Halo Infinite getting a battle-royale lite game mode called 'Last Spartan Standing'

Halo Infinite
Halo Infinite (Image credit: Xbox Game Studios)

What you need to know

  • Halo Infinite soon receives its second season of post-launch content, bringing new maps and modes to its free-to-play multiplayer offerings.
  • The multiplayer has been criticized for a generally weak offering of new content as of late, sparking frustration among its community.
  • Keen Halo watchers on Twitter have unearthed new details on the upcoming battle royale-like mode "Last Spartan Standing," expected to debut alongside Season 2.

One of the prevailing topics of discourse around Halo Infinite right now is the lack of new content. As a free-to-play live service game, Halo Infinite started strong out of the gate but has been lackluster ever since, with players abandoning the game in droves for more mature services. Steam stats are down, alongside viewership numbers across networks like Twitch, with developer 343i themselves conceding that the community's patience is running thin.

It seems that a new mode may be on the way to satisfy appetites in the interim, though. The Halo watchers over at @Delta_Hub noticed that if you run the game in Offline mode, the game dispalys a new feature dubbed BTB: Last Spartan Standing, which seems to be the upcoming free for all mode based on Big Team Battle.

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Last Spartan Standing was first announced alongside Halo Infinite Season 2 Lone Wolves back in March, but if it's already appearing within the custom game's section, we should learn more soon. Exactly how it plays is unclear, but from the game's description, it seems like a cross between a battle royale and a gun game, where you're afforded better gear for killing other players, with the goal of being the last player standing. We expect the mode to drop sometime in May alongside the Season 2 release.

I've heard previous rumors that a much bigger battle royale-like mode is on the way, developed by Certain Affinity and codenamed Tatanka, which will launch much later on. Last Spartan Standing may scratch the battle royale itch for some in the interim, but it may also do little to quell requests for new maps and other new content the game's community is anxious for.

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  • So instead of addressing all the stuff that people have been complaining about, they're adding a mode that nobody wants. Wonderful. Who was it at 343/Xbox that said, "The only B.R. in Halo will be Battle Rifle?"
  • I saw this coming since Halo Infinite is a ‘live service’ game. ‘Live service’ or any ‘games as a service’ relies heavily on active user numbers to sell content over long stretches of time. (Also why single player content is often stripped to be sold later on as part of a service) It should not be a surprise to anyone that content is given priority over fixing fundamental things, to keep players “engaged” and to justify ‘live service’ games. The thing is Halo Infinite’s active player numbers have dropped massively earlier this year anyway, for any normal predominately offline/strong single player component game that is not a problem and is normal, but is a death knell to ‘live service/Games as a service’. Games as goods >>> Games as services. I’m not against multiplayer games, in fact multiplayer games can be better IF: P2P, LAN and Split screen were to make a comeback over corporate servers and services. + free + can be played “offline” or without an Internet + more flexible, doesn’t require authentication (unless you want it too) + don’t need anti-cheat software that bogs down game performance - because you can just play with friends and people you know (if they cheat are they really your friends :P) +you’re not bombarded with adds, microtransactions, lootboxes, NFTs, cryptogaming and all other manner of monetizing BS The argument for online only/authentication is needed to stop piracy is BS, pirates are going to pirate and this has been going on decades long before these corporate services came around. What ‘live service’ oriented, authentication/online only etc actually does is drive more people towards piracy.
  • Looking forward to this Battle Royale mode tbh. Hope the map is different and bigger as well. Heck they should have it in a section of the ring the campaign is set in.