Halo Infinite campaign to support 2-player split-screen, 4-player online coop

Halo Infinite
Halo Infinite (Image credit: Xbox Game Studios)

What you need to know

  • Halo Infinite's campaign will support two-player local split-screen and four-player online cooperative play, according to Jerry Hook, 343 Industries head of design.
  • That follows the absence of split-screen from the last mainline entry, Halo: 5 Guardians.

Halo Infinite continues to target a launch later this year, with its new 8-minute gameplay reel providing our first look into Microsoft's latest vision for its story campaign. The newest footage, revealed at the latest Xbox Games Showcase, highlights a new open-world sandbox headed into the next-generation, with heavy influence from the earliest franchise entries since 2001.

Halo Infinite can be experienced alone or with friends via the return of local split-screen, and online cooperative play. 343 Industries head of design, Jerry Hook, has clarified that the campaign supports four players online, with up to two players on the same screen. The status of the Halo Infinite multiplayer remains unclear at this time.

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Microsoft envisions Halo Infinite as a long-term platform, with future updates to support the title over the years to come. The gameplay debut has highlighted various planned campaign changes, including an upgrade-based progression system, and a new faction of weapons to explore. It couples with its new open-world approach, with inspiration from the early hours of Halo: Combat Evolved and its lengthy, open environments to explore.

While Halo Infinite will launch alongside the new Xbox Series X, Microsoft has also confirmed its release on Xbox One and PC this holiday — including Steam and the Microsoft Store.

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  • and what of the local multiplayer?
  • It's two player local split screen...did you mean LAN? 😅
  • No, I'm referring to 4 player custom games etc, as with reach (the best halo ever made in respect to multiplayer)
  • Good! Should have never been removed in the first place. Hopefully it doesn't have the stupid apsect ratio where you get the black bars on the sides. I think that trend started with Halo 3.
  • What this article doesn't say is that they previously said they will support 4-player split screen.
    https://www.ign.com/articles/2018/12/20/halo-infinite-confirms-4-player-... Just like they did with Halo 5 where they initially promised 4-player split screen, then some months before release they said they could only do 2-player split screen and finally had no split screen. I think unlike Halo 5 they'll have 2 player split screen but this reminds me so much of Halo 5. Going back on their word and delay feature Ray Tracing just because they NEED to release it this year. This is 343 launching the game incomplete because they NEED to launch a game to promote the new console. And even if it means removing feature that was promised and another feature that was suppose to show what the new console was capable of doing. And it's the second time they are doing something like this. I think we as gamers should know what we want. Most of the time when a game gets delayed we say it's better this way because we rather want a complete game. Many big studios don't mind pushing the game so that it can provide a finished game. I guess 343 I different.
  • This is specifically for CAMPAIGN... not certain, but I fully assume multi-player will have 4 player split screen. That is where most people will use it anyhow. Campaign maps are much larger and more difficult to get 4 player. Especially with open world.