Here is my Start screen wallpaper for Windows Phone 8.1

One of the more interesting side effects of constantly taking photos of your phone, especially during such a high profile week, is everyone is curious as to what app that is or where’d I get the background. They’re all fine inquiries, the challenge for me is trying to respond to every tweet, email, DM or comment here to satisfy everyone!

Hence this post. This is nothing more than me going: here is my wallpaper.

I should mention, the wallpaper was created by the fantabulous app PolyScreen, which we detailed in our little guide dubbed ‘How to get beautiful Start backgrounds for Windows Phone 8.1’. That app randomly generates low-poly images, so what you see below is a one of a kind. Or something.

Regardless, if you folks like this sort of thing, I suppose I can kind of do it regularly. I did detail most of my apps I use on my Start screen in this article, though that is something constantly changing. (Before anyone asks, that weather app is the new Blue Skies. We covered it recently and it’s my new favorite). To make Twitter 'transparent' I used the free app Transparency Tiles.

So without further ado, go forth and download!

For those who want a direct link:!11864&v=3&ithint=photo,.jpg&lor=shortUrl

Daniel Rubino

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