HERE officially bids Nokia farewell, plans to enhance mapping for autonomous driving

HERE announced that the 6,500 strong team has officially bid farewell to Nokia to bring all its global mapping and location technology under a new umbrella backed by Audi, BMW and Daimler AG. It's not the end of the mapping giant relied on by millions, but rather the opening of the flood gates to new advances in the field, as well as in-car services.

With self-driving vehicles already in development by multiple companies, HERE will certainly look to leverage its mapping platform and available data to insert itself as a viable provider for said concepts. They haven't forgotten their roots, however. HERE has committed to provide an open platform accessible to all customers, whether you're inside your automobile or on your smartphone.

HERE already utilizes its high-tech vehicles to essentially map the world. We managed to take a look at said vehicles some time ago, but the company will also be looking to incorporate anonymized data from its new backers, enhancing the platform with multiple sources for information. Automated driving is a serious goal for HERE.

So what will change for you and the HERE Maps mobile apps? Not a lot, if anything at all. The company has committed to provide its mapping platform to all customers, regardless as to what you're attempting to navigate on.

Source: HERE

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  • Farewell, old friend
  • Really...i always felt like this app was overhyped just because it was windows exclusive. By example, the app doesn't even say what side of the road the location is on.
  • HERE Drive is all right, but HERE Transit is superb--best public transportation app I've ever used (although I suspect it may not be as useful in other cities).
  • Here transit works great in Finland and the same can be said when I was in São Paulo, Brazil.
  • Transit works perfectly here is Australia.
  • It doesn't even say the street names?  What is up with that?  Even a Garmin does that.
  • It says the street names for me...
  • Did you know that Garmin uses Here Maps as it's map data lol?
  • It does if you download a voice that has "announce street names" in it.  You may also need to download additional language packs.
  • The location of the flag at the destination will tell you if its on the left or right side.
  • No it doesn't, that's what I thought as well however its not the case. HERE is overhyped, and not accurate at all.
  • For someone who has been using the map for years, since the Nokia N8, Here is not overhyped, it was the only genuine Navigation app out there for phones back then. The competition had a web application of google maps that could prety much just show you the birds eye view of a route. Not to mention offline navigation and the fact that it was free and comparable to other commertial Navigation solutions..
  • Pretty much what I said. The only reason there is interest in here is because it was the only decent app on 6tag or baconit. All fine apps, but...
  • Good riddance, Microsoft map is so much better because it navigate me. This stupid app would never give me voice navigation. So glad it's gone.
  • Here maps actually do tell that. It always tells me if my location is gonna come to my right or left. Also, it says the street name just fine.
  • Nooooooo! Buses on each Bus stops..I need HERE apps :'(
  • Downlaod Here Maps on my Android phone and found out that it's S#IT on Android compared to the one in my Lumia 710 (It is still Nokia Maps on my 710). Posted via the Lenovo K900
  • Goodbye my lover
  • Goodbye Nokia, you were one of the greatest Windows Phone manufactures with great exclusive apps.
  • Agreed. WP would have died long ago had it not been for Nokia
  • Nokia's not dead right?
  • Nokia, in the form most of us embraced and loved it, is dead.
    It almost died after the D&S group acquisition by MS. MixRadio got sold too.
    But HERE was a small part of the old days that still remained.
    But it's gone too now.
  • Not yet but last I checked they were targeting infrastructure and not exactly leading the pack in that category either. That may have changed by now but if it hasn't / doesn't then Nokia as a whole might be going bye bye.
  • Nokia is leading the pack. Just bought Alcatel-Lucent ( deal expected to close in a few weeks time). Also having some pro devices in the pipeline like Ozo.
  • Just curious why some people say, " a few weeks time" instead of simply, " a few weeks." It's not as if a few weeks can be anything other than a measurement of time. Nobody would ever say, " a few weeks distance" for example. Lol
  • Good point.
  • As the bard said, notices of its death are greatly exaggerated. They are simply restructuring after WP and Eflop almost killed the entire company. HERE was part of the old D&S division plans when Nokia having their own OS was part of it. It however doesn't really fit within the new quality on Nokia. Neither in the networks division not in the technologies division whose future OS plans are on Android and not on proprietary OSs.
  • Well I sure hope they improve their time for updating maps. Because a lot of the time, their maps are woefully out of date. Just yesterday I got sent on a route where the direction of a one-way street had been changed over half a year ago. That would have been fun in a self-driving car...
  • Definitely agree. Small country like Malaysia here often ignored and their maps are usually outdated compare to google map
  • Agreed.....betul tu saya sokong...!!
  • They also forget about the right of homosexuals to not be thrown in jail and beaten for being themselves in Malaysia.... Updated maps seems to be an issue you could possibly wait for
  • Uh.... How did we get there from HERE ?
  • That sounds horrible, but, how is that Here's fault?
  • Um. What was that? Seems anger issues spilled out on a tech site.
  • I'm sure it'll only get better. On the other hand I find it weird that on they don't market Windows App but iOS and Android is all over the place. Hope they won't neglect the OS it initially was developed for.
  • I think here on Windows Mobile is already dead. Microsoft have their own fully integrated mapping and satnav on W10M (using Here mappingdata) whereas HERE is not even on the app store. I don't see the need for HERE Maps, HERE Drive now, when Microsofts own app does it all. May as well leave Microsoft, a software company to develop the software and HERE, a mapping company to develop the map data.
  • @MattLFC, choice is a good thing. Best not keep all your eggs in one basket :P.
  • Microsoft Maps is rubbish compared to dedicated Sat Nav apps here in the UK. Fine for casual use but not for anything more!
  • Microsoft maps are crap. I can find addresses in romania that on microsoft maps i can't. Also we have romanian voice on Here but not on microsoft maps.
  • I've the same problem here, places i could find in here maps, can't be found in MS Maps even thou it uses HERE data
  • It's not that surprising to me. Plenty of companies that have WP apps don't list them alongside those Android/iPhone app store logos.
  • Does that mean goodbye to Windows phone?
  • Yes it does - so please go to iShit or Lagdroid sites where they will acknowledge your great insight :)
  • -.-
  • Reread the article. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Read the article.
  • I'm a bit nervous that they'll exclude a Windows 10 UWP app in the future, cause there's really little to no use for a navigation app on desktop. :(
  • How about planning a route or a trip with public transport?
  • Surface for bus drivers!
  • @IzaacJ. Erm, there is. Instead of navigating to the website and relying on your internet connection. You can just fire up the app and use the downloaded maps instead. Which is much faster and efficient. I guess not many people remember the days of dial up :P.
  • Ehm I think most people already have the website "fired up".
  • You know in my dictionary the meaning of Nokia:
    Nokia (proper noun)
    A word which written on any device means you gotta blindly trust it.
  • Nokia will put all this money in making mobiles.. This time they will make android phones.. Come 2016.. Nokia will come with a revenge feeling.. The way Microsoft did with them.. Just wait and watch on how they make the phones that will boast android to mew heights.. Of they can do to windows.. Literally if they can sell smart phone without apps.. Imagine how well they can sell with apps!
  • I think Nokia is more grateful to MS for taking off their hands a failing division before it drugged the whole company down.
  • looks like they might do another wp or a dual boot.. try google new nokia 2016.. it pops up there..
  • @brorim. Nokia designed, but manufactured by an ODM. Is the most likely scenario.
  • They won't make anything as they sold all the factories and designers. They can license their name to someone else to make a phone. But it will not be made by Nokia.
  • You are so wrong...
    Designers from the N9 (the phone from where Lumia designs derived) team are still at Nokia. And they don't need to have factories to produce phones as Apple has shown. An Microsoft seems to agree seeing that they too are leaving the manufacturing to third parties. Nokia designs the software, Nokia designs the hardware, Nokia provides the technologies... It's made by Nokia as much as an iPhone is made by Apple or an Xbox by Microsoft.
  • Tired, hyperbolic "no apps" destroyed your point. Posted from this here device.
  • First Nokia, now HERE Maps.... I'm just starting to see less of an incentive to stay in with Windows Phone!
  • Maps and satnav are still in W10M, they're just in a singleapp now and no longer called HERE, mapping data still comes from HERE. There is no issue!
  • Except the Windows Maps UI is far inferior to the HERE UI...
  • No I disagree 100%.. The UI is better in Windows Maps.
  • Also, all the places I'd saved in collections have gone.
  • I'm badly missing HERE Transit. I used on all my trips to other cities to get to places using public transportation.
  • But is offline capabilities available on W10M mapping solutions as it is on HERE maps?
  • yes
  • Yeah, the 950 is more than likely my last WP device. This time next year I'm sure my daughter and I will be using another Moblie OS. Definitely not because of here, but because of WP in general.
  • Yeah most likely me too. I still have 1 year left on my L930 contract and will give windows 10 mobile my last chance. If microsoft and windows 10 mobile don't get any traction or pick up their game, I am moving over to Android.
  • I mailed Here several times to find out if they will contine support for windows mobile. No reply so far, not a word on windows mobile on their website, so I guess that's a NO. Sad, the more we have to choose from, the better.
  • You don't need it. W10M has a baked in alternative powered by HERE mapping data! ☺
  • But with a limited and inferior UI... :-(
  • UI is better in W10 Maps
  • The UI was better in 8.1 maps. As a person who uses maps everyday at work, the W10 map app is a HUGE step backwards. It copies the google maps UI and loses everything that made it superior.
  • All depends on the person I guess, some like old UI some like new UI.
  • Silence means yes?
  • Here maps, Here Drive+, and Mixradio are all out of Nokia's hands, Windows phone as we knew it once upon a time is no longer :(
  • Hopefully this will not kill Windows Phone.
  • What's the difference between here maps and windows maps, I have both and they both seem same, and I think share same offline maps, it's very confusing
  • Navigation by Here is superior, at least in my book.
  • Ii agree with the drive app yes, but maps?
  • Nothing, Windows 10 Maps looks better and works better Imo.
  • Windows Maps are based on HERE.Maps.
  • Interesting market and a preemptive smart move on Nokia,always looking forward. Nice-
  • I hope the updates done from HERE MAP Creator would not take ages/years to be used on the actual HERE Maps just like what Google used to do (took few hours for certain approved users). I have done several corrections, for some 3-4 years ago but upto now no updates have been done on HERE Maps.
  • I've noticed that as well. I submitted so many things in my home town and months later it was still not here.
  • I like Here Maps but I'm not all misty eyed over Nokia or windows 8, and I'm not knocking either but Nokia got it's deal and has invested it, wm10 is way better than 8.1. As for Here maps I do think the primary concern should be keeping the maps up to date.
  • I already bought Sygic.. wasnt so expensive. Do people know any other alternative that is up to par with HERE and Sygic?
  • CoPilot and Navigon.
  • I tried various Sat Nav apps in the store and chose Sygic. If you search Sat Nav in the store their are a few and they give free 7 day trials - I chose Sygic as it claimed the best traffic maps (TomTom) and did what I wanted.
  • What will happen to CityLens....i like that and use often. Here Navigation is **** good I feel. Will all be gone?
  • This is what happens when a company like Microsoft prefers a less powerful Bing maps in place of more powerful HERE maps. You said that you were practical when you fired 20,000 people. What happened to you while choosing Bing maps in place of HERE maps?
  • ? Bing Maps is powered by Here. Here stayed with Nokia so Microsoft reducing staff would have no effect on Nokia/Here?
  • Just a matter of time, Just like other take overs.... bye bye Nokia.... Glad Google didn't buy them...
  • Moving To Android, because HERE no longer supported on Windows Mobile 10. Sad to see the Nokia great apps deserting the WP platform.
  • Here simply does not compare to Sat Nav apps in the store. I bought Sygic and could not go back to Here. It's too basic!
  • Thanks for mentioning an alternative app. The interface doesn't seem as intuitive as Here Maps, but it seems like it offers a lot more.
  • You're welcome. They do offer a 7 day free trial, as do others in the store. Gives you the chance to try them out. I trialed 3 apps and chose Sygic. Good luck.
  • Waze! I've got to admit, I've moved back to an Android and happily use Waze. I still update my 1520.3 but mostly given up on Windows.
  • So with free turn by turn navigation now gone with Drive what other options do we have?
  • So with free turn by turn navigation now gone with Drive what other options do we have?
  • Stock Win10 maps. They use HERE as the backbone. Also has side of the street indications. It's fine.
  • Always the option to type Sat Nav into the store and try out these for free.
  • I rely enjoy HERE maps happy to see the team grow. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I just want Here Maps to work on Windows 10 phones. The stock app is pretty good, but I like Here Maps more.
  • I don't like Here sorry
    They removed the Windows logo on their website while ms is a customer of their Services This is really unfair and they are also creating a lot of problems with Windows apps going on and off from the store I believe they are boicotting ms Like other companies are doing
  • Just received an email from here stating the change of ownership and other stuff... Knew this would happen soon
  • Wen for WindowsPhone? HERE is available for Android, iOS and Lumia. Wen for Windows Mobile??
  • ?
  • Microsoft map is rubbish when you are walking...Here Maps was so much better at this. Here Transit was also very good although it is a shame it has been pulled from Windows 10. I do like how integrated Microsoft Map feels compared to Here which is a collection/suite of 3 different apps.
  • HERE Transit just got an update yesterday for W10M, and so did the HERE map and drive app a week ago.
  • Really I don't know what to say :'(
  • I hope this is not goodbye for Windows Phone, too!
  • I use HERE transit most, but then my city transit offer official app with real time bus schedule info, so i start to ditch HERE transit. and the W10M map did a good job too plus it share same map data with HERE