Halo Infinite will feature TV series content in the future

Halo TV Series
Halo TV Series (Image credit: Microsoft / Paramount+)

What you need to know

  • The Halo TV show recently launched on Paramount+.
  • According to a new interview, Halo Infinite multiplayer will be getting cosmetics from the Halo TV series at some point in the future.
  • Developer 343 Industries is currently working on Halo Infinite Season 2 and delayed features like the co-op campaign.

Halo Infinite will be getting content from the Halo TV series at some point in the future, 343 Industries has confirmed.

Speaking with the Washington Post, 343 Industries community director Brian Jarrard confirmed that in the future, there will be crossovers with content from the TV show making its way into Halo Infinite multiplayer.

"We will have some content that is inspired by the show that will be coming out in the game a little bit further down the road," Jarrard said. He went on to add that the developers want to see "cross-pollination" between the show and game, with fans of one checking out the other.

Even prior to the release of the Halo TV show, the multiplayer for Halo Infinite introduced the idea of non-canon cosmetics through "Fracture" events, establishing alternate Halo timelines. The Halo TV show takes place in the so-called Silver Timeline, with two episodes released so far. We enjoyed the action of the first episode, though the second episode was a bit slow.

343 Industries is currently working on Halo Infinite Season 2, Lone Wolves, which drops on May 3, 2022 with some new maps and modes. Further out, the team is working on multiple delayed features like campaign co-op and Forge mode, which are slated to drop at some point during Season 2 and Season 3, respectively.

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