Heatmiser Neo app for Windows Phone released, now the UK can heat and cool from afar

Heatmiser UK has pushed their official app for the Neo thermostat out on the Windows Phone Store. The app, titled Heatmiser Neo, enables consumers with the smart thermostats installed in their homes to control temperatures and other settings on their smartphone. It's a convenient way to monitor and control heating and hot water wherever one may be, perfect for setting everything up just right before unlocking the front door and entering the humble abode.

The Heatmiser app has been developed to work with both the neoStats and neoHub products and the company is leading the way with Windows Phone support. Joining Android and iOS consumers, those who own a Windows Phone (or two) will now be able to connect to their home systems with a range of features available, including the ability to pin multiple Live Tiles to the Start screen - perfect if you'd like to glance at certain stats.

We've been waiting for the official app for some time, which has been in beta testing since February. The wait was well worth it, especially when we look at some highlighted features listed on the store:

  • Multi Zone Control
  • Multi Location in One App - (Main Home & Holiday Home)
  • Multi Device Control
  • Apply Temperature Hold to a single or selection of zones
  • Apply PIN Number Lock to a single or selection of zones
  • Home / Away Facility
  • Holiday Facility
  • Program Heating and Hot Water Times
  • View Live Temperature from your Home on your smartphone

The app itself is a breeze to use with more advance features at hand, like the ability to instantly switch on or off the heating and hot water controls and save on energy by automatically enabling the heating when a frost set temperature is hit. We're sure the developers will add yet more functionality to the app as time passes by, and we'd strongly recommend the download if you own a product from Heatmiser.

Source: Heatmiser

QR: Heatmiser Neo

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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