Halo Infinite will get a free ray tracing update after launch

Halo Infinite
Halo Infinite (Image credit: Xbox Game Studios)

What you need to know

  • It has been confirmed that Halo Infinite will recieve a free update for ray tracing following the game's launch.
  • This is part of 343's goal to evolve Halo Infinite after the game's launch.
  • You'll either need an Xbox Series X or a ray tracing-compatible PC to enjoy this feature.

In an interview with IGN, 343 Industries Studio Head Chris Lee has confirmed that Halo Infinite will recieve an update that adds ray tracing to the game sometime after launch. This is being done as part of 343 Industries' mission to evolve Halo Infinite over time, as the developer wishes for the game to act as a platform for future growth and expansion.

Ray tracing is an awesome feature that makes the lighting in games more realistic and immersive, but you'll need some special hardware in order to enjoy it. The Xbox Series X, the console that Halo Infinite is shipping with, will be able to handle ray tracing. PCs equipped with NVIDIA's RTX graphics cards are also ray tracing compatible. However, old systems like the Xbox One series of consoles will not be able to support ray tracing, so if you want to enjoy ray traced Halo Infinite, make sure to play on Xbox Series X or a properly-equipped PC.

This news came at the same time that Halo Infinite's gameplay was revealed, showcasing some of the game's brand new sandbox items and a focus on non-linear structuring. The full game is expected to launch in Holiday 2020 on Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and Windows 10 PCs.

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  • What? How is ray tracing after release evolving the game? New guns/ abilities/ mechanics would evolve the game post release. Ray tracing is supposed to be a feature/reason for this next generation, it’s what MS has been touting since the announcement of XSX. Halo should be the best looking game out the gate especially for Xbox’s premier game, color me disappointed.
  • It's coming out on the Xbox One as well. I'm kind of surprised that it won't have ray tracing at launch though given how big the game is for Microsoft. But then again 343 Industries have never been very good at getting things out in a polished manner.
  • That's how I feel. The demo should have showed ray tracing. I threw up in my mouth when I saw the lasers, crystals and bullets flying over the gun didn't reflect off it. And than I saw the staged lighting effects than swallowed the rest of the throw up than threw that it up again realizing it was staged lighting. Its a open world game. Why the heck would you not want to add real time ray tracing day one?!?! The worst part of the game launch is the character acting reflected how pissed off i'm at Master Chief. And could you stop having the nerds that create code and art design direct the acting sequences because it be whack. E B White. P.S. They probably rushed this title so they can get the younger folk in market for a first time FPS experience from Generation Alpha and Generation Z where FPS may be too violent to play.
  • It needs to have ray tracing at launch. If it isn't it makes the Series X look week and hard to code for. It's a first party title for Xbox Series X and it will not be taking advantage of the hardware at launch.
  • Did some actually expect ray tracing to be a paid update, considering how ray tracing is meant to be a feature of next-gen?