Harman’s JBL and Nokia team up for new mobile speaker lineup, confirm yellow Lumia phone

PlayUp - The new JBL-Noka portable speaker with NFC

[Updated with new images and Nokia link]

Bloomberg BusinessWeek and Nokia’s own Chris Weber have revealed that JBL and Nokia are getting together for some new NFC-enabled mobile speakers called PlayUp.

Much like the Play360 currently on the market from Nokia, the new JBL-Nokia offerings look to improve upon their existing model of high quality portable media speakers. The device is expected to feature NFC and Bluetooth for easy connectivity and since Nokia’s new Lumia lineup will feature NFC, it makes a good pair for retail.

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"Bold" yellow Nokia 'Phi'

The speakers are expected to come in a variety of colors including “bold” yellow. That’s a big confirmation that the Lumia ‘Phi’ phone leaked earlier in yellow is indeed real and will be one of the new colors offered by Nokia.

In a related Tweet, Nokia’s Chris Weber noted the following:

“JBL introduced some wicked NFC-enabled speakers today. Love the colors! More next week?”

That’s a good indication that in addition to new phones, we’ll also see these new JBL speakers tossed into the mix, offering a complete media package for Windows Phone users.

We’ll have more next week during our live coverage of the Nokia-Microsoft press conference here in New York City.

Source: Nokia (opens in new tab), BusinessWeek, @CWeberatNokia; Thanks, Romit, for the link

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  • Wish I could get my hands on a Play 360. Digging the yellow btw
  • Yay yellow my fav colour
  • Mine, too!
  • Looking good....hopes Nokia keeps the teasers coming until the 5th.
  • Rumors new iPhone coming in Sept 12 will not have NFC apple shows they are still slow in technology :-D
  • actually they rarely incorporate new technology until it is proven. and until they annouce it we will have no idea what they are including. leaks are one thing but actually announcing it is what is important. 
  • Got a complete JBL sound system that got great sound...i imagine it will be hard to replace 7 speakers with 2 thou :-P
  • Ehe...1 :-D.
  • I absolutely love my Play 360--it really fills the room with unbelievable sound for its size. So I wonder why Nokia decided it needed to partner up for future portable speakers...
  • Great. Now if Microsoft can make my Zune or box music and music video queue or playlist that I made on the Xbox available on my windows phone, then that would be great. Currently that playlist only resides on the Xbox you created it on. It should be available everywhere you sign in with your Microsoft or live ID. They all need synch up since its cloud based.
  • i got the play 360 and its an engineering marvel.
  • I initially thought this was a Palm Touchstone type inductive charger :( Still pretty fancy, looking forward to it!
  • Because it's JBL and big names coming to those ecosystem is a plus. You cab say I have new Nokia wp8 with play 360 speakers or Nokia with JBL speakers, the latter sounds more enticing
  • Glad to see a high-quality image of the speaker. I was slightly worried the first time I saw the Phi pic that it would be a muted fluorescent shade of yellow (more apparent if you look near the top-let-hand corner). Glad to see it's plain, bright buttercup! Still, I'd like it even more if they added just a little red to give it a slightly warmer, more golden hue.
    Also, no magenta speaker?
  • Well as long as I can buy it Canada, I can't find a single retailer that will send a Play 360 to Canada.
  • I love my Play 360. I may get one of these as well if it pairs with my 360.
  • I could definitely get behind a high-end yellow Lumia.
  • Typo in the first line *Noka