NVIDIA is bringing Copilot Plus to RTX-enabled devices

NVIDIA Computex 2024 tech demo
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At its Computex 2024 keynote, NVIDIA announced that Copilot Plus features would be coming to RTX-powered devices in the near future. NVIDIA detailed five notebooks from ASUS and a model from MSI that would be getting Copilot Plus via an update once it becomes available, with a tentative timeline of Q4 2024.

Up to this point, all the excitement around Copilot Plus has been limited to Qualcomm hardware, and it will be interesting to see how NVIDIA's RTX hardware make a difference in this area. The mobile GPUs can hit up to 1,000 TOPS for AI workloads, and that is several magnitudes higher than the 45 TOPS achieved by dedicated NPUs, as seen in the X Elite.

NVIDIA Computex 2024 launches

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NVIDIA didn't list any desktop cards, only stating that the AI features would be debuting on its RTX 40 mobile series, so this is predominantly aimed at notebooks. Alongside the announcement, NVIDIA showed off Project G-Assist, a tech demo that utilizes an RTX-powered AI assistant to offer contextual assistance in-game. So if you're playing a game, you can pull up a chatbox and ask AI assistant questions about current objectives, creatures, boss fights, and so on.

In a briefing highlighting the demo, NVIDIA was quick to point out that this is just a showcase, and not something that will be making its way to customers. The chip vendor teamed up with Studio Wildcard to set up the demo using ARK: Survival Ascended, and it says it is still building out the requisite tools.

What's more relevant is the RTX AI Toolkit, a suite of SDKs and utilities that allows developers to easily create, customize, and optimize AI models to run on NVIDIA's hardware. NVIDIA is rolling out access to the toolkit starting later in June, and it includes a host of LLMs customized to run on RTX devices.


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In a similar vein, NVIDIA is open sourcing the RTX Remix Toolkit, which lets modders use AI to generate high-res textures in older games. RTX Video is also getting an SDK, and is making its way to VLC. While NVIDIA didn't share much in the way of consumer-facing news, the key talking point is that it is bringing Copilot Plus to its hardware later in the year.

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