Here is what is new in today's big Tubecast update for YouTube lovers

Although YouTube is once again changing their API for developers and third party apps, one of our favorite apps Tubecast is getting a big update today, including fixing some recent bugs.

If you recall, a few weeks ago Tubecast for Windows 8.1 joined the ranks with its Windows Phone brother to become a universal app. Today is the first update for both apps, bringing some improvements and new features. Let's take a look!

Tubecast 1.2 for Windows 8.1

  • Screen stays on while playing videos
  • Search handling in the app by hitting keyboard directly
  • Latin Serbian language
  • Improve annotation handling
  • All the player zone is clickable for play/pause
  • Bigger newsfeed for logged users
  • New button for opening Application bar (easier for Windows 10 users)
  • Bugs fixed

Tubecast 3.0 Windows Phone

  • New video quality: 4K (only use it for casting, no smartphone can decode it correctly at the moment)
  • Windows 8 merged design and code
  • Landscape Navigation
  • Network error' fixed, it was due to YouTube API quota
  • Bigger newsfeed for logged users
  • Improve DLNA (with new SmarTV)
  • Improve annotation handling
  • New pinch gesture and double tap for fullscreen videos
  • All the player zone is clickable for play/pause
  • New Icon
  • Bug fixes

Some other fixes and improvements include the developers universalizing/merging the "trial" purchase in the PRO version so that it is $3 for universal casting in Windows 8 and Windows Phone. This change should clear up any confusion over previous and future purchases carrying over between apps. However, if you do not want to have the universal unlock, you can still just unlock for each platform at the lower $2 mark.

In the Windows 8.1 version, you can now just type to search anywhere in the app as this action launches the search pane. Certainly that is convenient.

Finally, speaking of those YouTube API version 3.0 changes the developers of Tubecast have told us this:

"Tubecast is built at 90% on APIv3, so it's not a big deal to go to 100%, we are ready for it :) and will publish a new update asap (before April 20th)".

So look out for that update in the coming days.

A Note on Silverlight vs. WinRT

Some people have noted (and complained) that Tubecast for Windows Phone still uses "legacy" Silverlight 8.0 instead of Silverlight 8.1 or even WinRT APIs. It does seem counterintuitive, but the developers behind the app have their reasons. As usual, they have to do with limitations that Microsoft has on individual APIs, which tie the hands of developers, in short:

  1. WinRT lacks "run under lock" API, which is needed for casting
  2. Silverlight 8.1 loses the Background Audio Agent because Microsoft removed this API
  3. Silverlight 8.0 does not let you install the app to the SD card

So, of the three limitations listed, Tubecast has gone with the third: you cannot install to the SD card. While unfortunate, considering the app is about YouTube and casting, the other two programming choices are not just not options.

Until Windows 10 comes around, developers will constantly have to make these trade-off calls. So hurl the blame at Microsoft, not developers doing the best they can with what they got.

Download Tubecast Pro 1.2 for Windows 8.1 (opens in new tab) (Free, optional in-app purchase)

Download Tubecast Pro 3.0 for Windows Phone (Free, optional in-app purchase)

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Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been here covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics and ran the projectors at movie theaters, which has done absolutely nothing for his career.

  • I hope scroogle don't block these awesome 3rd party youtube apps on windows phone..
  • I hope so. But Google is so pathetic that I wouldn't be surprised if they block the apps for windows phone
  • ^This. Microsoft is actively supporting their apps on Android. Why doesn't Google do the same on WP?
  • One word: Fear to your enemy.
  • *Four words
  • It's simple competition. I'm not saying it's right, but just the way it currently is. Microsoft supports Android primarily because it doesn't have much choice, why would it want to miss the opportunity to provide its applications to over a billion users? When an operating system is an underdog, just about every competitor wants it to die early before it poses a serious threat. This is what is happening with Windows Phone but if you look at the other side of the spectrum Microsoft doesn't actively support Chrome OS either. Microsoft wants Chrome OS users to use the much less functional web client, the same way Google wants people to use the much less functional YouTube web client. So, I think we can safely assume, Microsoft doesn't support Android out of the goodness of their hearts, they do it because they are compelled to, the same way Google is compelled to actively maintain its applications on Windows for desktop. The situation of Google on personal computers is similar to the situation of Microsoft with Windows Phone(underdog) and the situation of Google with smartphones is similar to Microsoft's domination of personal computers. This allows us to analyse the attitudes each company has regarding each other and the similarities are stark. Lastly if Google were as evil or pathetic as many of you make it out to be, I am pretty sure it could raise legal concerns with just about every third party YouTube client found on Windows Phone and likely get many of them removed. To name a few of the things against the TOS of YouTube that third party clients often disregard; downloading of all types videos for offline use, not showing advertisements, etc.
  • You are absolutely correct. Although I'm not complaining, it is unnerving to see lesser support for WP. Companies not supporting WP and some removing support after sometime. I mean, devs make excellent third party alternatives to such apps but lack of official support does plant doubts in people's minds about the future of WP.
  • Chromebooks isn't a full fleged operating system howeever if possible Microsoft could have given their apps like OneDrive etc. The fact is that chrome OS doesn't have the ability to run strong programmes. It relies on internet based apps. If google really wants to make a good os supporting good program like autocad,coral draw etc then they have a long journey. An app in the play store cannot be compared to a software. It's ridiculous.
    Yes both Microsoft and google have their own monopolistic means. But on the mobile side though android has a good app ecosystem. That doesn't means windows is incapable of running apps what android does. If u consider all the apps wanted in the ecosystem in Windows store. Windowsphone is will be much better than Android bcoz of unique user interface and security, privacy and and even in the end the hardware.
  • Google believes that the web and cloud are the future. Given how most of us rely on just the web browser to get our work done, that's what Chrome OS aims to do. Obviously Google also intends to make performance and functionality on the web comparable to that of native apps, that's why we see serious efforts for a jank free web(by Google) and open source projects like the Google Native Client. That doesn't mean it's not an operating system, it is. Chrome OS doesn't support native applications the same way Windows does, but with continued efforts like the one they are making we could one day do everything on the web easily. AutoCAD, CorelDraw, etc can run on the web to the best of my knowledge, if they don't do so, it is their loss because the Chromebook industry is booming. Also the Play Store argument is ridiculous, that's a sideproject to allow us to run Android apps regardless of whatever platform you are on(Windows, Chromebook, Mac) it was by no means a solution to the app gap on Chrome OS. An app in the Play Store not be compared to software? Wut...? Are you high? "That doesn't means windows is incapable of running apps what android does. If u consider all the apps wanted in the ecosystem in Windows store. Windowsphone is will be much better than Android bcoz of unique user interface and security, privacy and and even in the end the hardware." This was beside my point, but what the hell, let's answer it anyways. Windows Phone *is* incapable of running quite a lot of Android apps primarily because of limitations of the platform, to name a few of the apps Windows Phone wouldn't be able to run like Android: download managers, battery stat apps, floating browsers like LinkBubble, any app that uses Play Services. Security is top notch on Android and has been constantly improving, privacy has almost never been a concern and no Windows Phone isn't even close to the hardware that can be found in leading Android smartphones, for reference take the newest Exynos and Nvidia mobile chipsets, both of which aren't supported by Windows Phone. In the end you completely missed the point I was trying to make. Most people regard Microsoft as angels here on WPCentral simply because Microsoft is keen on providing support for Android while Google is perceived as evil because it doesn't do the same for Windows Phone. Many people overlook how Microsoft treats Chrome OS, and I imagine it would treat Android much the same way if it was at less than 5% marketshare(the way Windows Phone is right now). Competition is amazing for us, as consumers, but for any OEM it's likely a big no.
  • Best YouTube app in the store
  • U mean best??
  • Yeah...idid
  • You mean 'I did'?
  • Yeah.. I mean it !
  • :)
  • You mean, 'I meant it'?
  • He means "when in India?"
  • These youtube apps are even better than Google's own YouTube app on Android and IOS
  • Which is the best one, this, MetroTube or MyTube?
  • Both are fantastic, so it comes down to design preference and whether or not you want to utilize casting to your TV.
  • Any user with a 1520/929 really doesn't need this feature
  • Um, I use a Lumia 1520 and have a gorgeous 55-inch TV with 7.1 surround. I need this feature and use it often. If you have guests over, quickly tossing a YouTube video from my phone to Xbox One to the TV is an awesome experience, especially how fast it is.
  • Speak for yourself. I have a 1520 and I'm contently having to exit Tubecast and going to Youtube mobile just to cast what I'm watching to my 50 inch TV. I also use my Roku 3 Youtube app. I can't wait to get the Roku support that's coming.
  • I like mytube the best!!!
  • I like a lot Tubecast, before I used Metrotube. Both are great apps
  • Me too.
  • myTube should be getting into Windows 8.1 and upgraded with casting at some point. But still I prefer myTube because I just love the design :)
  • I think I remember mytube used the winRT code when they changed their design. I think I remember the developers sending this via message upon opening the app. One drawback is the amount of time it takes for gyroscope to go to landscape mode and open full screen.
  • Only one does casting right? It's why I have TubeCast and it's pretty damn good.
  • I used them all Tubecast is the best !
  • MetroTube was great, but recently it was having some issues with videos not downloading and audio incorrectly downloading. also was having trouble with playing videos (I use a Surface [RT] 2) so I switched to TubeCast
  • I personally like Mytube on my Lumia but I like TubeCast better on my windows tablet
  • Thank you for this nice article explaining that MS API's are lacking in so many places.
    It would be great if you can allign with some devs to make an article about the API's of Microsoft. (the trade offs, the downsides)
    Maybe this way Microsoft might realize the reason why some companies don't want to develop or update their apps on Windows Phone.
  • Thinking about it, but not being a developer myself, it is a rather technical subject to write on. Looking into it though.
  • May be you can collaborate with some star developers to help you with this - thinking of which reminds me of none other than Jay Bennett himself.
  • ^this.
  • +920
  • Network error is still not fix properly.It occurs after 5-10 minutes of usage.Then only solution is to restart app.
  • I'm assuming the paid version will get the update soon here after...
  • This app is fantastic no doubt, but the inability for a free user to report bugs is sometimes frustrating. If I dont use the app to cast the videos, and find a bug in playback, I will have to wait for a premium user to encounter and report the bug is somewhat hurting.
  • Just send them an email! 
  • There is an option to report things in the settings
  • Yes, which redirects to a webpage which says that contact is only available for paid users.
  • For me, who knows nothing about app development, does this: WinRT lacks "run under lock" API, which is needed for casting means that there won't be apps able to run when screen is locked...? like a music player, MixRadio, Spotify, etc... Those built on WinRT, of course. Seems like it's a step back in WP development...
  • It's not exactly like that, what you describe is the Background Audio Process, done for audio things, which work correctly under lock. But we don't deal with the Audio process because it's very limitated in terms of memory (15Mo on 512MB, shared with the Tile agent, hard to cast some 4K videos with this mini amount of memory !) so here we are at the moment. Silverlight have good features, WinRT too, but sometimes it's hard to do the right choice.
  • Thanks for the time you took to answer. I've already seen the Youtube API V3 upcoming restrictions news, and was worried that tubecast would just stop working. But for what I've seen, it may not be like that. I'll certanly buy the Pro version if it remains working as it is now. Google doesn't play nice with others, and WP platform has much more potencial than Android, but was bad in timing... Let's see how it will turn out in a couple of years, but I believe it will thrive, and eventually force google to write apps for WP.
  • We can only hope YouTube doesn't stay as relevant the way Google's running it their losing money.
  • With the upcoming changes to the YouTube API, I find it hard to get excited about a third party YouTube app. It does look like a nice app though and I'll give it a try on my Surface.
  • Tubecast is already APIv3 ready, you can sleep peacefully now :)
  • So does this mean you can work around the limitations that the new API imposes on third party YouTube apps like seek time not being displayed, download options being disabled (not sure on this one) etc?
  • I'm sure we will all find some workarounds, APiv3 are not so bad.
  • I'm only interested in whether the bug of downloaded 1080p videos having no audio at all has been solved or not. But good job Tubecast
  • It's normally solved, let me know
  • It happened again just now. A preloaded 1080p video did not play audio at all.
  • Is It on windows phone or Windows 8 ?
  • Windows phone, Lumia 1520. One of the main reasons I prefer Tubecast is 1080p download, but occasionally the audio does not come with video
  • Great
  • Yay for 4k. Can finally test my tv!
  • Lol I bought one of those 38.5 seiki TVs tiger started carrying and i have yet to connect my pc to yet
  • Have any luck with it?  I was excited to cast a 4K video to my 4K Sharp tv, but no luck with that; I just get a 'File format not supported' error from TubeCast when I try to cast to the tv, regardless of the video quality.  It's a shame, as the Lumia Play To app streams videos to it fine.   TubeCast can cast to the Xbox One, but it won't play 4K on the tv, and the PS4 doesn't show up as a DLNA device.  I think I'm outta luck on having a way to stream 4K videos to the tv... bummer.
  • This dev/devs always surprise me! Take for example the pinch to fullscreen, tap everywhere to play/pause, horizontal orientation (just like W8.1's app).. Simple stuff like this give you the best experience possible.  Each update has a sh*itload of enhancements, no ads, no lags, perfect 720p/1080p, 60fps AND on top of all that, as always working stellar on the Lumia 630!   Webrox, you are genious, keep it up!
  • Thank you Alfa for testing all our new stuff :) We did not say our last word, stay tuned for the next releases !
  • Daniel, do you know for sure that those tradeoffs (choosing between Silverlight 8 vs SL8.1 vs WinRT) will be a thing of the past with Windows 10? Will all the APIs from the three be made available in a single framework at last?
  • Nothing is 100% confirmed yet but everyone is hoping. Microsoft would be pretty suicidal not to do it, especially with their universal apps concept.
  • We will know during Build this 29th.
  • Tubecast........= BEST YOUTUBE APP, on any platform
  • For me TubeCast is the best youtube app out there in the WP store but sadly it doesn't support saving videos to SD card. So I use myTube for that.
  • Perfect timing.  I've been using Hyper for a while, but it literally just left me with ads in the Action Center as part of my notifications, so I'm done with that.  This one looks great.
  • Wow. This is a great update. Tubecast is top notch always.
  • can someone please tell ma what we get with the pro version?
  • It's historical because WP7 (Tubecast is also on WP7 !) does'nt handle InApps
  • Is there anyone else experiencing unsubscriptions on their youtube account? I know I haven't purposefully hit unsubscribe from 50 channels. I had 1068 subcriptions and now I have 1011 today :/
  • does this app support playing only the audio like metrotube does? that is my favorite feature from that app, but the ability to cast vidoes to my xbox one is tantalizing, though not worth loosing that feature.
  • Yes click the cast button and "Windows Phone Audio" and tada !
  • Boo Microsoft... Why you make it hard for your own platform developers.
  • Roku :/
  • I have the same issues than the previous version:
    1. Casting is taking more time than before. While casting It seems the software is still working. There is a circle rolling.
    2. Pause, back, next is not working. They do not respond.
    3. While casting, I cannot switch to another video. Even though the new video appears in my mobile, the cast does not update in my tv. Workaround: disconnect and connect again with the new video
    4. When I start casting a new video, play for 2 second and then start over. The first time 2 seconds, then plays the whole video. Non of these problem appeared in two release before. The previous and this one have those issues. Tubecast people said to me that with this release it was going to work like a charm...but it is not...
  • Dear myvegss, we identified the problem you have, as you can guess it's not easy to handle every DLNA devices because the implementations are often wrong and we did our best since 1 year to handle everybody, and during the same time, manufacturer update their firmware, so, yes it's annoying, but we think we did a great job at the moment, and will continue to handle devices with a "special implementation" DLNA (yes you can't know when you buy it, it supposed to be great).
  • The device I am using is Chromecast, it is not an unkown DLNA unit. What I am saying is Why do you update the software if you know that the main unit #1 seller in the world will not work well. And I as said before, it worked very well in the past. And I think (that is my case) the main reason to buy tubecast is because it is the only one app that support Chromecast on Windows Phone. Now I am using my ipad to cast....
  • The problem is Chromecast Firmware Updates are not sent in the same time over the world. When we send the update, we test with all the devices we have including Chromecast, and we only publish when it's ok. If Google deploys an update during several weeks over the world, we can't know. Be confident, we do not make bad work.
  • Ok. I understand. I did not want to be rude. Will be waiting for the next update.
  • Awesome app. Use it on my PC and phone