Halo: Spartan Assault coming to Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 in July!

Windows Phone has boasted Xbox Live integration from its very beginnings in 2010. The features this integration brought, such as games with Xbox Achievements, Xbox Live friends list and text messaging support, and the promise of integration with actual console games all gave Microsoft’s mobile OS a big in with hardcore Xbox 360 gamers.

One thing has long been missing though: an exclusive title that would inspire people to buy a Windows Phone just to play it. Windows Phone 8 didn’t launch with such a game last year, and in fact neither did Microsoft’s revolutionary PC and tablet OS, Windows 8. The lack of killer apps was enough to make us question Microsoft’s will to bring the company’s major franchises to its own mobile platforms.

That all changes today, because Microsoft has just officially announced Halo: Spartan Assault for Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8. That’s right: Halo, one of the most popular franchises in gaming is coming exclusively to Windows platforms next month. And both versions will be Xbox Live enabled, complete with shiny Achievements. At last, it looks like Microsoft is starting to take mobile Xbox gaming seriously.

From big screen to small

The first question Microsoft and 343 industries faced when adapting Halo for mobile devices had to be: how? Touch screen devices are intrinsically different from a game console with physical controller, to say nothing about varying levels of horsepower between Xbox 360, Windows Phone 8 devices, and Windows 8 devices.

Should the Halo creators maintain the mainline series’ first-person perspective and shooting gameplay that legions of Xbox gamers have come to know and love? It would mean stricter hardware requirements in order to maintain the expected graphical fidelity. More importantly, many mobile gamers find FPS controls too complex and unwieldy on touch screen devices.

The other option would be finding a new genre and perspective for this offshoot of the venerable series. Halo once branched out into the Real-time Strategy (RTS) genre with Xbox 360 sleeper hit Halo Wars, after all. By maintaining Halo Wars’ zoomed out third-person perspective, the developers could achieve more than acceptable visuals on a variety of mobile hardware.

Would mainstream FPS fans take to a more niche genre like RTS? Halo Wars received positive critical reviews and it didn’t tank at retail, but it hardly moved strong enough numbers to grow the Halo brand, either. So for Halo: Spartan Assault, Microsoft and 343 decided to combine Halo Wars’ look with traditional twin-stick shooter gameplay. The result is a game that looks a little different than fans are used to but still plays just like Halo.

Filling in the story

In adapting Halo to mobile platforms, 343 wanted to maintain the series’ AAA quality production values.  Halo games always feature epic science-fiction stories, even if their narratives do leave far too many gaps for books and tie-in products to fill in. Spartan Assault takes place in the time between Halo 3 and 4 when humanity still thought the mainline series protagonist Master Chief to be lost forever.

As such, the new story revolves around Commander Sarah Palmer, a character first introduced in Halo 4. Sarah was one of the first marines to enter the Spartan-IV program. In the Halo games, Spartans are genetically enhanced humans capable of wearing specially designed armor and leading humanity’s fight against hostile alien races. Joining her is Spartan Davis, a male character created specifically for this game. Microsoft won’t say anything more about Davis just yet. Maybe his first name actually is Spartan, making his participation in the program quite serendipitous.

Spartan Assault’s storyline comes to life through console-quality video cinematics as well as fully-voiced dialogue during gameplay. Players will experience Sarah Palmer’s very first mission as a Spartan soldier, back before she commanded her fellow Spartan-IV forces during Halo 4. We’ll also learn the origins of that game’s conflict with the new sect of Covenant following the end of the Human-Covenant War. You didn’t think the series’ lead antagonistic race would sit this one out, did you?


Since people play games on phones and tablets in much shorter sessions than on consoles, Spartan Assault’s level design must change by necessity. There are now 25 fast-paced levels, each of which can be completed in a single sitting. Every stage has its own unique optional challenges for players to complete. Weekly challenges (as seen in Halo Reach and Halo 4) will keep players coming back for more as well.

As I mentioned before, FPS games on touch screens carry a serious learning curve. Spartan Assault, on the other hand was designed with simplicity of controls in mind. Virtual thumbsticks control movement, aiming, and firing, just as you’d experience in twin-stick shooters like Zombies on the Phone. Secondary functions like throwing and swapping grenades, melee attacks, switching weapons, and even armor abilities are all mapped to buttons around the edges of the screen. The input simulates playing with a controller as closely as possible – without making things confusing for newcomers.

Whatever you’re used to doing in a Halo game, just about all of it shows up in Spartan Assault. Palmer and Davis can pick up and use a variety of weapons, human and Covenant alike. The alien forces take cover behind glowing energy shields that dissipate when they take enough fire. Both sides bring plenty of vehicles into the fray, including jeep-like Warthogs, Scorpion Tanks, fast-moving Ghosts, tank-like Wraiths, and even flying Banshees. Yes, players get to drive these vehicles.

Single-player assault

The one aspect of Spartan Assault likely to disappoint series fans is its complete lack of multiplayer. The omission seems to stem from Microsoft’s reluctance to include real-time multiplayer in its own Windows Phone and Windows 8 offerings. We’re told that the inability to suspend and resume games on these platforms without disrupting the multiplayer experience is the cause for that general policy. I guess nobody told them that multiplayer games like Asphalt 7 and Modern Combat 4 work just fine. Even Gameloft's upcoming Halo clone N.O.V.A. 3 will sport online multiplayer. Who expects to resume a multiplayer game after switching applications or locking the screen anyway?

On the other hand, Spartan Assault does include awesome cloud and connectivity features. Both the Windows Phone and Windows 8 games support Play/Pause/Resume, meaning players can start a game on one device and resume it on the other. No worrying about loss of save data if you switch devices with this game!

Series fans will be excited to know that Spartan Assault connects with Halo 4 in multiple ways. Experience earned in the mobile game transfers to the console game. Other mobile accomplishments will unlock emblems for customizing multiplayer characters in the big-screen game. Microsoft promises “additional integration features after launch.”

Coming soon to phone, PC and tablet

Halo: Spartan Assault comes to Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 this July. Because nobody knows Microsoft’s mobile platforms like Windows Phone Central, we can tell you exactly which devices will run Spartan Assault as well. The Windows Phone 8 game only requires 512 MB of RAM, making it compatible with low-cost handsets like the Lumia 520! And although Microsoft is pushing the Windows 8 version in a big way, Spartan Assault win run on Windows RT as well. High five, Surface RT users!

Whenever a game launches on both Windows Phone and Windows 8, the issue of payment structure arises. Historically, Microsoft fans who wanted to play titles like Skulls of the Shogun on multiple platforms had to buy each version individually. The same applies here as well. Halo: Spartan Assault is a separate $6.99 purchase on Windows Phone and Windows 8. Sure, we all want universal apps to come to the Windows ecosystem in the worst way. But $14 hardly seems like too steep a cost to play Halo on your phone, tablet, and PC.

Don't miss the rest of our Halo: Spartan Assault reveal day coverage: WPCentral takes Spartan Assault for a spin and interviews the developers and Spartan Assault through the eyes of a die-hard Halo fan.

Paul Acevedo

Paul Acevedo is the Games Editor at Windows Central. A lifelong gamer, he has written about videogames for over 15 years and reviewed over 350 games for our site. Follow him on Twitter @PaulRAcevedo. Don’t hate. Appreciate!

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  • Hallelujah, Christmas does indeed come early this year! Glad to also get some Halo love for my surface rt. Hopefully Dr. Halsey's story will be part of this game so we'll get to find out why she's in detention during Halo 4.
    I hope to hear more about this game during E3 next week!
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  • Of course the idea with any exclusive title is to attract new users from other platforms, etc.
  • This essentially has the same look as The Harvest. Which I wish would come back to WP8
  • I was thinking the exact same thing, when I first saw the screenshots/videos. Damn, The Harvest was one of the best games for WP so far. I so wish they'd port it over to WP8.
    Anyways, Halo coming to WP is great news. I would've liked it to be an FPS, tbh, but an arcade style shooter isn't bad either.
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  • ^ Office for iOS won't happen till they sort out the billing arangements this was a well publisized issue.
    Office for Android will at this stage of the relationship - will never happen
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  • They will. They already gave away one of the WP exclusives to iOS, xbox live achievements.
  • How would they "screw it up" by doing that?
  • While they will get more sales of this game (a lot more sales), they will remove another incentive for people to buy WP. There is a reason why this is announced as exclusive, to push sales of WP8.
  • Because then it wouldn't be an exclusive at all AND we need exclusive games in order to stand up. As much as everyone said the contrary that exclusivity is nonsense, I completely disagree.
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    3. Need more first party exclusives! Forza? Fable? (not that fable coin golf rubbish) Gears of War, Project Gotham etc
    I.e. Just one first party exclusive title like this isn't going to bring in gamers, need to bring in a constant flow.
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  • this reminds me of killzone liberation for the PSP which is nice because it was a fun game and worked well for the mobile platform.
  • that is so much of a coincidence as i was just about to download it for my psp for online gaming as this would be the only game left with players excluding hackers unlike resistance retribution.......would you know any other online game left for psp that's still active ?....any kinda game will do
  • Agree - Killzone Liberation was an excellent game for the PSP platform - really fit the device well.
  • Would have preferred a FPS...but will give it a look no doubt...
  • Would look horrible on this type of hardware. Glad they went in this direction.
  • Naw, Modern Combat 4 and NOVA 3 are both pretty. But this direction works fine too, especially for low memory devices.
  • I would've preferred FPS as well. It could in fact look amazing, developers for current mobile FPS games just take what worked on the original iPhone and add nicer textures and lighting. If they had gone FPS here, I'm sure they would start from the ground up making it an amazing looking and working experience.
    Though, I enjoyed Killzone back when I had a PSPgo, (I still do, but it's stored in a closet somewhere,) so I'll be picking this game up anyway.
  • In my dream I'm seeing a FPS halo with real time multiplayer and Xbox controller compatibility on wp8!
    And Forza as well !!
  • Hey hey hey, Modern Combat 4 looks fantastic and, from The videos I have seen, so does N.O.V.A 3. I would absolutely love to see a Halo FPS running with Modern Combat like graphics. I'm not too big on the third person look, I usually attach that to Gears, but I would give anything to play an actual Halo game on the go.
  • Agreed about the Gameloft games, but don't write this one off before you've tried it.
  • Oh yeah, definitely.
  • Modern combat was completely fantastic, will be doing it again no doubt. Bur not heard of nova 3 n can't find it in the store, u got a link at all pls?
  • NOVA 3 isn't out yet. We link to past stories on it within this very article though.
  • Thanks, i found a piece from May that said it was out that week... Wondered how i cud've missed it!
  • At first I was like no arcade style darn it. But after watching the video it looks very doable. I'm excited :)
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  • You didn't read the article did you? ;)
  • I was being sarcastic lol; waiting for those who didnt read the article to fall for it. 
    But, im wondering how big the game will be 
  • You are wrong!! 720, 620 and 520 can play it!! Read the article!!
  • I understand what youre saying, but we who got "better" phones want the quality... no point of making a worse game so everyone can play, that's not how it works. If you're gonna buy a phone to play with, don't buy the cheap phones. 
  • Dude, you got it wrong. You certainly have better phones like Lumia 920, 925 or 928, but Microsoft and Nokia are doing something smart here. Lumia 520, 620, and 720 are very good phones for a lower price and will be able to play this game! People will pay for the Halo brand! This is a smart move.
    With access to cheaper phone, the market for the game will be much larger!
  • Yeah I can see the younger crowd eating this up.
  • From the article: "The Windows Phone 8 game only requires 512 MB of RAM, making it compatible with low-cost handsets like the Lumia 520!"
  • I guess no one got the sarcasm. Always gotta put the "/s" lol
  • Remember, most people on the internet are idiots so the /s would have helped /s
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  • Ms please make this an annual series, it will make android and ios users green with envy
  • Yes. Now Microsoft sees the light lol
    Surprised this wasn't announced at e3. Maybe will be playable there at the Microsoft booth
  • 1. Don't release on competing platforms
    2. Need more Halo games on WP, don't stop at one!
    3. Need more first party exclusives! Forza? Fable? (not that fable coin golf rubbish) Gears of War, Project Gotham etc
    I.e. Just one first party exclusive title like this isn't going to bring in gamers, need to bring in a constant flow.
  • I wanna Forza on WP8.
  • +1000
  • AWESOME!!! Exclusivity, even better!!! Edit: Now that I've read the article, SUPER happy to see tie-ins and unlockables within Halo 4 from playing the mobile game. Too bad I'm already level 130, so I couldn't care less about XP :( but unlocking emblems will be nice :D
  • YES!
  • Yuh yuj yuh yuh yushhhhhhhhhhh
  • Game developers (Gameloft and EA Games I'm looking for you) take a note from Microsoft in how to make a great game runs in 512mb wp8 devices!!!!
  • +EOS
  • No one was expecting such a release, this will make a big change in the smartphone market
  • I am surprised that we haven't heard about a new small tablet or media player device.  With all the talk of mobile gaming vs console a device with Windows RT or WP8 would be a great way to bolster either ecosystem.  Imagine how well a Xbox branded competitor to the iPod touch would sell.  A lot of the iTouch devices owned by kids I know are starting to get long in the tooth.  Now would be the perfect time to strike as the most recent iPod is ridiculously expensive.
    This game would be the perfect one to launch a mobile game system with.
  • hmm.. folllowing the news the last 2 days should make that comment redundant
  • I don't think MS wants to pull potential buyers away from WP. I'm wiling to bet they discontinued the Zune line because they had WP planned out.
    When there are more sales numbers, and less random negativity about all things MS mobile devices they will probably look to revisiting these types of products... hopefully.
  • What will be the price for it ?
    can I play it on my lumia 520 or it'll be only available for 1 GB ram ?
    Bring subway surfers and Temple run 2 also.Common guys you can do it :-(
  • Your questions are answered in the article, give it a read, we write some fairly informative articles here at WPCentral
  • My 3rd question is not answered :-D
  • Hello! Have you read under the fifth heading?
  • That's not even a question.
  • Agreed. He only asked two questions.
  • Hey guys , was doing some work so instead of reading the whole article, asked here.
    Apologies for that.
  • Actually, you asked 3 questions and made 2 statements. Jay rightly points out all three questions were answered in the article. The last two just happen to be redundant and in the same sentence. Your closing statements were not questions. Just sayin.
  • Well - obviously you cant expect to much from the readers than :)
  • You guys need to bold some interesting parts or use TLDR, I assume only ~5% of your readers actually read all articles in full.
  • That's awfully skeptical of you. But people who visit a website and don't actually read it are their own worst enemies, and we can't help them.
  • But people who visit a website and don't actually read it, yet decide to comment on the article anyway, are their own worst enemies, and we can't help them.
  • Especially them, yes.
  • Proce: check
    Lumia 520: check
    1gb ram only: implicitly checked Yes your questions were all answered.
  • Hell yeah!!! Now if only we can get gears of war on the next set of windows phone devices with moga support. The new quad core snapdragon chips should be able to provide a decent third person experience running on unreal engine.
  • Please bring us Gears of War next.
  • Yeah the mass effect game proved cover based shooting can work on a phone so i dont see why they cant do this, can windows phone 8 run the unreal engine?
  • No Unreal Engine support yet, but the hardware is up to the task.
  • True, but Unity support is supposedly on the way.
  • support for unreal engine came a couple of months ago.
  • Source?
  • my mistake, was thinking of unity
  • Actually Unity support is in beta at the moment, I can't say any more than that as I'm under an NDA.
  • This is cool, but gaming on a touch screen sucks. To me in my own eyes, gaming should be done with physical buttons(gamepad;mice&keyboard).
  • In a lot of ways I agree, but the kind of game 343 studios have created here does work on touch screens in my opinion. Not to mention, that you should be able to plug a wired Xbox controller into a Surface RT or other Windows 8 device if you really want that experience.
  • I can't wait!!!
  • Finallllllllllllllllllly :)
  • This is actually the first real good compelling reason for me to upgrade to WP8. Now if only someone would release a 4.7" or 5.0" screen in the US.......
  • This is how you compete for gamers hearts, bring the Halo. I can't believe it took so long. Made my day though :-)
  • Halo baby don't matter what the cost I'm sold.
  • Definitely a step forward but DO need a full fledged halo game for PC!
  • Not really.
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  • This is gonna be the Most expensive game I'll ever buy if they release it in Indonesia
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  • In my oppinion we need Multiplayer for Windows Phones. Thats what brings gamers in, and thats what brings friends of gamers in.
    We also need Savegames in the Cloud and things like Plants vs Zombies could easily sync from my xbox to the Windows Phone (and the PC), so I don't have to restart over and over again.
    'Universal' Apps are my next priority, or at least something that'll give you the app on the second plattform for like half of the price or something.
    So much space for improvement (and thats just talking about games). Keep it coming Microsoft.
  • omfg I can't wait for this! SO BA!!!!!
  • So this is the big announcement Sam Sabri tweeted about??..or is something else coming?
  • This is our big announcement, yes.
  • Damn straight! This is the super awesome! I love Halo. And I love Windows Phone. So stoked. 
  • Wow .. Can't believe my eyes .. :D
  • And put that ad on tv, it is EPIC!!!
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  • I love Xbox, never really cared for Halo...but this looks awesome. I'll definitely buy this.
  • Holy crap i am actually amazed looks incredible sign me up and take my money may have to get an windows 8 tablet so i can play this on a bigger screen then my L920.
    Microsft and 343 have made me happy and i believe this will drive hardware sales big time if they keep this exclusive.
  • Could the WiFi direct controller of One work on WP and w8s ? that would be freaking awesome.
  • The W8 version will support Xbox 360 controllers in a future patch. Best we can hope for on WP8 is MOGA support, which we can't confirm.
  • Ah here's my answer lol
  • Looks really really good.  Lack of multiplayer is interesting, but not a huge turnoff for me.  Hope to see continued support from MS in the future and more games like this!
  • Looks like I'll need to start racking up some Bing credits :p
  • Yes I love Bing Rewards! We can essentially get this game for free!
  • OH this is what I've been waiting for!
  • Now only if I had a 4.8 to 5.0 inch 1080p screen to play it on;)
  • About effing time. I'll be picking this up on day one. They had just better keep this a Windows/Windows Phone exclusive. No more of this porting to iOS and Android crap.
  • Yeah, I'm agreeing with this 100%.
  • Well, guess Microsoft just gave me the reason to finally switch from wp7 to wp8. Kinda wished the game was turn based, but this is a day one buy for me.
  • Any news Paul on tommorows release?
  • Microsoft hasn't sent advance word for about a month now.
  • Ok.Many thanks!
  • Just sick! Love it!
  • The Halo exclusive + this: http://news.cnet.com/8301-10805_3-57587297-75/windows-phone-wins-5.6-percent-of-u.s-smartphone-sales/ = this: http://wmpoweruser.com/canalys-predicts-windows-phone-and-iphone-to-be-neck-and-neck-in-2017
  • For the sake of Microsoft's this better stay exclusive and not end up being ported to iOS and Android with or without achievements!
  • It's the grind for a Lumia 720 or 920 before July comes.
  • This looks great. I was beginning to lose hope. Well done 343! Halo wars was great, so interested in this use of 3rd person shooter
  • I wonder if I'll be able to use a controller with it...hmmm...(on my Surface RT, that is)
  • The xbox wired controller works with the Surface RT.
  • People have been expecting this since the WP started.  I guess it's better that it comes on better hardware.  
  • I'm happy its just I was hoping it had that Nova 3 kinda look and feel to it but better. #GreatJob
  • It's also nice to know that Android and iOS users won't be able to get this, it's exclusive to Windows 8, RT and WP8.
  • Some people are more excited about IOS and android not getting it than the game itself!
  • Why not, it's not often that WP gets something exclusive is it?
  • I'm. Crying... Holy crap I never thought this day would come....
  • No mother nduegbdjdjwing MULTIPLAYER? WHATS WRONG WITH YOU 343? ....sighs.... That's kind of important. Way to tease me with halo and then just completely ruin the concept by taking the most important aspect out of the game. Not completely thrilled.
  • Had to know this was coming... :-/
  • Dear WP God, please port Halo Combat Evolved to Windows Phone, thanks!
  • Great!! Now bring geometry wars too
  • I cannot find any offical source states it supports Windows RT. How do you know it does?
  • Because 343 Industries told us when we interviewed them, silly.
  • I asked this because they only put "Windows 8" and "Windows Phone 8" as supported platforms on the official website. Is it now software developers generally consider Windows RT as a part of Windows 8 and don't bother to specifically state it?
    I do know at least one app originally supported both x86/x64 and ARM but dropped ARM support after an update. And it isn't a hardware intensive app at all.
  • Like I said in the article, that's because MS is specifically pushing Windows 8. They seem to think it has the best chance of appealing to mainstream masses who would be interested in a Halo game. But we'll be running video proof later today. ~ ~
  • Well, I'm glad it's coming to Windows RT too (love my Surface RT), but it also bothered me that they advertised it as Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 only. By conflating Windows 8 and Windows RT, they are only adding to the confusion that most mainstream consumers have. They need to either start advertising RT as well (like, by listing it as coming to Windows 8, Windows RT, and Windows Phone 8), or better yet, change the name of Windows RT to Windows Tablet 8. By pretending RT doesn't exist, they're not really helping make a case for RT existing. What they really  need to do is make it possible for Windows RT devices to run Windows Phone 8 software. That would encourage development even more and make Windows RT rather appealing in that it could run most Windows 8 software and Windows Phone 8 software.
  • Getting it!
  • InstaSnapVine who? Ha! Now WinPhone has a title that "they" can't get. I hope they market this ad nauseum, as this could really drive sales. XBox branding has largely been seen as just that, this IS XBox on a phone now and should lure some switchers. Someone please tell the cheapskates how many Bing! searches they need to make before July to pay for this! :)
  • HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. How bad is this going to be, like all the thousands of FPS' that have came to any mobile platform. This is going to terrible like all the rest.
  • It's not an FPS game and there's no reason to think it will be bad. Those of us who don't have ignorant opinions and have actually played the game seem to enjoy it well enough. :P
  • Well, those of us who like real games think this is bs.
  • When someone accuses you of being ignorant, you're not supposed to follow up with an ignorant response. THAT is BS.
  • Someones jealous! HEHEHE
  • I sincerely pray to God that by 'real games' you dont mean Farmville and Angry Birds!!
    Dont judge the game before you actually try it. Plus the gameplay footage definitely looks interesting.
  • This is not an FPS. Don't you watch the gameplay video?
  • Ain't nobody got time for that!
  • Then Fuck off you asshole!!
  • It's funny to read comments on the trailer, my god, there are people that still confuse windows phone 8 with windows mobile.
  • Yeah, or they call it Windows 8 Phone and that annoys the hell out of me as well.
  • I just want to know if they are going to have a TELEVISION COMMERCIAL showing the world that only WP has Halo on XBL.. Nothing else matters but that!
  • I would've liked online multiplayer, but who cares (besides, rocket riot got online features after a while). Still, I am buying the absolute living daylights out of this game! :D
  • rocket riot did get a multiplayer didnt it?  i would like to see them implement a co-op definitely in an update if possible.  competitive on a phone, who cares, but definitely co-op.  that would be a lot of fun.
  • Good news! Let's show 343 that we WP and W8/RT users care mightily about Halo and intice them to develop more! Maybe, perhaps, a high graphics FPS version for Windows 8/RT (compatible with a bluetooth Xbox One controller?)
  • I got a shiver when I saw the video...
  • They should put fable HD on wp8. All time favorite.
  • Still no hope for WP7.
  • The Harvest dude.... The harvest.
    I know it's not Halo but it's freaking awesome.
  • I've never been a huge Halo fan, but I'm actually pretty excited by this.  I'll probably buy it for both platforms.  Although I still think MS is screwing up here by not offering a bundle price.  The majority of users will balk at purchasing the same app twice, and will probably only buy it on one platform, like I did with Skulls.  However, if MS offered a $10 bundle for both platforms, I think a lot of people would jump on that.  My best analogy is McDonalds value meals.
  • Thank you for not making this an FPS, fps games on the phone suck. 
    I dont like you have to pay twice to play on multiple platforms, what happened to the one platform 3 screens vision? 
    anyway, at least its compatible with 512 mb ram, which all games should be. 
  • That's why they need to make the games compatible with the Moga Pro controller!
  • "many mobile gamers find FPS controls too complex and unwieldy on touch screen devices."
    Maybe they should start making Windows Phone 8 games compatible with the Moga Pro controller or MS should at least design an XBOX controller for windows mobile and we wouldn't have this problem!
  • Hmmm...July. EOS and then Halo. It's gonna be a great summer!
  • What I want to see is The Harvest released on WP8 with Play/Pause/Resume support seeing as it's available on Windows 8 and RT
  • wish it had coop multi and competitive multi.  maybe a future update =\  can't wait to play it though
  • Yay!! The next time some iOS junkie cries Instagram \ Vine, switch to the game on your WP, shove it in his face and shout, "THIS IS SPARTA(N)!!" :D
    Bring it on MS planning to buy it for both WP and W8.
  • lol knowing Nice Guy MSFT it's possible that Spartan Wars will make its way to iOS and Android, following Kinectimals and Wordament. On the other hand, given how Office on iOS is a no-show, it is also possible that key Microsoft titles will be kept close to home.
    Now, a more pertinent question, Forza?
  • I doubt its going to be shared with iOS or Android soon. This game can be a real USP for WP when it comes to gamers. If MS decides to share it, its going to end badly for them.
  • Sorry to spoil the party.. But where is wp7.x version? :p all such articles are incomplete without this comment :P
  • Don't you mean "WP7.8?"!!!
  • Super awesome news for the platform, about time!
  • Finally, my please have been answered.
  • Holy hell I will be buying this minute 1
  • I know where some of my $25 store credit for my 928 will be going!!
  • I can hear the iOS and droid users scream
  • This what we have been waiting for!
  • Well, I know one friend of mine who was on the fence about switching to Windows Phone has jsut found himself a huge reason to switch (he absolurely loves the Halo franshcise). This is exactly what we need. Microsoft should keep this as an exclusive and refuse to make this available on iOS/Android.
  • Just forwarded this article to the Android gamers in my office, now they are all envious of my Lumia 920.
  • The news seems to get better every day for WP and WP users!!!
  • I hope this is affordable! I really like halo wars and have wanted something similar on my phone for a long time.
  • We do reveal the price in the article. ~ ~
  • Sorry Paul, I got excited and didn't read your last paragraph where the price was revealed. I usually am quite diligent about reading the whole article once, if not twice, before commenting.
  • No worries, man. Appreciate you supporting our site. :)
  • Now bring us Forza and we are looking at a grand slam.
  • If an actual racing sim like Forza made its way to WP, I would cry with joy.
  • Microsoft needs to continue to bring Halo in wp8. I propose making Cortana the new voice of WP8. Forget Siri, I have Cortana on my phone.
  • I will take Cortana over Siri any freakin day of the week. Cortana FTW
  • yeah, Cortana's the screen saver on my phone and surface.
  • This is a great idea actually...  There really has not been proper advancement in text to speech for some time now.  It has sounded like Siri for 10 years or so.  Lets get an upgrade!
  • AWESOME!!! About time MSFT, sheesh! I absolutely LOVE the Halo franchise and happy to see a tangible piece of it coming to WP8 / W8
  • Finally. This is one game I've been waiting for! Hip-hip
  • Wow! I'm buying it when it comes out. One question, are game saves saved in SkyDrive so that I can continue on one device and play on another?
  • It's in the article, my friend. ~ ~
  • Thanks for pointing that out, in my excitment I skimmed right over that part.
  • Knowing MS will come out on IOS and android week later at half the price, looking forward to playing it though...
  • Doesnt it bother anyone there is no multiplayer? Its a deal breaker for me!
  • You never play single-player games?
  • I do, but more arcade single player games, not really games like Halo. I play MC4 but only on wifi :)
  • I'm with you. I was acdtually shocked when I read this--I just assumed it would have mutiplayer in some fashion (co-op would've been really fun, co-op & competitive would've been amazing). It could've been a killer app that enticed a lot of people to get a Windows Phone or Surface RT. Very disappointing with this news, and disappointed, in general, with the lack of multiplayer games on Windows Phone and Surface RT. Sigh.
  • what would make this perfect is if 343 brings co-op multi in a later update!
  • Wow ! A lot of Halo fans here !
    Enjoy it guys ! Uhm Rockstar Games, San Andreas's 10th anniversary is closing in ... Don't forget about us ! I'd totally buy it twice (WP & Android)
  • Now gears and forza and we see set to destroy ios and droid
  • Fuck yeah!
  • Please Microsoft do not bring this game out on IOS and Android keep this as an exclusive us Windows phone consumers hate seeing exclusives go to rival platforms. When you do that it makes people stay with there current platforms and not switch to Windows phone. Please bring multiplayer to the game also everyone loves to play Halo online.
  • Wow am I dreaming?!
  • Whaaaaaatttttt!!???!!! Aaaaaaaaaaahhhh!!!!! Yaaaaaaayyyyyy!!!! :D:D
  • I'll try it, hope its not a disaster like halo wars lol.
  • Wow! I am now terrible excited for this. The 2 things I love most, Windows Phone & Halo are now coming together!:D
  • For the first time since Halo 1, I'm excited about a game called Halo!!! TOP DOWN FTW!!! So much awesomeness here.
  • This is great news! looks like all those articles on how Microsoft can save windows phone paid off eh :)
    Lets hope MS keeps it exclusive.
  • AHHHH! I absolutely LOVE HALO. I'm so excited that there is an exclusive on the Windows platform!
  • I'm throwing money at my screen but nothings happening... :c
  •    All I can say is it's about damn time! This should have been a launch title. Every X-Box exclusive should've been ported to WP years ago.
  • I can't wait to get it!... PLEASE keep it Windows Exclusive!!! :D
  • OH MY GOD!
    Oh man...
  • WOOOOOOO!!!!!
    And so glad this will work for lower spec Windows Phone device owners as well :D
  • Cannot wait for this! I loved Sarah Palmer in halo 4. Bet this game will be amazing with headphones on.
  • I understand the aspect ratio similar to Halo Wars was easier to develop, for phone than the tradition Halo aspect. My real concern is this game my be great, but it may not create the success Microsoft needs from Xbox Windows Phone games. May be technology is the limitation of pushing a full fledge version of Halo out there. But I believe newer phones have the processing power, In my opinion their only limitation is might be their graphic ability. Nintendo has been developing games for years for it's Gameboys with less computing power than many high end phone the market. Metroid Prime Hunters (2006)  is the prefect example of could have been done with Halo. Metroid Prime Hunters came out five years after the Halo:Combat Evolved (2001).  Where I'm going with this is they were not limited by techology, but by cost. Sometimes companies like Microsoft  should take that all or nothing approach, and give us what we really wanted Halo for Windows Phone. We will see how this plays out, but don't be surprised if this game isn't the hit Microsoft was hoping for. May be then we will get the Halo we wanted in the first place.
  • I'm ready for this! Bout to show it off to all my friends that made the "mistake" of not choosing a Windows Phone. Lol.
  • Has there been any mention for 512mb devices lately?
  • Love the game, nicely done. But its annoying that I have to buy the game twice to play it on my phone and PC/Tablet.