HERE Papyrus takes mapping to a whole new, paper, level

Should you be unhappy with the current implementation of HERE Maps on your Windows Phone, Windows or even other platforms, Nokia may have a new option for you – HERE Papyrus. Gone are the days of looking for alternatives for the traditional paper map.

"But despite HERE’s offline mapping capability, reliance on electronic devices as a sole means for navigation may leave travellers stranded in the event of a device failure (how many times have you found yourself without battery?), not to mention the question of safety in certain places when travelling with a flashy mobile device."

HERE Papyrus Design Lead, Pauline Ungelernte notes that the team have focused significant attention on the tactile user experience of HERE Papyrus by providing tangible maps that provide a reliable back-up option. What’s more is they've even nailed the familiar augmented reality experience.

HERE Papyrus

The new product will be printed on quality, tear-proof polymer paper and is available in 97 countries worldwide. So, who’s ready to upgrade? Note: this could well be a joke.

Source: 360

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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