fairly passive and prefers to fire various explosives at you from afar with his large Sentinel-shaped mech. Therefore, the best way to fight Adjutant Resolution is to damage his glowing weakspots from afar while moving in and out of cover. Alternatively, you can get close with a close-range weapon and hit him several times, then quickly move away as he "stomps" the ground beneath him.

Since Adjutant Resolution's mech is so big, using Plasma and Spike Grenades against him is an easy and effective way to deal large chunks of damage. Note that both Frag and Dynamo Grenades are ineffective.

Most of Adjutant Resolution's attacks aren't too deadly, but the two you need to look out for are his laser attacks and the rockets he fires from his mech's lower arms. Both of these attacks do huge damage to your shields and health, and they can kill you near-instantly on Heroic and Legendary. If you see him preparing these attacks, get in cover and wait for them to end before coming out again.

Halo Infinite Boss Guide: Tovarus and Hyperius

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These Brute brothers are part of the Banished's "Spartan Killer" trio, and if you're not careful, they'll prove they're deserving of that name when they fight you. Tovarus wields a Scrap Cannon and peppers the player from afar with its stream of explosive rounds, while Hyperius attacks with a modified Brute Chopper that sports more armor, deadlier cannons with a higher rate of fire, and unique golden color. Both of them are also supported by nearby Banished troops that consist of Grunts and some low-ranking Brutes.

Killing the regular enemies nearby makes this fight easier, freeing up your time to focus on the bosses. Once they're dead, try and find an anti-vehicle weapon to take out Hyperius and his Brute Chopper. There are a few Skewers in the area you fight the Tovarus and Hyperius in, and they'll make short work of Hyperius if your aim is true.

With Hyperius out of the way, it's time to take Tovarus down. We recommend whittling his shield down with plasma weapons while in cover to reduce how effective his Scrap Cannon is. Once his shields are down, use any heavy weapons you can find to take out chunks of his health until he falls. If you can't find any heavy weapons, kinetic ones are the next best option.

Halo Infinite Boss Guide: Jega 'Rdomnai

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The third Spartan Killer, Jega 'Rdomnai, is essentially Chak 'Lok on steroids. With his custom Energy Sword, special attack combos, lightning-fast movement, invisibility cloak, and massive shield and health bar, Jega 'Rdomnai is easily one of the deadliest bosses in the entire game. We recommend bringing a plasma weapon into the fight so you can take down his shields as fast as possible, though it will still take some time since they're so strong.

Like Chak 'Lok, Jega often tries to attack from a flank angle while cloaked and rip you apart before you can react. To counter this, turn on your flashlight (the room he fights you in is dimly lit) and keep an eye out for the shimmer of Jega's cloak. When he attacks, either jump or Grappleshot to avoid his strikes, then deal some damage. After a few seconds, Jega will cloak and retreat.

Once Jega's shield is down, switch to a kinetic weapon and deal as much damage to his health as you can between his attacks. You can also melee him for decent chunks of health damage between his combo animations, though this does put you at risk once he recovers.

Halo Infinite Boss Guide: War Chief Escharum

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Escharum is Halo Infinite's primary antagonist, and he's also one hell of a boss fight. Like Tovarus, he uses a Scrap Cannon. However, Escharum's has a modification that pushes the player back and makes it harder to move freely, which means that you'll probably die if you get caught out in the open while fighting. Stick to cover and do as much damage to him as you can with kinetic weapons.

Periodically, Escharum will activate a shield that you can't pierce through normal means. Avoid his fire until The Weapon exposes one of the cores that's powering the shield, then destroy it to take the shield down. Rinse and repeat two more times until Escharum's shield is gone for good. Note that while you're waiting on The Weapon, the hallways around the central arena are filled with various types of weapons that you can use if your current ones run out of ammo.

At this point, Escharum will become extremely aggressive like Bassus and will rush the player down with his Gravity Hammer in a last-ditch effort to take you down. Constantly move away from Escharum with the Grappleshot while dealing as much damage as possible with your weapons, taking care to jump whenever he does a slam attack with his hammer. Keep this up until he finally falls, defeated.

Halo Infinite Boss Guide: The Harbinger

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Halo Infinite's final boss is The Harbinger, but don't worry — she's considerably easier than the likes of Jega 'Rdomnai and Escharum. She attacks by rapidly teleporting around and then closing the distance for a deadly swipe with her energy blade. This attack can do huge damage, but it's also easy to avoid as long as you're moving away from her when she comes in for a killing blow. Between teleports, hit her with the Cindershot weapons you can find in her boss arena to blast through her shields and do some big health damage.

After you hurt her, The Harbinger will retreat into a shield and spawn some generic Banished enemies on both sides of the arena. Get into cover and pick them off until they're all dead, which is when The Harbinger will emerge from her shield to fight you once again. Repeat this process two more times to defeat her.

The Halo Infinite campaign is available now for $60 on Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One, and Windows PCs. It's one of the best Xbox shooters ever made, so you should definitely pick it up and give it a shot.

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