Halo Wars 2 gets a demo for Xbox One and Windows 10

If you're tempted by Halo Wars 2 but aren't sure about dropping the money on it, then good news! Microsoft has launched a demo of the newest entry in the Halo universe on Xbox One, with a Windows 10 version coming "soon."

Included in the demo is a first look at the campaign with mission one, "The Signal," as well as Blitz Firefight where you can test your mettle against waves of AI using a pre-built deck of cards from Captain Cutter or Atriox. The demo is available for all Xbox Live Gold members on Xbox One today, and is coming soon to anyone with a Microsoft account on Windows 10 PC.

Of course if you're still in two minds, then reading our full review is another good place to start. Otherwise grab the demo right now on the Xbox One at the link below.

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Richard Devine
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