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Having trouble signing in to Xbox Live? You're not alone [Update]

If you're currently experiencing some interruptions with your online gaming sessions over Xbox Live, you're not alone. According to Microsoft's Xbox Live Service Status page, the company is currently investigating issues that are preventing players from signing into Xbox Live. From Microsoft:

Hey Xbox members, are you having an issue signing in to Xbox Live? We are currently working to get this resolved ASAP! Thank you for being patient. We'll post another update when more information becomes available.

The problem seems to be affecting the service on both the Xbox One and Xbox 360, but hopefully it's remedied soon. If you'd like to follow along and receive updates on Microsoft's progress in remedying the issues, you can check out the Xbox Live Service Status page (opens in new tab) for more. We'll also update this post when all is clear.

Update: It looks like the sign-in issues are all cleared up, but there are still ongoing issues for those playing Galaga through the Xbox One's backwards compatibility feature.

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  • Maybe it is an internal update.
  • Xbox live wasn't working, party chat was acting up (3 in chat but each of us could only hear one other person), friends list wasn't working properly... Just unplugged it and turned it back on, fixed it for me.
  • Live used to be rock solid . Not any more
  • Reset your router and maybe even update the firmware.
  • The problem with all of these cloud services is that they are constantly growing and changing.  Features, hardware, and infrastructure changes occur very frequently.  Every single one of these changes runs a risk of service interruption. In contrast, some in house servers are old and stale and have not been patched for years.  They have worked 24/7/365 for years and have never gone down.  Why?  Because they are untouched. Stability.
  • No issus for me. I rarely do when these news show up.
  • Same here
  • How I can make factory reset to my Xbox 360??
  • Don't do that, it'll not likely fix the issue
  • ^he's right. Didn't fix those rings on mine...
  • Ty for the advice but I'm thinking to make hard reset to my Xbox,it's too slow and buggy.I have the console from 2007 with 60GB and I haven't reset it.
  • Lol not to mention they've gotten lazy relinking download history in-dash whereas it works mostly well
  • Don't matter it's SF 5 TIME!!!
  • No one cares.
  • Wow you have strayed off course haven't you.
  • Luckily its not affected me yet. They'll get it fixed. Unlike Sony xbl never stays down long
  • Nope, playing now... Texas
  • I've been on all day
  • I still can't sign in even after a reboot
  • No sign in issues today. Just difficulties trying to join co-op games in Dying Light.
  • This is really annoying
  • Had problems with Psn with PS3 last week.
  • And pls people dont hang me! •.•
  • Thought it was my weak Wi-Fi bridge coupled with inadequate router(recently my rt-n66 bricked during update and their tech just keeps on spouting the script while im stuck using a dir-857 which is just as bad as the wd n900)
  • This trouble started for me last Thursday in my new Surface 3 Pro. Started installing apps on Tuesday. Suddenly, the same thing over and over: Something went wrong. Eventually, through yesterday I couldn't sign in in Groove as well. Wish I had known rather than spending time clearing the cache and eventually reinstalling Windows 10. LOL
  • I was playing Gigantic and sometimes I had problems. I thought the problem was becuse it's beta, sometimes it sucks and sometimes server issues. but anyway, everything seems okaish, on Xbox on my side.
  • My xbl has been down since valentines day night. My wife and I were going to watch Netflix on the Xbox one. At least they haven't been down much lately
  • Before we disconnected our Xbox One and put it in storage, the stupid thing stopped being able to accurately tell who was actually in the room.  Even though the calibration was always successful, most of the time one of us would walk in the room or command the thing to come on and it picked the wrong person as having signed in.  NXOE completely ruined the device, hence why it's now collecting dust. 
  • Completely irrelevant to the article. Go sell all your Microsoft devices and go away.
  • I love how this has become a weekly thing now. Will MS start refunding us for the time live is down? Or lower the price considering its not worth it anymore. The weird part is the 360 RARELY had any issues. MS is failing hard in every aspect right now.