Hands-On With the GSmart T600

There were a few device we'd never seen before at the Microsoft booth. Our favorites would definitely be the offerings from Velocity, but the GSmart T600 was new as well. While seriously underpowered, it's at least a little pretty. You're looking at a Windows Mobile 6.1 Pro device with Tri-Band Edge (No 3G and no US release, kids) a 520MHz Marvell processor, 64MB RAM 256 MB, and a 640x480 screen.

...In short, nothing to get too crazy over here in the states (though it does have some sort of television feature that didn't work so hot on the demo unit), looks like a device made by a Taiwanese company for the Taiwanese consumer. Here's the thing that we're noticing at CTIA though: Windows Mobile goes from awfully good to really great when it gets on higher resolution devices - 320x240, I don't ever want to see you again after, say, August.

WC Staff