The HD2 is not indestructible

Contrary to what we'll lead you to believe when you see your favorite editors handling this guy, the HTC HD2 is not indestructible. It is, however, able to leap small end tables in a single bound. (Alternate joke: We hope the floor's OK.) [via wmpoweruser]

Phil Nickinson

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  • Noooooooooooo...
  • This is why capacitive devices SUCK!! This would never happen with the Omnia 2 or any other resistive device. $800 down the main drain man...
  • BS , replace the screen and move on. It happens all the time with Iphone's,Blackberry devices. Resistive sucks,capacitive is way better. That's why the market is going that route because that's what the consumers want.
  • That's why the market is going that route??? iPhone has had a capacitive screen for about 3 years or so. The only other capacitive device is the HD2. Nokia is just NOW starting to develop a capacitive device, ONE. Capacitive devices are just not as pin point accurate as resistive devices, not to mention the fact that they break easily. HOWEVER, apple makes GREAT commercials for their fanboys and girls [insert flashing colors, dancing girls, and pop music to sell ice to the eskimos]!!
  • Don't forget the Android capacitive phones everyone's starting to push now also. Capacitive is where it's going like it or not. No one wants to carry around a styles pen or use you thumb nail to navigate around resistive screens anymore.
  • Funny I don't have to carry around a stylus or use my finger nail on my resistive screen.
  • Don't tell my Droid it's not capacitive. You'll get the robot angry and it will throw bananas through circular saws at you.
  • Bob, I have to disagree with you.
    I have repaired several iPhones that had broken digitizers without too much trouble.
    And regarding resistive touchscreens - the digitizer usually survives the hit, but since it is flexible, LCD gets hit and it usually breaks, which is far more expensive to replace than digitizer.
    So, in my opinion, capacitive screens are much better - no calibration, they are more precise and provide better protection for the LCD itself. :)
    But that's just mine opinion. :)
  • Well, I've never had a LCD break, so I wouldn't know. However, I have dropped my phone several times. I merely but the battery back into it, and reattached the back plate. The cost of that was $0.00.
  • What did you do, Phil??!!???
    /Horatio Caine
  • Not trying to be mean but anybody who says resistive is better than capactive has absolutely not credibility, seriously its 2009 resistive will now only be used for low end phones or by companies who wont be selling much of their products, omnia doesnt matter enough to be brought into the argument, seriously really? Come on get with the program
  • "...has absolutely not credibility..." "...seriously its 2009 resistive will now only be used for low end phones..."
  • If you would put the HD2 and TP2 side by side, you would clearly see the difference. The HD2 smokes the TP2 and it's resistive screen. Not just in size but everything else.
  • Why not invest in something like Seidio innocase (NO.. this is not advertising.. just a good experience..) when spending SO much for a phone? My phone was saved last year when it dropped from around 3 feet on a corner. Isn't prevention better than cure?
  • Hey guys, Where does one get an HD2? Is it coming to AT&T?
  • Nowhere, until the first quarter of 2010. Then my guess is T-Mobile and maybe AT&T because it's a GSM phone.
  • I'm talking about in the USA.
  • I can't believe people are using that image to advocate for resistive screens! HD2 is miles and miles ahead of its nearest WM competitor.
  • phones that do not have a "bezel" around the screen which is slightly raised have a high chance of screen breakage. if the screen is slightly protected by the outer edge of the phone, it is much more safe.