Halo Wars 2 now available on Xbox One and Windows 10

After a 4 day early access period for buyers of the Ultimate Edition, Halo Wars 2 is now generally available on both Xbox One and Windows 10.

The Xbox Play Anywhere title can be bought once, played on both platforms, but only if you grab the digital copy from Microsoft. Physical versions still don't offer this functionality.

Halo Wars 2 has been eagerly anticipated, and well worth the wait as our own Jez Corden found out in his full review:

Between Multiplayer, Blitz Mode, and Halo Wars 2's stellar 2-player co-op campaign, there's truly something for everyone in this wonderfully polished package. This is the best RTS on Xbox One today, by far. And it's a stunning entry in the Halo pantheon.

Grab it right now and join the fight!

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  • i wonder how RTS will be on XBox One, i'm sure to get it on PC.
  • Got it on Xbox and its a joy to play. Really awesome game. Such a great time to be a gamer. RTS is back. Looking forward to Cities Skylines soon as well on Xbox. The visuals on Halo Wars 2 are great to. And the smoothness and framerate are amazing.
  • Used to play a lot of C&C in the early days.  How does this compare?
  • Although streamlined slightly in some ways. It still has the depth of C&C. It's as fun, with a better story. At least so far. Really good so far. Really impressed. 3V3 matchmaking to.
  • Interesting. I'll take a closer look. Thanks.
  • Its a lot more simplyfied, with terrible user interface if you are playing with a mouse and keyboard.
  • I'm not really impressed with the visuals on the XBO for this game but I do agree that it's a lot of fun and the story is pretty good. I am also a big fan of RTS back in the day and my only let down is, like the original Halo Wars, you cannot build bases whereever you want or the buildings whereever you want. It's actually pretty limited on the base building side.
  • I agree here. The base building is streamlined. I think the only thing you moss from this is being able to build loads and loads of turrets and wall yourself in. As far as the base and its functions it works the same as any RTS game. You have a Garage for vehicles. Airpad for Flying vehicles. Barracks for footsoldiers. Supply pad for supplies. Power station for power and so on. Turrets on each corner of the base. You can build more bases when you find a new base area on the map. Etc etc. But everything else is intact. It's an RTS which requires alot of Strategy.
  • Yeah, id really have liked to see base building like the command & conquer games had. Build anywhere in a large circle around your MCV and unlimited units. The unit limits are pretty annoying. Back in the day I loved spending hours and hours building the ultimate unstoppable force in C&C.
  • Think the unit limit is there to keep the game smooth. And framerate clean. And in 3v3 mode that's 6 people with 80 cap. Alot going on onscreen. Sometimes to much. Lol.
  • They should have unlocked that limit when you are on PC, no need for that when you are running a gtx 1080, or pretty much anything better then the XB1 gpu; the Scorpio would also benefit from this when it comes out.
  • To be fair last night i played multiplayer on Xbox One. And with the pop cap at 120 I'm thinking now its pretty spot on. There was 4 armies going at it. 4 big armies. And you couldn't see ****. There was almost to much going on onscreen. What impressed me was there wasn't a single piece of slow down. No framerate issues at all. And the strategy is actually really good. You have to learn each leader and utilize the leaders capablities as well. The more I played the more strategic the game became. And I would argue its far more strategic than say Command and Conquer which ended up who built big army first wins. Halo Wars 2 is alot deeper than the sum of its parts I'm starting to find out.
  • I'm actually happy that this game has a unit limit, the issue with unlimited units is you can get games where people just build and build and build and it gets boring. A cap forces you to be more aggressive.
  • Aprt from the UI on PC, thats the thing that bothers me the most about the game. Not to mention the microtranaction BS for cards in a full priced AAA release, that seems to make the Blitz mode pay2win.
  • No blitz mode is not pay to win. Creative assembly already addressed this months ago. You play based on rank and strength of deck. So you will never play against someone who has bought their way to a strong deck. It's impossible. You won't be matched with those players. So you have no worries their. If your losing, its because your being outplayed. I know the feeling. Lol.
  • This seems like an advertisemet, not an article. I also read actual reviews on this and it is far from the best RTS available.   From what I've read its not much of an actual RTS period and more of a Halo game from a 3rd person perspective with a few RTS style elements thrown in.
  • From what you read your wrong. I played alot of RTS games back in the day. C&C, AOE, StarCraft, Warcraft, Settlers, Alpha Centurai to name a few. Halo Wars 2 is as fun as these games with a better story. Yes it is streamlined in places. But that doesn't detract from the Strategy and thought process it has. Brilliant game.
  • Its not a bad game, if you don't mind the simplyfied RTS mechanics and the terrible UI for PC kb/m play; but it is far from perfect and can't really be compared to a proper PC RTS because it has many compromises to acomodate console play with a controller; which does not make it a bad game, just not the best it could be on PC.
  • Isn't this the only RTS on Xbox One?
  • Strictly yes. But not including backwards compatibility.
  • Its a real shame the UI of the game was not adjusted when playing on PC with Keyboard and mouse; the crazy big radial menus are a nightmare on PC, where you would be a lot better off with a classic RTS style build menu on the bottom of the screen. Plus the control options menu needs a complete redesign, it is a mess how its organised and how difficult they made the key rebinding, not to mention you can't rebind to mouse keys, like WTF?