Halo Infinite multiplayer broken down by 343 Industries in new video

Halo Infinite
Halo Infinite (Image credit: Xbox Game Studios)

A day after Halo Infinite's multiplayer gameplay was revealed at the Xbox E3 2021 show, 343 Industries took to YouTube in a new video to give a provide a broad, yet deep overview of Halo Infinite's multiplayer offerings. The video focused on how Halo Infinite is respecting the franchise's legacy by ensuring that the game has a sandbox-driven experience, yet will also feel fresh thanks to the new and innovative pickups (broadly referred to as "equipment") that players can use creatively in battle to turn the tide.

The new Warthog-like Razorback vehicle was also shown off, and players will be able to place weapons and objectives in a strorage compartment in the Razorback's rear, which is awesome. The dynamic vehicle damage system that allows players to damage and destroy specific parts of vehicles, such as tires, was also shown off. 343 Industries also showcased how during Big Team Battle matches, weapons and vehicles will be delivered to the battlefield via Pelican dropships and drop pods, making the battle feel more lively and active.

The developers also gave fans a look at Halo Infinite's player customization systems that allow players to customize everything about their Spartan, including every piece of their armor, their armor effects and emblems, their body type, and their voice. Players will even be able to use prosthetic limbs and a customizable AI companion that speaks during combat, which is awesome. Notably, examples of the game's customization system can be found on the official Xbox page for Halo Infinite. Vehicles will have a large amount of available customizations as well, which is a welcome surprise.

The developers then confirmed that Halo Infinite will allow you to unlock new customizations by progressing through a seasonal Halo Infinite battle pass, much like Halo: The Master Chief Collection's current unlock system. These will be paid, but players will be able to buy previous battle passes if they want to unlock older pieces of content. Players will be able to progress these through playing the game, and there are no loot boxes.

Source: 343 Industries (Image credit: Source: 343 Industries)

Lastly, the developers talked about Halo Infinite's brand new "Academy" mode that allows players to learn how to play the game and hone their skills by practicing against AI-controlled bots. This system has been implemented to help new players grasp the Halo series' weapon mechanics and multiplayer terminology so that they can prepare themselves before jumping in.

Overall, I think everything shown during the video was great. What do you think? Let me know. Hopefully, Halo Infinite will be one of the best Xbox games ever. We're looking forward to getting our hands on it when it comes to Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One consoles, and Windows 10 (and Windows 11) PCs later this year. You can preorder the game now for $60, but keep in mind that if you're only interested in the multiplayer, it will be completely free-to-play. There's also a Halo Infinite beta coming in Summer 2021 you can sign up for (check our guide on how to sign up for Halo Infinite's beta for more details).

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