Hands-on with Acer's Continuum-capable Liquid Jade Primo

Acer Jade Primo
Acer Jade Primo

Acer has finally ponied up some official information about the Liquid Jade Primo, and we got to spend some time with it in our hands at CES 2016. After months of being teased, this phone has built a bit of its own hype, but is it worth the wait? Internally, you've got a Snapdragon 808 processor, which is more than powerful enough to move the operating system around fluidly.

Paired with that, you'll see 3GB of RAM and 32GB of storage, so you'll be able to multi-task and store your data without any issues. Being Continuum-capable, you need to see these kinds of specs on the phone, or performance would be horrid.

As for the size, you've got a 5.5-inch full HD 1080p IPS display. It will be personal preference if the size works for you or not, but from what we've seen so far it's fairly comfortable to hold, and we don't mind the size. On the rear of the phone you've got a 21MP camera, and while that may sound great, the camera doesn't quite perform as well as the Lumia 950 does. On the front, Acer has packed an 8MP shooter, so don't worry your selfies will be just fine.



Overall the Liquid Jade Primo is a nice entry into the Windows 10 Mobile market. Although the specs are closer to the 800 series of Lumias (e.g. full HD display) the nod towards Continuum makes the phone a more intriguing option for those looking for something non-Lumia.

Regarding the hardware the 5.5-inch screen sits right between the Lumia 950 (5.2-inch) and Lumia 950 XL (5.7-inch) and it seems to find a nice sweet spot. The full HD IPS display looks great with its zero air-gap design and the curved, brushed metal back makes the phone feel nice in the hand.

The 21 MP camera on the back sounds impressive, and it should do well in most scenes, but at least from some initial snaps, this camera will likely pale when compared to the Lumias and their PureView cameras. Of course, we'll reserve final judgement for when we get our hands on the phone for review.

Regarding software, Acer is not doing anything with the OS or apps. You are getting straight up Windows 10 Mobile (build 10586.29 in the version we handled) and all the standard apps out the gate. There is no customization anywhere to be found, which can be a good or bad thing depending on how you feel.

For performance, the Liquid Jade Primo felt okay, but it was nothing mind-blowing. Although it runs a Snapdragon 808 processor it is not clear what it is clocked out nor the quality and speed of other components.

The real selling point of the Liquid Jade Primo appears to be the same message as the Lumia 830- an 'affordable flagship'. The specs won't beat the Lumias in many areas, but the lower cost, svelte design and ability to use Continuum makes it an intriguing option.

Overall, Acer has done a nice job with its Liquid Jade Primo, but price may set it back. Priced at €569, it is a bit steep, but it is a solid offering from Acer either way.

Look for more coverage from Windows Central on the Liquid Jade Primo in the coming weeks as this phone begins to hit markets.

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • Nice phone, but with no wireless charging it's hard to see why I should pay more than I would for a 950. The dock looks slick. Would like to see more on that.
  • I'm confused. The article says the phone is less than the Lumia and I assume it meant the 850 mentioned prior, but your comment indicates it costs more than the 950. What is the Lumia 950 priced at where you are?
  • The 950 is $550 in the West. The Acer Jade Primo will be launched in EMEA starting at the equivalent of $620.
  • I thought that Acer would market Jade Primo with a dock/keyboard/muse bundle.   If they don't, the price seems too steep to compete against L950.
  • No sd card??
  • Nope. .. No sd card... No wireless charging.. No windows hello..
  • I was very tempted with this phone when I first heard of it and it was a toss up between this or the 950XL. Turns out I made the right choice with the XL as it's better spec'd, I got a free 200GB MicroSD Card (SanDisk) and a free Display Dock. The Jade is still a nice looking phone and options are always welcome. Yes the price for the Jade might be a bit more but lets keep in mind that it comes with a dock and other accessories.
  • How did you get the 200gb micro SD card free? Am impressed! Mobile operator deal? 950xl, UK
  • Harvey Norman in Australia was giving them away for free with any preordered 950 or 950XL's... Which the SD's are being sold by them at $495.00 (AU of course). The free display dock was offered by Microsoft for any owners in Australia through the Lumia Offers/Deals app.... Snagged that too. It's been a good Christmas lol.
  • Do you mean the card itself or the port?
  • Harvey Norman gave me the MicroSD, Microsoft gave me the Dock. Both free. Though still waiting for the dock to be delivered
  • Goodbye then
  • Yup! There is!
  • Review on PCWorld site says it has a dual sim port. You can insert an SD card in the second sim slot as it is a dual purpose slot.
  • LOL BUT IT IS METALLIC!!!! who cares about wireless charging and removable backplates, we want metal!!!! /s
  • More like metallic finish. not real metal back plate. just looks like one.
  • Great! .. Can't wait to get my hands on it
  • quite frankly it brings nothing to the table, at least they are wise enough to delay it until w10m is usable
  • What's so unusable about W10M right now?
  • Edge its day & night some site work other dont
  • Do you have any sites that dont work? I havent really had any issues with Edge on my 950. I dont browse a lot on my phone, but everything has worked as expected so far.
  • Sadly there are even bits of this (Windowscentral) site which don't work properly at times.
  • I think that may just be Windows Central. It runs very slow on my Edge browser on the Windows 10 desktop and also on my work Internet Explorer 11. So much so that sometimes the browser stops working for a full minute while Windows Central loads. All tabs.
  • Don't worry, WC sometimes crashes Firefox and Chrome too.
  • First Direct web banking in the UK doesn't work on edge
  • First Direct site works fine in edge on L950
  • qbo.intuit.com (Quick Books Online) wont let you log in with the edge browser in desktop or windows Phone, Thus tens of thousands of people trying to be "productive" on a windows platform are forced to use a differnt browser.
  • I do not use Edge on my phone nor PC.
    I'm planning to use Edge on my phone nor PC.
    I don't see it as a problems, but I see you and other trolls as a problem.
    You can claim that you are not a troll, but that would only make it all slightly amusing <grin>
    Please stay and train to troll better
  • All the mobile nation sites don't work well on edge on my Lumia 640XL
  • Windowscentral.com work really poorly on Edge on Windows 10 mobile at the moment..  specially if you try and comment on an article, entering any text in the input box  is a extremly bad experience.. dont know if it is the site or the browser causing it, but i suspect the browser as i have experienced the same issue on other pages
  • To be fair, its terrible on safari on ios.
  • I have a lot of pages that doesn't work very well. Most often a refresh or two would do it otherwise I gave to completely kill Edge - also it freezes. I have XL with .36 and latest firmware on clean install. Yup Edge is POS. Also my phone still thinks my battery is 1800mah since 6 hours is all it has.
  • In my experience most sites work but Edge seems to freeze or stutter occasionally. That's probably because it is an universal app and thus it has to conserve memory. I might be wrong though.
  • Battery life is horrible w10 mobile, edge is meh, camera app fc or just doesn't work, occasional reboots, and battery life is plain bad did I miss something. Oh and im using the original monster the 1520.
    Posted via the Samsung Surface.
  • I had the 1520 but IMHO I think the 950XL is better and I have no battery issues, camera works great not fc, phone has never reboot and i use UC Browser and has worked great on all sites I've used.
  • Same here....950XL works for me. No restarts, no freezes, no edge issue (although i browse a little), battery stays for nearly 8 hours (without windows hello), for me little annonying thing is windows hello.
  • 950 XL is great. Or at least my second one is. First one had all sorts of problems. Returned it. Second one is fine. SO there is a quality control issue.
  • I have several Lumia 1520 and they all work just fine.
    Go troll elsewhere since you stink in trolling...troll.
  • My 1520 on wp 8.1 was perfect it's w10 that's garbage, apps like Facebook is bad, the sniper fury game stutters if I play it for more then 5 min. Edge browser will close for no reason, if i stream music to a bluetooth speaker for 3 hours Battery will go From 100% to 33%, camera will sometimes save my pic or just close and never save it at all, so many bad things on W10 and please everyone stop saying it's a beta cause its not if they are selling devices to consumers with the latest os installed it's not a beta, I always carried my 1520 it was my got to phone with 8.1 installed now its stays at home with W10.
  • I have a 920 which was known to have bad battery life and I think my battery lasts longer on 10 than it did with 8.1. Camera also working fine here.
  • Asides from the battery life, L950XL is better than L1520 in all other areas. 
  • ..and price. ..and size (if you like it) there is a big dif btween the XL and the 1520 due to the XL's on screen buttons. 
  • Personally speaking, I think the L950XL's 5.7" is a right sized phablet.  Its physical size is smaller and lighter that suits well for broader crowd.  It is much easier to hold and pocket.
  • I'm happy to see other OEM's doing something with Windows 10 Mobile. But the only way it is more affordable is if it comes with the dock. At €569​ that translates to about $616, which prices it above the $95 and only about $30 below the 950XL. If it comes with the dock, it's definitely a more affordable offering.
  • It comes with a dock, keyboard and mouse
  • Given their relationship with logit their probably not worth it
  • Maybe they'll be taking a loss on it or their pushing hard for their network operators that already carry the liquid Android devices to carry it
  • You cannot translate from Euro to USD directly as there is value added tax, etc included.
  • I really don't understand how can you say that the specs are closer to the 800 series, the newest phone from the 800 series is the 830 which has a 720p display and a cheap snapdragon 400 processor. That's DEFINITELY not an affordable flagship imo.
  • I'm thinking for a 2016 device if there were an 8xx series Lumia coming out, this would close to it. It's missing a lot of things from the 950/XL e.g. expandable memory, Windows Hello, removable cover, higher res display. I don't think it's important to get fixated on names/categories, however. None of that ever matters, just semantics and something for people to pick over. Just focus on the phone, specs, pricing and whether it is something you want.
  • Why isn't that mentioned in the article, no removable storage. Pretty big thing to leave out
  • First of all what is the difference between the 808 processor in the 950 and the LJP? Second when did 1080p stop being high resolution on a phone? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • 1080p stopped being high res when the spec boys started getting into higher DPIs for peeing matches.
  • They should be the same. It's just a Qualcomm Snapdragon 808.   1080p stopped being high definition when QHD and UHD phones became a thing.
  • Too bad resolution increase in phones goes along resolution decrease in my eyes... In other words, I don't think I need UHD on a 5" device. And 640Kb RAM ought to be enough :)
  • Exactly. 1080p is just fine even in a high end phone.
  • Daniel was trying to give a hint in the article, he must've had hands on the 8xx phone, maybe he's just not allowed to release the info yet
  • Doubtful
  • "he must've had hands on the 8xx phone"
    I have claimed since July that the 850 has been cancelled, so it'd be odd for me to have one.
  • It is a huge mistake to cancel a SD617 mid-range Lumia that would support Continuum.  The gap between a SD212 L650 and L950 is just too big.  L850 would make a good affordable flagship with Continuum support. The SD617 based NuAns NEO has been demonstrated that it would support Continuum.  MS needs to bring Contiuum down to lower priced phones.  Surface phone is totally an unkown at this point.  MS could cancel it if it won't work well enogh as expected like McLaren.
  • That feature will come.  2 years, you'll see it on a $150 phone or tablet.
  • Wow. You are hinting at something you have been adamantly clear on for 9 months? I think you are a saint for having to deal with all of us crazies on a daily basis. I hope you get paid well!
  • nah going by the way Microsoft has been relasing it would have been the quadcore 410 or 210
  • wonder if the dock would work with the lumia 950/950xl? not saying to get that dock over the MS display dock, just curious if cross compatibility with accesories is there or not.
  • The dock won't work as the Type-C connector is off-center on the Jade Primo so you could not align it with the 950/XL.
  • Maybe if we can get some cable adaptors to interface to the 950/XL? Though that would be a nessy connection :-(
  • Im sure there will be a third party adapter for that stuff ;). But can it work? Say a usb type c cable (female to male) is attached or something like that...
  • it looks like the circle on the back is a speaker, and not a fingerprint reader. can this be verified, IE, it doesn't have any thing for windows hello?
  • I say it's a speaker in the video. It's not a FP reader. There is no Windows Hello.
  • This phone needs to release on Verizon in some variant. I can see Verizon advertising the Continuum feature as a productivity tool for business clients. If it doesn't come to Verizon, then it will not fare well here in the USA, as the 950/xl is a better deal.  
  • but the 950 and 950xl  does not work with Verizon
  • He didn't say it did. He said if it doesn't work on Verizon than the 950 / XL would be the better buy....meaning it's not worth buying the primo if it only works on GSM carriers like the 950 /XL does...
  • Yes, as a Verizon user who can't get the 950/950XL, but who really wants a Continuum-capable phone, I'd grab this if it came to Verizon. Frankly, I'd prefer to switch carriers to get the 950 for SD slot and the wireless charging, but Verizon is the only game where I live if you want to have reception to actually talk on the phone or connect for data. I hope that part of the reason that MS doesn't seem very interested in solving the problem with Verizon is because they are trying to create an opportunity for a good OEM to come in the US market and sell well and make some money (no one is going to sell well head-to-head against a similarly spec'd Lumia, without huge discounts, meaning no margin for the OEM). This seems tailor made for the Acer Liquid Jade. (I'm sorry, I can't bring myself to call it "Primo", what a horrible name, at least here in the US).
  • Windows 10 general OS is 0n 200 million Computers of various types and on most new computer devices for sale today.that said windows 10 mobile smart phones will come into their own because I think Windows 10 smart phones are  the best smartphones to interface with windows 10 devices through MS Universal apps. Tthat is why ACER and other OEMs will build continuum class Windows smart phones. the thing is can they build them cheap enough for most peole to buy them. Windows smart phones that have Continuum functions will sell like hot cakes if they are priced right like 250 to 375 American dollars
  • It takes time to train developers. And I bet developers don't want to bet their future by betting on a mobile OS which doesn't have much potential for monetization. But yes, UW applications should change that. In the meantime, being a Java/Android developer seems like a more certain bet.
  • Mmm, don't quite get the affordable flagship bit....the stated price would put it above the 950 here in UK.
  • This comes with the dock, a keyboard, and a mouse.
  • Seems you get a display sock, cables and a keyboard in the deal, and maybe more.
  • Getting a display sock would be a pretty useless deal IMHO.
  • It's the screen AMOLEDor full IPS ? ​
  • I'm pretty sure it's OLED.
  • He specifically stated it being an IPS display Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Yeah, I'd like a definitive on OLED or IPS. Mixed info from various sources.
  • What's up with that dock Daniel? No mention in your write-up.
  • Cute device. But the phone shouldn't be attached to the dock during Continuum. I prefer to use the phone holding it in my hands.
  • I like it, i feel like right now ACER is the only OEM beside Microsoft that is taking windows mobile seriously
  • Hp coming
  • Xiaomi in waiting list.. Blu is already on its way..
  • I'm curious if BLU will have any new offerings.
  • It won't be comfortable to use the phone when in continuum mode due to that dock which contradicts a main selling point that you can easily use for phone
  • Don't dismiss this phone so readily.
  • In other words you can't use continuum if you don't carry your keyboard and mouse with this phone. That's lame.
  • well that is kind of the point of continuum yes... and why would you carry around a keyboard and mouse..  you leave it at work/home ..then when you arrive you dock your phone.. done.  Other wise you would have to carry a screen as well..
  • You can use the phone's screen as a trackpad, and when you need a keyboard you can use the phone's on-screen keyboard. But they only benefit you'll be getting at that point is just projecting to a larger monitor.
  • Yeah, i know that you can use the phone screen for keyboard and mouse purposes, but i think it's not comfortable when the phone has to be placed in the dock this way. I don't know, maybe some people will like it though. 
  • Some people won't mind using it like this because it will be just like a computer. Most people get on fb on there phones but if your using said phone as a computer you can still be on Facebook. And now with Cortana when you get a text it will show up on you pc both pc and continuum supported phones. So why would you need to hold your phone.
  • Lol. Discussion has moved away from that ages ago.  Discussion has moved to "how are we going to improve continuum".  You're bringing old stuff to the table.  Try to keep up.
  • I would get this in a heartbeat if it wasn't priced above the 950. It's not quite as good and still asks for more.
  • Every bit a better phone than any of the latest Windows 10 Mobile Lumias. I mean it, seriously.
    Even it's 1080p display is actually a plus point rather than a downgrade Posted via my Samsung Galaxy S3 Neo which isn't as much abandoned as any Windows Phone on the Windows Central App for Android
  • You have the silliest signatures. Both here and Android Central.
  • I love his username, though.
  • The S3 Neo sucks though Posted via the Windows Central App for Android on my Frost Nexus 6P
  • What's a Frost Nexus?
  • Burnnnnn!!!!
  • Every android out there save the 6 to 8 hundred dollar phones will never be updated past what they came with when you buy them. That mean billions of people that can't afford or won't pay that much for a phone get stuck with lord knows what version of android and if there lucky some of the apps from the google play store will work for there version if it don't then they can spend hours or days hunting for said app that will work for there version. So I guess in that case android don't have as big a library as they look like they do unless you shell out the big buck for a phone all other android phone will site in update purgatory forever. Almost every windowphone 8-8.1 Lumia and other windows phones on the market today has been or will be updated unlike the vast vast number of abadone android phones you can buy at walmart to this very day. Haters going to hate.... Trolls are going to troll
  • Actually the nexus line is quite affordable and gets updated regularly. Don't forget all the windows 7 phones that were not updated. Microsoft will leave phones behind too.
  • Wp7 saga was due to the kernel switch from CE to NT. Majority of Wp8.1 phones will be updated, those that aren't that would be due to the OEMs. Microsoft can't force them to update their devices.
  • I'd be interested at around $400.00 and if it had a microSD slot. Otherwise, no sale.
  • Come on, it's a 32 GB internal storage!
  • I like the dock/cradle
  • for the right price this could be my next phone. although no SD slot is a turn off.
  • I agree the specs are what an 8xx in the current generation would probably have (leaving out special features), but the price is insane. Besides having a cool metal unit casing, what else makes this so expensive? Same specs as the 950 in RAM, Storage, CPU, Camera (basically... 20/21 MP), but HD res instead of QHD, no Windows Hello, no expandable memory, and it's ~$616? You can get a 950 for anywhere between $549 and $599 depending on carrier and you get all of those features. Acer should have just gone for full-blown flagship with everything or compromise on the specs with a nicer design and drop the price to ~$400.....
  • Wow. No SD. No wireless charging. No dedicated camera button. I guess I'm spoiled.
  • Yup... But all is not lost... There is a way...
  • Lets think outside the box here.. Of you want expandable memory and you are running continuum then all you would need is a thumb drive of such. Next charging is cool and type-c is there bit If you want wireless charging all you would need is a case to that does it and you are good and the DIY adaptation is easy to do. Thirdly there will mostly like be an update for hello windows or Hey Cortana. Nice phone over all so I would consider it as a nice phone to get if you don't have to have all the bells and whistles. Nice demo Dan.
  • This article sound like demoting the phone rather than promoting the greatness in this phone.
    Spec-wise it's nice man, the design still look great. Should have discuss more about the cooling system (which mention in the previous article)
    Definitely don't want to talk about the price..
  • This article is my impressions and opinions in having held and briefly used the device. I am not here to "promote the greatness" of something you have only seen on your computer screen ;)
  • Way too expensive.
  • Is it IPS or AMOLED? They mentiined both in article.
  • I think it's IPS. He stated on the video and yea IPS and AMOLED are mentioned in the article but I think it's IPS Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • The dock looks really good, why does the MS one not work as a stand ? Wonder if you can mix docks and phones ?    
  • Because MSs usage scenario has you working on the big screen with mouse and keyboard when a call comes in. With the MS dock, you just pick up your phone and answer it since it is on the end of a 3 foot cable. With the Acer dock you have to pick up the whole dock, or disconnect.  (Sadly with iPhone and Mac, you just answer the call on the Mac)
  • In the Microsoft's scenatiou there's no Mac or PC
    So when iPhone rings...you realize that there's no Continuum!
    AND - if you mean theat connection between Mac + iPhone that's great!
    Coming to your Redstone system in this year!
    Continuum on iPhone? Nope? - Universal Apps? Not that either! - Hello? - Perhaps...buy the next iPhone! :-)
  • Can someone explain why Acer and indeed Microsoft are bothering to release these Snapdragon powered phones which can't run x86 applications instead of, say, an Intel Atom chip?  With devices like the Dell Venue 8 Pro and the Intel Compute Stick it's clear an x86 architecture can physically fit in a small device.  I would have thought Windows 10 Mobile needs every help it can get to be good right now!  Thanks all, and Daniel for all the great reporting.
  • My guess and I'm not putting words into other people's mouths: As you know, there has been speculation about an upcoming surface phone. So, in this case, Microsoft is still using Qualcomm for the Windows Phones before they use Intel for their surface phones. And the Lumias right now might be the prototypes for the upcoming surface phone. Just my opinion, but I could be wrong.
    Of course I want to hear other possible reasons from others as well.
  • @Richard Fila. Bleugh. X86 on a phone is redundant. There is no use for it. A ARM soc + x86 soc in a dock is a much better combo. Seriously which x86 application are you going to run on a phone? Your better off getting a tablet, much more better experience and not to mention better inking support too.
  • I imagine x86 would come into its own mostly with Continum.  But also I can imagine there may be benefits to wrapping a modern Windows App interface around legacy x86 applications rather than starting from scratch.  I do agree though that x86 probably wouldn't bring much to the party of a phone only ever used as a phone.  
  • @Richard Fila. There is a bridge for Win32 desktop apps to made into window store apps - Project centennial. However there are some limitations as they will need to work sandboxed. Sure with continuum however with universal apps, there isn't much scope for win32 apps running on a phone. If they could utilise a x86 SOC in a dock thus leaving your phone free from the intensive cpu cycles and other resource hogging some of these win32 apps bring with them (purely because they are poorly optimised). Not to mention the additional number of pixels the phone's SOC will have to push to drive two screens. Apps on the phones have only access to limited amount of ram. Whereas desktop apps on the PC have access to the almost all your RAM and a Page file. So yeah it's not as simple as just running win32 apps on phone - just because it would be pretty cool. I'm not saying we shouldn't be moving towards a future where one device does pretty much everything. We're already heading in that direction. However there is one critical and major stumbling block - that is heat generation. As dies get smaller so does the intensity of heat as it is concentrated on a small area. On a laptop or tablet that's not a problem, on phones where there is none to little air flow that is a big issue. Therefore there is no way you will be able to run anything extremely intensive on a phone for too long before thermal throttling kicks in. Unless you don't mind having BBQ fingers or melted phone soup :P.
  • I think the thought process is to run x86 apps when hooked to peripherals via Continuum. Certainly wouldn't be enjoyable running them on a small (5.7") screen, but there used to be 5"-6" XP devices. (http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2006431,00.asp). 
  • I want a 7.2" IPS FHD=1920*1080 Windows 10 phone
  • @Svenj : I almost bought a Sony Vaio for that price in those days, but when I tried it out physically, I knew that x86 softwares are never going to be good on small screens. @Richard Fila : I would rather prefer x86 softwares to be converted to universal apps and then used with continuum. That way we get universal app on all devices.
  • Exactly. And, besides the "universal" thingie, it would become a software which is usable on x86 touch devices like Surface. Most of todays x86 is not really elegant to use without a mouse/trackpad on a x86 tablet, or you'll need a pen, which is sometimes annoying too.
  • Yes, with rather fiddly touch elements :p.
  • Pretty
  • Notification LED? And screen is oled?
  • Wow. Full HD display and only 600€
  • I really like this phone a lot. But as there is no microSD listed, I have to assume no expandable storage.
  • unless you plug in an USB unit...stick, HDD, SDD, ...
  • But on the go? Yeah, right.
  • Might be Daniel Rubino can confirm this. Can we use a USB stick directly with the phone using type C? I mean a type C connector to USB pendrive.
  • No Windows Hello support?  No Iris nor IR camera?
  • Acer sucks. Very cheaply made. I'll never touch any of it's products ever again. Same with Chinese ****** Lenovo.
  • I was expecting the price around USD400-450.. Hhmmm
  • Verizon?
  • The phone looks nice. Continuum ftw.
  • How the team behind the dock design got their jobs beats me. All ports on the sides? That's aesthetically wrong on so many levels. I thought the display dock for the Lumias was a bad solution with a cable as connector but that at least allows you to hide the dock. Who wants a dock standing on your desk looking like an octopus with cables sticking out from everywhere?
  • I have to say Dan, you sound pleased with the Acer.  I do like the dock on this device. It looks very bold and professional. I hope Acer builds some propriety software for this.  Photos, file manager or stuff like that. I like it.
  • does anyone in the U.S have the 950xl? If so what provider did you go with ? Thanks
  • Sent to die if that's a firm price point. Even if it includes the dock, because in my mind with Miracast and bluetooth the only advantage about the dock is plugging in USB drives to access. Docks should really be only worth $30-40. Was really hoping for a value flagship but this isn't it. Let's hope someone else like Xiaomi, OnePlus or Asus produces a good value W10m device that's actually somewhere inbetween the budget Lumia 5xx/6xx and high-end 9xx.
  • I guess you've never used miracast.
    Lag is why these docks will always serve a purpose!
  • Just for everyones reference, this device supports micro SD card up to 128GB. I've seen it work. Dual SIM, Dual LTE.
  • Is it just me, or does it look like a typical Android phone as far as design? I think I'm starting to expect a Windows phone to have that boxy Lumia look to it. This phone looks like it's wearing sheep's clothing.
  • What typical Android look. Android doesn't have a typical look. Regardless the design is meh. Those curved bezels look ugly. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android on my Frost Nexus 6P
  • What are the chances of Acer making another Windows phone after this one flops? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Lumias may not get much praise in the reviews and comparisons but it is still the king of Windows phones and is very difficult to beat them in their own backyard. May be that is the reason why other OEMs are not supporting Windows because they know that they cannot beat Lumias with Windows mobile OS. Having said that, kudos to Acer for supporting Windows platform. Their Windows tablets are really awesome. I wish then all the best.
  • I hope it does sell well (I really want OEMs to keep making Windows 10 handsets), but just can't see it happening. Not until it becomes one of those bargains you just can't pass up. Whilst the 950XL has the free displaydock it seems like the better choice for something around that size
  • How can the selling point be that it is 'an affordable flagship', when less than a paragraph later, the author says the €569 price is too high?!
  • Most of the time there is no such thing as a bad product, only a bad price/value... The Acer Jade Primo looks to be a poor price/value...
  • If only this had a microSD slot :( This looks so much better than expected!
  • How long is the free display dock offer valid for on the Lumia 950 XL in the UK? If it's still going round February this year I'll possibly just go for that over the Acer - shame the dock isn't also free with the 950 (In the UK, as far as I know). I was very interested in this phone when heard it would have a 1080p display and no hello, but support continuum as it sounded like it may be a bargain, but there's loads to gain by choosing a 950/XL or just waiting for better phones / better prices phones
  • I would be happy with any phone... Im still using my old trusty Lumia 520 with W10M. This phone has been almost 2 years in use. ^^ probably getting Lumia 640 soon if price drops. :D
  • No expandable storage well that's a fail on terms of the space aspect when will they learn and no one drive is not for everyone acer
  • In the end it's an awesome phone, but I would have expected the price tag to be a bit less. Being that it is not a Microsoft Lumia phone.
  • Specs closer to 800 series? This thing is arguably three times faster and with a much better screen than the last 800 series device.
  • Daniel, how about NUANS phone from japan? The one that have several back cover? Does it in the CES 2016 also. I heard that it support continuum also. Hope you have and opportunities to do hands on also. :)
  • Acer really needs to promote this phone + their monitor + keyboard + mouse + dock as 1 package for corporate market, this is very good to replace laptops that need Office + html5 browser (in other words, better than a crappy Chromebook)
  • I would love a 950 but devices like this never come to my country so probably this Phone will come to center América so good thing