Hands-On with the HTC HD7S

What can you say about the HTC HD7S, announced for AT&T earlier this morning? You can say that it will be availalbe in the 'coming weeks' and you can also say that it's virtually identical to the T-Mobile HD7. With one notable exceptoin: the HD7S sports a "Super LCD" screen instead of the standard fare on the HD7. We didn't really have any complains about the latter before, but he have to say this S-LCD looks incredible and combined with its size makes this phone the de-facto best screen available for a Windows Phone 7 device - sorry Samsung Focus.

Beyond that build-quality is top-notch. We like the metallic yellow under the kickstand especially. Grab a few more images after the break!

  • *Looks at HD7 screen and weeps*
  • Haha damn. I'm half tempted to take back my Focus and wait for this. Too bad I'll be well passed the return date.
  • I just picked up my Focus on Friday from AT&T. How does it work if I take it back to get the HD7S? It's my understanding I have 30 days however I don't have a clue what would happen if the HD7S comes out past my 30 days.It might not be something I'm eligible for.I'm honestly diggin' the Focus but worry about durability. I'd like to the phone to last for at least 2 years & tend to be hard on my phones. Personally I believe the build on the HTC phones is a tad better & less 'plasticy'.
  • Yeah once I saw this I felt the same way. The Focus is **** and thin as **** but HTC is way more reliable in terms of build quality.
  • Why couldn't Sprint get this instead?? Oh well I am happy with my Arrive!
  • Is it Gorilla Glass?Hows the battery life?
  • It' not Gorilla Glass it's super LCD. and if the battery is anything like my HTC HD7 keep a charger with you.
  • Super LCD is supposed to better on battery life and at 4.3" that might make a difference here. Will be interesting to see if true...
  • Hmm.. I wasn't aware Super LCD and gorilla glass can't go together?
  • Wow. Perfect timing. My Focus has been on the fritz since I picked it up, and have had it swapped 2 times now. Spoke with my stores manager, and he's going to allow me to swap to this when it launches, pending it's sooner rather than later (1-2 months as opposed to 3-4.) This is the phone I wanted all along.
  • Me too! The HD7 was the phone that got me interested in the Windows Phone in the first place.I stopped by the AT&T store this evening & talked to one of the sales guys. He said I'm more then welcome to turn in my Focus as long as its within 30 days of my original contract date (which was late Friday).He looked up the HD7S in their system & it shows "in coming weeks". The good news is he said phones typically show up at the AT&T retailers fairly fast.
  • What about if you're past your 30 days? I got my Focus on launch, but lately I've been feeling left out in terms of hacks and homebrew (I have a developer account). As nice as the Focus is, you can't do anything with it. I would love to have an HTC phone, and this one is right up my alley, but I don't want to pay 500-something dollars for it.
  • its not a bad thing... think about it this way to all the current HD7 owners its the same hardware minus the screen change. AND, you're more than likely going to put a screen protector on it so you're taking away from the new enhanced screen.