Halo Infinite Rocket Warthog TrailerSource: Xbox Game Studios (screenshot)

Halo games are always about the sandbox, filled with different things like vehicles to play around with. 343 Industries' upcoming title Halo Infinite is no exception, with a number of returning vehicles. We're keeping track of every vehicle we know of so far that players can utilize, across both the campaign and the accompanying list of maps in the free-to-play multiplayer suite.

List of Halo Infinite vehicles

It's worth keeping in mind that Halo Infinite is being built as a platform, meaning that post-launch there will be different seasons bringing new content. In addition to the lists of weapons, and variety of equipment, it's fair to expect that new vehicles will also be introduced over time. These could include past vehicles from various Halo games, or entirely new machines and variants of existing craft.


Halo Infinite Banshee ConceptSource: Xbox Game Studios

The Banshees that dominate the local Banished occupation fleet have been thoroughly optimized to increase armor and combat durability, but also to maintain the base chassis' core performance aptitude.

The Banshee is an aerial vehicle that's been usable by players since Halo: Combat Evolved. It's extremely maneuverable, capable of boosting its speed, and doing flips and barrel rolls. Uniquely, the Banshee is equipped with two guns: a rotary plasma cannon like the Ghost and a Fuel Rod Cannon "heavy" gun for targeting vehicles.


Halo Infinite Chopper ConceptSource: Xbox Game Studios

The shared knowledge of six disparate clans contributed to the refined and imposing Chopper design that now permeates the Banished ranks. Its raw firepower and visceral locomotion provide their forces with the perfect tool for both breaching and demoralizing any enemy presence.

The Brute Chopper returns, now in Banished flavor. This vehicle first appeared in Halo 3 but outside of showing up in the Halo Wars games, it hasn't been a part of the Halo vehicle roster until now. The front-facing armor protects the driver, making it perfect for tight turns and brutal vehicular manslaughter.


Halo Infinite Ghost ConceptSource: Xbox Game Studios

Fast to produce and easy to maintain and optimize, the AV-49 has seen increased widespread use in environments and scenarios where versatility and low-profile operations are at a premium.

The Ghost has been in every Halo game since Halo: Combat Evolved in 2001. It's a lightweight, extremely maneuverable vehicle. It's not the most heavily armored nor does it pack the biggest guns, but it is extremely fast. This version is a Banished variant, with a bulky front capable of ramming foes on the field.


This is a variant of the Mongoose that has twin machine guns strapped to the front. It's incredibly lightweight, but a skilled driver can stay ahead of enemy fire while dishing out damage. The light nature of it makes getting a vehicular manslaughter kill difficult but not impossible.


The Mongoose was introduced with Halo 3 as a lightweight ATV that can dash across the battlefield. It has space for carrying a friend, so clever teamwork can turn it into a glass cannon heavy weapons platform. The driver and rider are exposed, however, and the Mongoose won't hold up to sustained firepower.


Halo Infinite Razorback ConceptSource: Xbox Game Studios

Originally a specialized offshoot of the traditional Warthog, the latest Razorback model is the result of a robust design study that incorporated learnings from rigorous testing programs on several virtually uncharted worlds. Even without onboard weapon systems installed, the up-armored design and increased payload capacity makes the Razorback an equally viable option on the battlefield alongside its more ubiquitous porcine cousin.

The Razorback is a new variant of the Warthog, though it's similar to the troop transport version of the vehicle that was in Halo 3. In addition to the obvious extra passenger space, it's more heavily armored, meaning it won't be as prone to becoming a brief, gorgeous fireball as the regular Warthog.

Rocket Warthog

Halo Infinite Rocket Warthog TrailerSource: Xbox Game Studios (screenshot)

The Rocket Warthog is, frankly, self-explanatory. It's a regular three-Spartan Warthog except that now, the machine gun in the back has been replaced with twin rocket launchers. It's less precise, but more prone to reducing enemies into smoldering craters.


Halo Infinite Scorpion ImageSource: Xbox Game Studios (screenshot)

The Scorpion is the iconic Halo tank. It features several dozen tons of armor and a heavy cannon, so it's capable of surviving rocket hits and turning anything lighter than another tank into melted slag. For obvious reasons, it's usually only available in Big Team Battle modes on larger maps.


Halo Infinite Warthog ImageSource: Xbox Game Studios (screenshot)

The Warthog is perhaps the most iconic vehicle in all of the Halo franchise. A lightly armored vehicle with a machine gun and passenger seat, it's good for scouting, taking on infantry, stealing a flag from the enemy, or mowing down Grunts. It doesn't excel at any particular task, but it's pretty solid at everything, making it a good choice for practically anything.


Halo Infinite Wasp ConceptSource: Xbox Game Studios

Fast to produce and easy to maintain and optimize, the AV-49 has seen increased widespread use in environments and scenarios where versatility and low-profile operations are at a premium.

The Wasp is an aerial UNSC vehicle first included with Halo 5: Guardians. Unlike the Hornet from Halo 3, it includes light shields, making it slightly more protected from small-arms fire.


Halo Infinite Wraith ImageSource: Xbox Game Studios (screenshot)

A Covenant tank introduced in Halo: Combat Evolved and playable in starting in Halo 2, the Wraith is a heavily armored platform with an arcing plasma mortar cannon. It requires more careful shots than the Scorpion, but thanks to the arcing blast, it can also reach behind cover.

More to come

Halo Infinite multiplayer is currently available right now on Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One, and PC. The accompanying campaign mode is set to launch on Dec. 8, 2021. You can preorder Halo Infinite right now, though note that like all Xbox first-party games, it'll also launch into Xbox Game Pass.

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