This Halo: Reach PC mod lets you play as a Hunter in Firefight

A Hunter in Halo: Reach.
A Hunter in Halo: Reach. (Image credit: Bungie/Microsoft)

Halo: Reach on PC has only been out for a short while, but Halo fans have already made a ton of amazing mod projects for the game. One such mod is the Hunter Firefight mod by Kamaitachi96, which gives the player the ability to control a fearsome Covenant Hunter in Halo: Reach's Firefight horde mode. Here's everything you need to know about the mod, including the specifics of how it works and how you can get it for yourself.

What does the mod do?

The mod in action.

Source: Kamaitachi96 on Nexus Mods (Image credit: Source: Kamaitachi96 on Nexus Mods)

This mod puts you inside the armorclad boots of a Covenant Hunter, one of the deadliest enemies in all of Halo. As a Hunter, you have high health, thick armor, a powerful Fuel Rod Cannon, and a massive shield that can be used for both blocking and swinging at enemies.

As you might expect, controlling a Hunter means that you'll be able to kill enemies much easier than if you were a regular Spartan, but there are a few minor drawbacks. For one, your hulking size and heavy weight means that your movement is slower than normal. In addition, your unarmored back is vulnerable, so make sure you don't get flanked by your opponents.

Currently, only one map, Unearthed, is supported for the mod. In addition to that, you'll be fighting Covenant enemies, as the mod author primarily just wanted to get the gameplay working properly before doing anything else.

How to get and use the mod

The mod in action.

Source: Kamaitachi96 on Nexus Mods (Image credit: Source: Kamaitachi96 on Nexus Mods)

You can download the mod from the modpage, which is here. Installing it is a fairly simple process, as all you'll need to do is replace the vanilla Unearthed map file in your game directory with the modded one. The modpage contains a concise and easy-to-follow guide on where you'll find the location of the file you need to replace on your system. Before doing that, though, I recommend creating a backup of the original file so that you don't have to redownload it should you want to play regular Firefight on Unearthed again.

It's important to note that if you own the Windows 10 Store version of Halo: Reach on PC, you don't automatically have access to the file you need to replace for the mod to work. Thankfully, though, it's not hard to change that. Make sure to follow this guide from the helpful Halo community on how to get access to your files. The installation process for this mod is identical for Windows 10 Store users, with the only difference being the specific location of your game directory.

Once you've placed the mod file in the right spot, the mod will work as long as you launch the game in Anti-Cheat DIsabled Mode. Before playing, however, you'll need to tweak some Firefight settings around to make sure everything works properly in-game. Make sure to check the modpage's description for a list of these changes to the settings.

Your thoughts

What do you think of this mod? I think it's a badass new way to play Firefight, and I would love to see the concept of playable Hunters expanded. Maybe one day in the near future modders will get this concept working in Campaign. I could also see some seriously awesome stuff being done with it in Custom Games too ⁠— imagine a "boss fight" mode where a team of Spartan players have to work together to take down a pair of player-controlled Hunters. That would be incredible.

Halo: Reach on PC is available now for $10 on both Steam and the Windows 10 Store. If you're interested in seeing more mods, check out our round-up of the 10 best Halo: Reach mods.

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