Help make Hemlis, the messaging app the NSA can’t touch, for Windows Phone

Security and privacy are two things that nearly every one of you value in some shape or form. Recent news about the NSA potentially spying on your communications with the cooperation of internet giants can be quite disturbing. You may have nothing to hide, but the fundamental problem is some entity other than you have access to your data. Hemlis is a beautiful and secure messenger service from the same minds that brought you the Pirate Bay. They’re launching on Android and iOS, but you could help Windows Phone launch alongside them.

Hemlis ( is messaging service that is being launched by Peter Sunder, co-founder of the Pirate Bay, alongside Leif Högberg and Linus Olsson. The trio is working on Hemlis to provide a messaging service that guarantees to keep communication and data secure between users. This is in response to current companies like Facebook, Microsoft, Google, and Apple allegedly working with the NSA to provide access (for what it's worth, Microsoft has publicly denied that they are spying for the NSA).

Hemlis was in a funding period, but at the time of this article have procured over 152% of their goal. Here’s a video they released a few weeks back detailing their plans.

The company initially had plans to build for just Android and iOS, giving each platform 50% of the funding. But now that they’ve raised $50,000 over their target they are strongly looking at another operating system to develop Hemlis for. Could Windows Phone be the platform? That depends on you.

One of your fellow readers was backer in the project and emailed the team at Hemlis to see if a Windows Phone application would be on the table since funding exceeded expectations. The founders of Hemlis said they would consider Windows Phone if the demand was there for it. So guys and gals, is there a demand to see Hemlis on Windows Phone?

Right now the UI mockups are designed around iOS, but it does look good so far. It’s also fun to know that Hemlis means ‘secret’ in Swedish. Questions about Hemlis and how they plan on being so secure? Check out their FAQ.

Funding is over, so how can you let the Hemlis team know you’re interested? Comment here on this article, send them Tweets, reach out on Facebook, or email them. Do you want Hemlis on Windows Phone?


Thanks for the tip Jason M!

Our friend Vincent shared this cool link where a fan of Hemlis made a Windows Phone design to see what an app could look like. Check it out! 

Sam Sabri