Hands on with the LG E900

The LG E900 Windows Phone 7 spent a little hands on time with the Czech website mobilmania.cz and they captured it all on video.

The twenty minute video is in Czech but shows off the LG Windows Phone 7 phone nicely. The 3.7" screen appears to be responsive to the touch but the accelerometer seemed to stick at times, slowing the screen rotation down.  The screen keyboard appears well spaced, especially in the horizontal view.

The reviewer does briefly visit the settings page for the LG Windows Phone 7 and shows that the E900 has 16gb of total storage.  It would have been nice if we had if the video showed the processor information so we could tell if the E900 is running a 1ghz or 1.3ghz processor.

All in all, the E900 does look nice and Windows Phone 7 appears to run smoothly and with some zip on the phone.

You can catch the full, twenty minute video after the break.

via: slashphone

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  • Well that's one 16GB phone at least, so the other OEMs should step up their game too and stop with this 8GB low-end, or rather, entry-level storage option. If only that had a 4" screen though.
  • Seriously. I think they should all include at least 16 GB at entry level. I'd pay extra for 32 or even 64 GB, though I think they are limited to 32 GB since there aren't many (if any) 64 GB MicroSD cards out there. I've used 17.91 GB on my ZuneHD. I like my music to be high quality. I don't want to have to pick my "favorite" music to put on my phone and keep the rest on my Zune. That's the whole point of having Zune services on the phone itself.
  • I don't think the accelerometer is shown sticking, so much as the phone was not rotated sufficiently in the vertical plane. Looks like it was kept too near horizontal for the orientation switch to occur.
  • NICE!
  • I don't know why but I never realized before but much like the iPhone the UI being designed to be easy ofcourse is VERY "elderly" friendly. It just clicked reall but one thing to have smallish/medium sized icons but have a HUGE square for a dialer or contacts is very friendly. Also pinning favourite contact.
    A new smart phone for the younger and much much older or sight impared generation :)