Halo Wars 2 now available on Xbox One and Windows 10

After a 4 day early access period for buyers of the Ultimate Edition, Halo Wars 2 is now generally available on both Xbox One and Windows 10.

The Xbox Play Anywhere title can be bought once, played on both platforms, but only if you grab the digital copy from Microsoft. Physical versions still don't offer this functionality.

Halo Wars 2 has been eagerly anticipated, and well worth the wait as our own Jez Corden found out in his full review:

Between Multiplayer, Blitz Mode, and Halo Wars 2's stellar 2-player co-op campaign, there's truly something for everyone in this wonderfully polished package. This is the best RTS on Xbox One today, by far. And it's a stunning entry in the Halo pantheon.

Grab it right now and join the fight!

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Richard Devine
Managing Editor - Tech, Reviews

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