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Halo Infinite beta adds new 'Behemoth' map, features vehicles and more

Halo Infinite Multiplayer
Halo Infinite Multiplayer (Image credit: Xbox Game Studios)

What you need to know

  • The second Halo Infinite technical preview is in full swing right now, focusing on the training academy and Arena game modes.
  • For the third (and final) day of the first week. 343 Industries has added a brand-new map to the Halo Infinite playlist.
  • The new 'Behemoth' map features the first vehicles we've seen in Halo Infinite's technical preview, but is still a 4v4 Arena map.
  • The new map returns vehicles to Arena for the first time in years, and is now available in Slayer and CTF game modes.

As we enter the third, and final, day of the second Halo Infinite beta's first week, 343 Industries is shaking things up by adding an all-new map to the mix. The Behemoth map was previously shown off by 343i, but is now officially available to play in Halo Infinite's technical preview. The map is still an Arena location, meaning it'll pit teams of four against each other, but it's notable in that it marks the return of vehicles to this smaller form factor.

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Vehicles haven't really been seen in Arena game modes since the age of Halo 3, so it's interesting that 343i is returning them to smaller and more intimate maps as well as Big Team Battle (which is the feature of the second week of this technical preview). Behemoth is available in the Halo Infinite playlist in both Slayer and Capture the Flag game modes, and features several Halo Infinite vehicles like the classic Warthog and the Ghost.

Behemoth joins yesterday's additions of Capture the Flag and Strongholds game modes, which are also here to stay. As Big Team Battle is the focus of next week's round of testing, it's not clear if Behemoth will stick around, but the chances are good.

If you want to ensure you don't miss a beat with Halo Infinite's technical preview, we have the full schedule and matchmaking times to help you keep track. There are plenty of known issues and bugs to look out for, but that seemingly hasn't kept players from having a blast, as the community reception has been overwhelmingly positive.

In case you missed it, 343i is giving more players a chance to join the Halo Infinite technical preview next week, meaning you may still have a chance to play what could be one of this year's best Xbox games early, even if you missed out this weekend.

Zachary Boddy
Zachary Boddy

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  • I'm shocked how bad the game runs on older hardware.... They really need to optimize the hell out of it.
  • Did you change the video settings from quality to performance and restart? Might fix the issues on last Gen.