Halo Infinite Behemoth ImageSource: Xbox Game Studios

343 Industries' Halo Infinite is promising to provide an epic multiplayer suite, with new and returning gameplay modes and maps for players to explore. As such, we're tracking all the maps we know about right now, so that players can be sure about where they'll be spending time online in what could be one of the best Xbox games available. Here's the complete list of maps in Halo Infinite, as announced and in the game so far.

List of maps in Halo Infinite

So far, there are 10 maps in Halo Infinite, three of which 343 Industries has put out for public testing in the Halo Infinite multiplayer beta test. The existing two are expected to surface in future tests around its Big Team Battle (BTB) mode, newly revamped with support for 24-player matches.


Halo Infinite Aquarius ImageSource: Windows Central

One of the launch maps for Halo Infinite; it's an Arena map.


Halo Infinite Bazaar ImageSource: Xbox Game Studios

The East African Protectorate's plan to rebuild the glassed urban core of Mombasa was ambitious and expensive, but Project Rebirth investment by the UEG and UNSC activity at the nearby Voi Excession has revitalized some sections of the metropolis.

One of the three maps included in the first technical preview, Bazaar is set in the same spot as a portion of the Halo 2 campaign. In our experience, the market square makes for a contested, chaotic brawling arena, with a SPNKr Rocket Launcher available for dealing out serious damage. Threat Sensors also shine here, with a dense network of rooms flanking either side of the market, making it crucial to understand the location of foes.


Halo Infinite Behemoth ImageSource: Xbox Game Studios

It has survived for a hundred millennia, but this ring still holds fast to secrets yet unknown.

Behemoth is a larger map, suited for massive engagements despite being an Arena map. Numerous vehicles like the Ghost, Warthog, and new Wasp aircraft are all present, making for a deadly sandbox when combined with dangerous weapons like the one-hit kill, Warthog-flipping Skewer.


Halo Infinite Deadlock ImageSource: Windows Central

Deadlock is a Big Team Battle match included at the launch of Halo Infinite.


Halo Infinite Fragmentation ImageSource: Xbox Game Studios

Now more than ever, Installation 07's serene surface belies a deeper strain and conflict.

Fragmentation is another larger map. The architecture, terrain, and overall basic layout appear to make it something of a spiritual successor to Valhalla from Halo 3. The Warthog, Banshee, and Wasp have all been spotted here in pre-release trailers, alongside a new Brute weapon called the Stalker.


Halo Infinite Highpower ImageSource: Windows Central

Another map included at the launch of Halo Infinite, Highpower is a Big Team Battle map.

Launch Site

Halo Infinite Launch Site ImageSource: Windows Central

Launch Site is an Arena map that debuted at the launch of Halo Infinite.

Live Fire

Halo Infinite Live Fire ImageSource: Xbox Game Studios

Instructors at the Avery J. Johnson Academy of Military Science ensure their Spartans are prepared for any challenge that a hostile galaxy throws at them.

As the first map available to players in testing, Live Fire features numerous smaller pathways and multiple Drop Shield equipment spawns, allowing chokepoints to develop across the map. A Sniper Rifle and Skewer alternate spawning in the middle, close to an elevated vantage point with high visibility. That visibility goes both ways though. Knowing the weapon spawn locations is key to controlling this map, as is constant movement, given various tight paths and open spaces.


Halo Infinite Recharge ImageSource: Xbox Game Studios

Resource infrastructure facilities such as those run by Axys' hydroelectric division help maintain stable energy grids for colony worlds throughout the UEG.

The second map tested by players selected for the first technical preview, Recharge is all about verticality. This map was practically made to show off the Grappleshot, with plentiful ledges for players to grab onto and use in flanking opponents. There's also an alternating Gravity Hammer and Energy Sword spawn depending on the map variant. Using the physics of the game, clever players can actually bring this weapon over to them from its plinth with a well-placed Plasma Grenade throw or Grappleshot.


Halo Infinite Streets ImageSource: Windows Central

Another Arena map that made it in at the launch of Halo Infinite.

Growing platform

Halo Infinite will continue to grow over time, with more maps added post-launch. There'll also be a variety of weapons, vehicles, and a host of equipment from which to choose, which may also change as some are introduced to the sandbox in the seasons ahead. 343 Industries has noted that the team doesn't want to do straight-up remakes of maps, instead preferring to have "spiritual successors."

Progression is garnered through the different Battle Passes across different seasons, but there's no fear of missing out to be found. 343 Industries confirms that every Halo Infinite Battle Pass will always be available in the game, and players who take a break can choose what to put their experience towards first, so you're not missing a ton of cool cosmetics.

Halo Infinite is currently scheduled to launch at some point in Holiday 2021 for Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One, and PC. The multiplayer portion of the game is completely free to play on all platforms and supports 120 FPS on Xbox Series X.

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Halo Infinite

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