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The Harvest receives a major stability update [Xbox Live]

The Harvest was one of the premier gaming titles to launch with Windows Phone 7 back a few months ago and while the game has received favorable reviews (see ours here), stability was a problem. In fact, the game was recently pulled due to so many issues but has just reappeared sporting a v1.1 update and fixes all around.

So if you  had given up on the $6.99 game, despite its awesome graphics and RPG game play, you may want to give it another go as things seem to be much better.

Source: ElectronicTheater

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  • This POS game still crashes. I want my 6.99 back.
  • Yep, got the update yesterday. Still crashes when loading a saved game, so therefore still unplayable. Wouldn't mind getting my 6.99 back either.
  • I have experienced the load saved game crash of The Harvest. I can confirm that the update DOES fix the issue. I had played the game up until the second level, and could never get the game to load my save. The the update appears a few days ago and I can now continue playing my saved games.
  • This totally resolved the issue on my HD7. Took long enough.