Having problems signing into Xbox Live? You are not alone

If you're having trouble signing into your Xbox Live account today, you're not alone. According to the Xbox Live Service Status page, Microsoft is currently experiencing issues with the Xbox Live Core Services, knocking out the ability to sign in.

Microsoft's Xbox Live Status page says:

"Hey Xbox members, are you having trouble purchasing or managing your subscriptions for Xbox Live? Are you also having an issue with signing into Xbox Live? We are aware of these issues and are working to get it fixed ASAP! Thank you for being patient while we work. We'll post another update when more information becomes available."

In addition, some folks are also having issues with other Xbox Live services, even if they are signed in:

"Hey Xbox members, are you having trouble with game invites and receiving your toast notifications? Are you running into issues purchasing certain content? Additionally, are you having an issue playing games and media you've purchased? We are aware of these issues and are working hard to get it fixed ASAP! Thank you for being patient while we work. We'll post another update when more information becomes available."

The problems began a few hours ago. You can check up on the Xbox Live Status page (opens in new tab) for any and all updates.

Source: Xbox Live Status (opens in new tab)

  • Can't watch Netflix either :(
  • Does it play for a few seconds and then cut out? Thus confirming that you could be watching Netflix, but it just won't let you? Because that's how it looks to me.
  • That's how YouTube is reacting. I can search, start watching a live stream, then after a few moments, it drops to the home screen with an error. It doesn't actually sign me out or drop the stream because I can jump right back into the YouTube app and the stream is still live.
  • Open Edge and use Netflix there :)
  • When Xbox Live is acting up, MS Edge is acting up. They're all reliant on one another.
  • Edge worked fine for me while the other apps didn't.
  • Uh, how does that work, exactly?
  • Netflix has been down for two days in Australia
  • Ouch...
  • Can't download speech or text suggestions on Wm 10 either
  • This is becoming a common occurance with XBL. It's become the PSNetwork.
  • Not quite. When the network is down for like a month, THEN we can say it is the psnetwork
  • Make that 3 months in 2011 during the big hack of psn.
  • What about the hackening of Sony..? Lol =P
  • almost everyday now!! wtf these guys are doing?
  • Well, I guess I'll do the dishes and get the oil changed in my car then.
  • Lol...true that!
  • Too soon for this. Still have a lot of angst from the last bunch of outages that happened over the summer.
    They really need to get their **** together. I'm totally digital now. Gave up my cable , got rid of my blu-rays, and rely 100% on the content I buy from Xbox, only to keep having this happen.
    I should be shot for buying into the M$ hype about always on line. At least I can read a book, or **********, while I wait for them to fix it. So not totally dead in the water I guess.
    But really just wanted to watch some Banshee with the pizza I ordered after working all day.
  • You don't got computer or smartphone..? =/
  • Yeah, but I want to watch it on a 40 inch screen, not a 15 or 5 inch. Just not the same.
  • Hold your phone closer to your face and it will actually be larger than your TV....
  • Lol dude. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • How are you watching Banshee without cable?
  • Right after we get cartographers gift ugh
  • I share this pain with you. I haven't gotten a chance to play them yet!
  • Just my luck. I've turned on xbox one first time since almost a month and... no xbox live, no netflix and not even a blu ray player, because you cant watch anything while xbox error messages pop out every two minutes, making watching anything impossible. Crap!
  • You can go into settings and put the Xbox in offline mode and you might have better luck at least with the blu-rays. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • So this is why my dad was getting mad about Netflix not working :/  Edit: Netflix is working for him now.
  • God damnit
  • Since my xbox updated to W10, my xbox live connection is awful, it sign me out every time, with the need to configurate again my network. Sucks!
  • Yea it sucks that we can't even watch a DVD/BlueRay. Not cool.
  • sign out and disconnect from the network to watch blu-ray. That's a work around that should NOT be required for an off line activity.
  • MS Edge is not affected by that (for me at least). They need to detach whatever they have attached to the apps. ;)
  • How do I disable the popup notification? I don't need to know every minute that it can't connect when all I'm trying to do is play a bluray. I even signed out thinking that might help; no dice.
  • All settings > Network > Network settings > Go offline
  • I'm logged on, but when I start my game it shuts out.
  • I can't play FIFA but I can play Halo 5? Oh well, I guess I should....
  • My was reversed, could get on destiny but not halo.
  • Working for me now.
  • Surprisingly had no problems logging into aoe:cs
  • Wonder if this has anything to do with those certs that leaked..? =/
  • Just another reason to be glad we dumped our Xbox One.
  • Congratulations on your Decision. *slowly claps*
  • Microsoft is now run by idiots.  They are ruining every single platform they work on.
  • Well why don't you get a job there and fix things. Your experience in the tech industry obviously trumps anything those "idiots" are doing.
  • Things are light years better than when Ballmer and Gates were controlling and limiting innovation.  This new generation of managment is awesome!
  • Servers and services go down sometimes, so you should probably stop using anything online too. Wouldn't want to get YOU frustrated...
  • We we we we we we we we
  • i thought the grinch hackers were not suppose to DDoS XBL until XMas day? are they starting early?
  • Yeah, they started roughly 3-4 hours ago. Stated that PSN was next. You'd imagine, over that **** debacle from last Christmas, that Microsoft would've learned their lessons, but OBVIOUSLY, they haven't. I'm getting so fed up with this nonsense. Luckily I can watch TV, because if I couldn't I would lose my absolute bananas.
  • The only way to adress DDOS is to have more network capacity than the amount of (dummy) traffic coming in or to cut off the source. You can bet your *** MSFT is playing whack a mole with the sources, but also looking for C&C boxes as well.
  • Didn't know they started to make banana flavored vodka
  • I find it ridiculous that I can't stream media from my own server (Plex) because of issues with the MS servers. WTF.
  • You, are not alone! Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I'm on the road this evening. I guess I lucked out. I would have been playing Destiny when I found out. I'd would have just played Darksiders. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • They are just switching the system into defensive mode for the holiday season threats.  A few hickups during the switch.
  • "Hey Xbox members. Do too feel like throwing your Xbox One through the window? We understand we still can be DDoS by teenagers. Heck, a light rain in Seattle can bring the whole network down, let's be honest. But, we are working hard so you don't cancel your Xbox Live" Posted via the Windows Central App for NES