Handmark's Handmarket moves out of Beta

We made mention of Handmark's Handmarket Apps going Beta, and now the software developer/provider has taken the "beta" tag off its app store. The new Windows Mobile app store can be downloaded over at Handmark's website putting a wide variety of games, themes, applications, ringtones and more a click away.

Commenting on the release of Handmarket Apps, Evan Conway, Handmark's Executive Vice President of Marketing, said, "As a leading mobile content provider, we see the need for a better mobile shopping experience on Windows Mobile phones."

The release of Handmarket Apps places a convenient and simply way to access software titles for you Windows Mobile phone.  Definitely encouraging news for the Windows Mobile industry.

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  • It does not work for me. It says my device is not supported. I have a T-Mobile Dash 3G on... well.. T-Mobile.
  • Woulda been nice if there were free applications. Sure Apple has a bazillion fart apps on their store (over exaggerating of course), but there are some free apps that are pretty worth while, including some games. Then again some of those Apps for myself bring the functionality that Windows Mobile already has.
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