Halo Wars 2: Complete Edition surfaces for Xbox One and Windows 10

Earlier this year, Microsoft released Halo Wars 2 – the second real-time strategy (RTS) game in its blockbuster shooter series. Moving from behind the eyes of soldiers on the ground, the game shifts to a top-down view of combat, encompassing the full scale of conflict across the Halo universe.

It now appears that a retail re-release of Halo Wars 2 is just around the corner, with "Halo Wars 2: Complete Edition" – a version of the game bundling together all post-launch content. Listings for the new edition have appeared on Amazon (opens in new tab), GameStop (opens in new tab) and Swiss retailer World of Games, despite an official announcement yet to come from Microsoft.

According to listings, Halo Wars 2: Complete Edition will be priced at $59.99, bundling together the base game, the season pass and the upcoming "Awakening the Nightmare" expansion. Store pages point toward the package being available on September 26, 2017, on the same day the new release hits digital storefronts. This version of the game is expected to hit Xbox One and Windows 10, with those purchasing digital copies seeing the benefits of Play Anywhere.

Halo Wars 2's developer, 343 Industries, has previously received criticism over the exclusion of "Awakening the Nightmare" from the season pass offerings. Instead, opting to sell the content separately for $19.99, those who purchased the "Ultimate Edition" at launch will need to pay out extra for this latest expansion.

Are you planning to pick up Halo Wars 2: Complete Edition later this month? Will you be playing Awakening the Nightmare? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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  • How is the game? Is it a reasonble RTS?
  • It is a little basic control wise, as one might expect from an rts designed for a consol. The game is pretty though, and has a very good story. As a primarily pc player, I had a lot of fun with it.
  • Yes I'm not a big RTS person but it is very good. I just need to beat it :p
  • I remember the days when a DLC Pass got you all of the DLC...I wish the $60 games that ballooned to $100 would stop getting more overpriced DLC thrown on top. Make a new game, rather than just giving out 10% of the $60 game's content for 33% of its price, please.
  • I as long a everyone keeps purchasing like they do, it is not going to stop.  The market says it likes it as is.
  • That's "game as a service". It's not just about not spending money on this content or say "I don't mind it.". It's about totally being against it. People shuld stop damage control this if gaming is their priority. Unfortunately, these days many people's priority is being "fans" of a company.
  • But games used to have expansion packs as well. Age of Empires 3 had two of them that were both extra. As this is being touted as being as long as the first campaign, I'm willing to look at it in that light.
  • The only difference is that people pay a good amount for "ultimate edition" or "season pass" and at the end you don't get the everything. Not only there is tone of microtransactions but also new content that you need to pay for. I'm a fan of AOE and I'll buy it day one, buy I just don't know if I'll get a "full game" on release.
  • Don't buy it if you want to play multiplayer on PC; its completely dead because of no crossplay, and nobody is buying the Win10Store version; Wait for a Steam release or until Microsoft comes to their senses and enables crossplay.
  • Very sad to read
  • I actually prefer the WinStore. But they should release it on Steam with crossplay between WinStore and Steam. Just like for Rise of Nations. 
  • Just bought the "non full game" yesterday for 10€...