Hands-on with the Nokia MD-12 wireless speaker

While not as crazy as new phones, Nokia did announce a new wireless Bluetooth speaker. It’s cute, it’s small, it’s the Nokia MD-12. We weren’t expecting much from the speaker, but walked away pretty impressive by what it can do. Check our hands-on with the MD-12 below.

The MD-12 connects to your phone wirelessly (or via a 3.5mm jack). You can connect your phone manually by pressing the Bluetooth connect button or you can just tap and pair with the NFC-Bluetooth combo.

While small, the MD-12 does pack a punch. It has a built-in vibrating actuator located on the base. It’ll create heavy bass by being placed on heavy surfaces. Sound quality was pretty good from what we could tell, but we were in a crowded environment.

The MD-12 offers 15 hours of music playback. You can get it in yellow, green, orange or white. Look for it in the coming weeks for €39. 

Sam Sabri
  • Nice
  • $59 eh?
  • Bluetooth, can I make calls?
  • Yes
  • Wireless charging would be nicer.
  • ^This
  • What do you think this is, jbl play to? ;)
  • Got Milk?
  • Want one!!
  • Toib has updated today at version
  • A bit off topic, but Toib, while oddly named, is awesome!
  • Did they say when I can buy one in the US?
  • Can two of these be paired for stereo sound as the previous generation of wireless speakers were?
  • That would be the generation previous to the previous generation. The PlayUp could not be paired.
  • Yeah I walk away pretty impressive too.
  • Looking good
  • Cute but my $39.00 Jam Bluetooth speaker works awesome!
  • Will the new Lumias support aptX so Bluetooth speakers can be used for music with any degree of sound quality?
  • Id also like to know this
  • Would be nice if you can pair multiple at the same time like the new beats pill xl
  • I am definitely getting 2 of them!
  • Compared to the stereo sound i get from my 2 play 360s?
  • This thing will be on sale for $30 two months after it drops. You know it, I know it, Nokia knows it. $59 is laughable given what's already out there for a lot less.
  • It feels faster.
  • What about activating equalizer via Bluetooth????
  • Would love to play some cat sounds and make my cat look for it
  • Ohh, you!
  • Seems faster
  • Wish you would have had a chance to record it's audio a little bit. This is the thing I would like to try before I buy, especially for $60. Looks cool though.
  • I want one
  • Stereo if you have 2 ?! ;-)
  • anyone else know if this will come with a pouch so i can hang it on the side of my backpack?
  • Is it posible to connet MD-12 to PC? #Bluetooth
  • Got it. Nice build quality but sound quality just good enough so I'm returning it. Also, the orange version is almost flourescent in color - not what I thought when I ordered based on picture on Nokia's site. You get what you pay for with speakers and this ain't it.